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What’s interesting when travelling to Danang at the end of the year?

Danang is the top-notch tourist attraction in Central Vietnam, where has many spectacular beaches with majestic sceneries and special cuisine. What are you waiting for? Let’s travel to the most worth-living city in Vietnam. 

TH%C3%80NH PH%E1%BB%90 %C4%90%C3%80 N%E1%BA%B4NG

Danang is beautiful all year round, especially at the end of the year when many interesting tourism activities occur and also great promotions. If you’re planning to take a trip to Danang, then the following suggestions are exactly what you need. 

Travel to Danang at the year-end, you can get a chance to join exciting tourism activities. 

Why should we tour in Danang by year’s end?

  • The weather is moderate, with mild sunshine and fresh air – perfect for travellers to relax. 
  • There are influxes of street food such as grilled food, sucking snails, hotpot, seafood, cake, to name a few to appease your appetite and make your trip racier. 
  • In the chilly days, immerse yourself into the white fog on the top of heavenly Ba Na Hill. 
  • Tourists can also greet Christmas on any streets of Danang and get many discounts on shopping. 

Where to go – Tourist destinations in Danang

1. Asia Park – Sunworld Danang Wonders V%C3%92NG QUAY M%E1%BA%B6T TR%E1%BB%9CI SUNWHEEL %C4%90%C3%80 N%E1%BA%B4NG 1

It can be seen as a beautiful artificial wonder and also the spirit of Da Nang, which offers exciting entertainment games. You can take a walk around the flower gardens to enjoy the fresh air and then play some games as your liking, from the easy to thrilling ones. 

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2, TrickEye 3D Museum – An exhilarating hotspot in Danang at the end of year

B%E1%BA%A3o t%C3%A0ng 3D TrickEye %C4%90%C3%A0 N%E1%BA%B5ng 1

If you want to have various funny photos to feed your Instagram, this museum is precisely the right place for you. Inside TrickEye, you can eyewitness and touch the impressive 3D works of art. Moreover, you will also play fairy characters, wonderland characters, animals, celebrities and walk into the mysterious forests, among the ancient tombs of Egypt and something like that. 

3.Than Tai Hot springs – A must-visit destination when you travel to Danang

Su%E1%BB%91i Kho%C3%A1ng n%C3%B3ng th%E1%BA%A7n t%C3%A0i %C4%91%C3%A0 n%E1%BA%B5ng

Than Tai Hot Springs lies in the Ba Na – Nui Chua Nature Reserve, which is as beautiful as a fairyland embraced by might mountains. Come here, you will not only admire the scenic landscapes but also amuse yourself by taking a mineral mud bath. 

4.Tam Thanh Mural Village – A photogenic spot 

l%C3%A0ng b%C3%ADch h%E1%BB%8Da tam thanh %C4%91%C3%A0 n%E1%BA%B5ng

This is the first mural village in Vietnam inspired by the one in Korea. The murals are the paints of artistic generosity and eye-catching colours that made boring walls more creative and vivid. 

* Where to eat in Danang

1.Vietnamese pancake – a must-eat dish when you come to the Central city of Vietnam

b%C3%A1nh x%C3%A8o %C4%91%C3%A0 n%E1%BA%B5ng

Danang’s Vietnamese pancake is bold in Central taste, a favourite dish of major tourists. Wrap the piece of the pancake into tough rice paper with fresh herbs and dip the roll into the rich paste then have a bite. It’s when you feel a symphony of food in your mouth. Save the following address for your trip to Danang: No. 280/14 Hoang Dieu, Phuoc Ninh, Hai Chau District, Danang

2.Trang Kitchen’s Quang-noodle style. – the speciality of Danangese

m%E1%BB%B3 qu%E1%BA%A3ng b%E1%BA%BFp trang %C4%91%C3%A0 n%E1%BA%B5ng

Among a series of suggestions about Danang travel experience, Quang-style noodle is always called out as a speciality of Danangese. It’s also the first food you need to try when arriving in Danang. The soft noodles topped with different ingredients such as frog meat, chicken, ram, snakehead fish, beef, shrimp, eggs, and so on. Add into it a little bit of spicy broth, fresh herbs, green pepper, and fish sauce to deeply enjoy the full flavour of the noodle. 

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Address: No. 24 Pasteur, Hai Chau 1, Hai Chau, Danang

3.109 Fishball noodle – The famous flavour of the sea

b%C3%BAn ch%E1%BA%A3 c%C3%A1 109 nguy%E1%BB%85n ch%C3%AD thanh %C4%91%C3%A0 n%E1%BA%B5ng

Leave Danang without trying fishball noodle is such a significant omission. Danang is a beach city, so its fishball is made from freshly caught fish to ensure the perfection of natural sweetness and firm meat. A tasty bowl of fishball noodles includes fresh bamboo shoots, China squash, kohlrabi, tomato, fish ball, and a bit of shredded salted meat. That leaves in eaters’ mind an unforgettable taste. 

Address: No. 09 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hai Chau 1, Hai Chau, Danang

4.Thoi Co seafood – Danang’s speciality 

H%E1%BA%A3i s%E1%BA%A3n Th%E1%BB%9Di C%E1%BB%95 %C4%90%C3%A0 N%E1%BA%B5ng 2

Danang is a coastal city, as aforementioned, so how could you pass its seafood unnoticed, right? Freshly caught from the ocean, Danang’s seafood is specially spiced and processed to keep the oceanic savour. Be free to choose your favourite seafood and have it cooked to your taste. 

Address: No. 354/1 Vo Nguyen Giap, Bac My An, Ngu Hanh Son, Danang. 

Danang has a different beauty in each season. That’s why tourists don’t get bored with coming here for their holiday or vacation. What holds you back if you’ve never been there? Be quick to book a room at the budget Hanami beach Hotel to get more discounts before the new year comes. We – the Hanami Hotel wish you all the best and have a nice trip!

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