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Top 7 Da Nang mochi shops are in vogue

Da Nang is famous for its diverse cuisine from street food to pastries. Today, Hanami Hotel Da Nang wants to bring you a taste of mochi from Japan. As connoisseurs of both exquisite taste and cultural significance, we believe that Mochi transcends mere dessert. it’s a symbol of tradition, longevity, and the artistry of Japanese culinary craftsmanship. We are excited to introduce you to the top 7 Da Nang mochi shops in this bustling coastal city. 

In this curated list, we invite you to embark on a sensory journey through the delectable world of Mochi, where each shop embodies a unique blend of flavors, textures, and cultural heritage. Join us as we explore the culinary landscape of Da Nang through the lens of this beloved Japanese delicacy.

da nang mochi
Top 7 Mochi Shops in Danang You Should Experience

Top 7 Da Nang Mochi Shops

Mochi Sweets – VinCom Danang

Da Nang Mochi
Mochi Sweets – VinCom, Da Nang Mochi

In the past, Mochi was only available in Japan during the New Year holiday and festivals as it was believed to bring longevity and good luck. Nowadays, with the increasing demand for Japanese cuisine among people in other countries, many shops selling this type of cake have emerged and are doing business effectively.

One of the places providing Da Nang mochi that you should definitely not ignore is Vincom Danang supermarket. It is known that Mochi Sweets is the first and only system of imported Japanese bakeries in Vietnam, with carefully selected ingredients and modern production processes, ensure quality and delicious taste

Vincom Da Nang supermarket boasts three irresistibly delicious types of Mochi: Blackberry cream Mochi, Mango cream Mocha. Additionally, customers can easily find other Mochi varieties such as blueberry cream Mochi, chocolate cream Mochi, pineapple coconut cream Mochi, and matcha cream Mocha.

The allure of Mochi lies not only in its flavor but also in its smooth, round, and somewhat translucent appearance. The main ingredients are glutinous rice and a sweet filling inside. There is ample information published about the traditional Japanese method of making this cake, with all processes being handcrafted.

Specifically, after steaming a mixture of glutinous rice with a bit of sugar, it is pounded while still hot to create a soft, fragrant, and smooth dough. Finally, depending on each family’s preference, the dough can be cooked, baked, or wrapped with fillings to produce different types of Mochi.

With that information, if you are still wondering where to buy Mochi safely and with Japanese hands, visit Vincom supermarket right away! You will definitely own the “belly satisfying” cakes along with interesting culinary experiences.

The reason to choose Mochi at Vincom

  • Mochi are imported directly from Japan, suitable for Japanese food enthusiasts
  • The menu has a variety of flavors from cheese, blueberries, chocolate, passion fruit,…
  • The cake is decorated extremely delicately and luxuriously, so it can be bought as a gift
  • The store has a very convenient ordering and delivery service
  • Competitive price compared to other places in Da Nang

Contact Information:

  • Address:
  • Facility 1: Vincom Danang, L4 – 03, 910A Ngo Quyen, An Hai Bac, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Facility 2: Lot B41, Binh Minh 5, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0236 3968 124 – 0905 414 046
  • Fanpage:
  • Opening time: 9:30 – 22:00

Bo No Bakery

Da Nang Mochi
Mochi Paradise for Japanese Cake Lovers

If you are looking for a quality Mochi Danang bakery, the lovely cakes of Bo No Bakery will be a great choice that you should not ignore. For a long time, Bo No has been considered a “Pastry Paradise” because it specializes in providing a variety of handmade cakes such as cream cakes, salted egg sponge cakes, Mochi,…

It must be said that Bo No is not as simple as other bakeries. Although appearing after other bakeries, Bo No still builds an image in customers. The bakery is constantly updating new cakes from taste to appearance. Coming to Bo No, you will “gasp” because of the diversity of the bakery’s menu. Mochi alone has a lot of colors and fillings, helping to diversify choices for customers.

The perfection of Mochi at Bo No can be felt at the first bite. The cake has a chewy soft crust, rich cream filling with many different flavors such as cheese, chocolate, green tea, Vietnam,… With a sweet filling and whipped cream inside, when put into your mouth, you will feel the chewiness, suppleness of rice flour and fat from white beans and feel the piece of cake melt evenly in your mouth. It all blends to bring coolness on the tip of the tongue when enjoying.

With extensive experience in the process of design to making and decoration, it has shown the enthusiasm and thoughtfulness of Bo No to customers. With those factors, Bo No is also quite successful when continuously receiving many cake orders from diners. On sad days when you don’t know what to eat or want to send a simple gift to friends and relatives, you can refer to Bo No!

Reasons to choose Mochi at Bo No Bakery

  • Long-term activity in the field of design and pastry-making
  • All cakes are handmade, meticulous and professional
  • Mochi is made from imported Japanese ingredients, ensuring a standard taste
  • The number of customers of the store is quite large, so the cake is changed regularly, committed to bringing customers the freshest products
  • The cake is focused on both taste and decoration, so customers can buy it as a gift on holidays and New Year’s Day

Contact Information:

  • Address:
  1. Campus 1: 366/6 Hung Vuong, Thanh Khe, Da Nang
  2. Campus 2: 234 Dong Da, Thuan Phuoc, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0899 242 438 – 0905 884 857
  • Email:
  • Fanpage:
  • Opening time: 08:00 – 22:00

Dong Thuan Bakery

Da Nang mochi
Dong Thuan Bakery – Da Nang hanmade cake brand

A place to enjoy lovely and delicious Mochi in Da Nang that you should refer to is Dong Thuan Bakery. Dong Thuan specializes in providing handmade cakes in line with market trends and is especially impressed by the excellent quality. Not only that, reasonable prices are one of the reasons why the store has become a favorite destination for many residents in Da Nang, especially students and students.

With the desire to gain the trust of customers, Dong Thuan Bakery always prioritizes the use of high-quality ingredients, safe for health, and meticulous processing process. Mochi here is made according to the Japanese recipe with sticky, fragrant ingredients, selected from Japanese glutinous. Especially, the whipped cream sauce is also prepared extremely enthusiastically, the taste is sweet, moderate, bringing a delicious, soft taste, melting in each piece of cake.

Coming to Dong Thuan, customers will be free to choose Mochi with many attractive fillings such as Mochi Matcha, egg cream coffee, salted egg,… Besides, Mochi in Dong Thuan also attracts diners with its extremely delicate and beautiful decoration. Small details have helped Mochi become extremely warm and romantic gifts.

With the above criteria, Dong Thuan will definitely be the place to bring you attractive Mochi. For tiring days, sitting and relaxing alone after stressful working hours, a mochi with a cup of herbal tea is nothing more!

Reasons to choose Mochi in Dong Thuan

  • There is a system of stores located in the districts of the city, convenient for customers to move
  • Dong Thuan is famous as a handmade cake system with many years of operation
  • The menu ranges from bread, ice cream cakes, cream cakes, Mochi,…
  • The price of cakes is evaluated competitively in the market
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Contact Information:

  • Address:
  1. Campus 1: 321 Tran Cao Van, Thanh Khe, Da Nang
  2. Campus 2: 12 Nguyen Dinh Tru, Hoa An, Cam Le, Da Nang
  3. Campus 3: 88 Nguyen Dinh Tu, Hoa An, Cam Le, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0914 128 639
  • Opening time: 6:00 – 22:00

Luu.sweetie Bakery

Da Nang mochi
Luu.sweetie – Where to enjoy Mochi in Da Nang

Located on the busy Tran Cao Van Street, Luu.sweetie has created waves for young people with the model of a pastry shop with coffee. Because the number of customers ordering is quite large, the kitchen is always busy, the aroma of the cakes spreads throughout the shop. Just step into the shop you will feel the sweet aroma of the pastries.

The café space is designed extremely diverse, including 2 main spaces: indoor and outdoor areas. In general, the space is quite modern and a little nostalgic, all are decorated extremely harmoniously with wooden tables and chairs, trees. Coming to Luu.sweetie, in addition to enjoying the cakes, you also bring back many beautiful photos by many diverse virtual life corners.

Many unique and attractive handmade cakes were born at Luu.sweetie and are all handmade. Currently, the store is popular with cakes such as salted egg sponge cake, Tiramisu, cream kohlrabi, corn cream cake,… The point that makes many customers remember the store is that the cake models here are diverse and rich in designs and designs, suitable for all occasions, suitable for all parties and according to the requirements of the orderer.

One of the important reasons why Luu.sweetie always wins the hearts of customers is because the cake here is made from natural ingredients, ensuring safety, no preservatives. With a large number of customers, the store constantly produces fresh batches of cakes, Mochi with mild sweetness, medium size. When eating, you will feel that the crust is chewy and not too thick, the inside contains a very full filling, the cold cream makes the Mochi more attractive.

To meet the needs of young people to experience traditional Japanese cakes today. Luu.sweetie not only sells in-store but is also quite busy with its online sales channel. The store regularly posts new batches of cakes of the day, promotions, super attractive gifts. If you have not tried traditional cakes from far away Japan, you can experience the delicious taste right at Luu.sweetie.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 127 Tran Cao Van, Thanh Binh, Thanh Khe, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0905 006 210
  • Fanpage:


Da nang mochi
TU:CEE COFFEE – Pastry model combined with coffee

Those who have a passion for Japan’s diverse cuisine will surely hear about mochi will not feel strange at all? With the demand for Mochi of young people today, many shops have started to mushroom. However, choosing a place to buy authentic Mochi like the Japanese do is not easy. But don’t worry because all will be available at TU:CEE COFFEE, one of the famous coffee shops combined with pastries in Da Nang.

It can be said that TU:CEE COFFEE is an ideal place for you to enjoy cakes. The café space is generally quite modern and follows the main Korean style. Coming to TU:CEE COFFEE, customers will easily choose handmade cakes or drinks according to their preferences or requirements.

TU:CEE COFFEE attracts many customers to its diverse and unique ice cream menu, especially the lovely Mochi. Mochi is made with fresh ingredients, ensuring no harmful preservatives or food coloring. In addition to traditional flavors, we also create many new and unique flavors such as taro, blueberry, passion fruit, chocolate, cheese,… The cake is very skillfully made, the taste is very delicious and cool, feeling very similar to the original Japanese taste.

With a cool space, decorated extremely delicately, the diversified menu gives customers the feeling of comfort and relaxation when enjoying Mochi here.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 57A, Le Loi, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone: 090 514 22 18
  • Fanpage:

Mua He Bakery (Summer Bakery)

Da Nang mochi
Diverse menu of Mochi

Are you looking for a Da Nang mochi shop? It will not be too difficult when you can come across countless pictures of cute, cute and attractive Mochi after walking through Facebook for a while. In recent years, Japanese cuisine has become bustling and many young people are eager to explore, including Mochi. If you are still wondering where to experience, visit the Summer Bakery!

With the desire to bring customers quality products and the best experience. The Mochi at the Summer Bakery are made entirely by hand, the ingredients are selected from Japanese glutinous varieties to ensure the best flavor batches. Perhaps because of this criterion, the bakery is always interested by many customers whenever they need to enjoy handmade cakes.

Currently, the store is popularizing some flavored Mochi such as chocolate, cheese, blueberries, matcha,… When buying, customers can freely choose the flavor or mix many flavors together. Not stopping there, the store also always updates new decorations and flavors of bakery brands at home and abroad to constantly innovate and diversify cakes.

Besides focusing on taste, the bakery is also quite thoughtful in terms of decoration. With just simple steps, the Mochi box has become delicate and equally luxurious suitable for customers to use on holidays or simple gifts.

With the above operating criteria, it can be easily seen that although there are many bakeries opened and operating for a long time, Summer Bakery is always a choice of many customers.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 111 Nguyen Cong Tru, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0905 716 714
  • Opening time: 7:00 – 22:00

Vanilla Bakery

da nang mochi
Vanilla Bakery – Variety of cakes

Vanilla Bakery is one of the famous cream cake brands in Da Nang, which has become a trend that many young people vie to experience. Plus points for the store when owning an extremely diverse catalog of handmade cakes. Besides, the store also regularly updates hot cake models from major bakery brands. Therefore, customers when using Vanilla house cakes will buy unique cakes, attractive in both form and taste.

In order to maintain the tradition of product quality, besides focusing on diversity, the store is constantly improving its methods and applying new baking techniques. In general, the cake models are new and follow the trend, with the desire to develop to meet more and more the increasing needs of consumers.

Currently, the store or online page of Vanilla Bakery is equipped with many display counters with cakes such as cream cakes, dry cakes, bread,… especially the Mochi you are looking for. The cake here is made from natural ingredients, imported from Japan. Just ensure to create the most standard products and have a safe level of food, do not contain preservatives.

Mochi Bakery has brought this cake to a new level in Da Nang. With outstanding creativity in processing the wonderful cake, with the secret of coloring products with vegetables to help the cake become beautiful and attractive. The filling and cold cream have captured the hearts of diners with the gentle sweetness and cool fresh cream inside. When put into your mouth, you will feel the chewiness of the peel, blended with the smooth, cool cream.

If you are still wondering where to enjoy Mochi up to standard, visit the Vanilla shop right away! The store also sells online, so you can order if you are not convenient to leave the house!

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Contact Information:

  • Address: 107 Le Dinh Duong, Nam Duong, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0935 226 206
  • Fanpage:
  • Opening time: 07:30 – 22:00

Instructions for making Mochi at home

Mochi is a traditional Japanese cake but is increasingly popular in Da Nang in particular and Vietnam in general. Not only eye-catching appearance, Mochi also has many delicious flavors, especially unforgettable. Besides buying cakes at the store, your cake will be really meaningful when you make it yourself! All the super easy Mochi recipes are below!

Raw material selection

  • Glutinous flour
  • Cornstarch (or tapioca)
  • Fresh milk
  • Salty butter
  • Whipping cream
  • Powdered sugar + granulated sugar
  • Vanilla
  • Cream cheese, Oreo cake

Proceed to make whipped cream Mochi

Step 1: Preliminary processing and mixing of cake flour

  • First, prepare a very large and clean bowl, add 140g glutinous flour, 30g cornstarch, 40g sugar, 200ml fresh milk and mix well, melting finely (in this flour mixing you can use more colored water of pandan leaves, carnation leaves to make the color of the cake more diverse)
  • After completing the flour mixing step, you catch a pot of boiling water, use a sieve to filter the above flour mixture to be very smooth, and then steam for 40 minutes.
  • Share with you the secret to checking whether the dough is cooked or not is to use chopsticks to try, see that the dough is thick and in the exam is cooked.
  • Finally, put the pan on the stove, put 20g of glutinous flour in the pan and continuously stir for 10 minutes, then turn off the burner and pour into a cup, this dough is used to knead the dough without sticking hands.
da nang mochi
Instructions for mixing Mochi batter at home

Step 2: Knead the dough to make a Mochi pie crust

  • After 40 minutes, after the dough is cooked, remove the bowl of glutinous flour and mix until the dough is slightly flexible, add 30g of salted butter, and continue to stuff the flour and butter so that they are evenly together.
  • Remove the dough and place it on a piece of food plastic, stuff until completely flexible, then wrap it and set aside.

Step 3: Make a whipped cream filling

  • Next, prepare 1 large brass bowl, put 250ml of whipped cream in it (whipped cream should be put in the refrigerator to brew first to make it easier to fluff), 30g of powdered sugar and use a whisk until the mixture is fluffy, then add 1/2 vanilla.
  • Use the whisk at high speed until the cream is hard and sticky, then stop. Ladle the cream into a container and put it in the cooler refrigerator to refrigerate.
da nang mochi
Filling the cake

Step 4: Proceed to make Mochi 

Using the dough kneaded in step 2, divide it into portions from 40g to 50g. After dividing evenly, use small portions of stuffing so that it is round.

  • Next lining a piece of plastic wrap on the bottom, the rolling plant also uses a layer of plastic wrap to prevent sticking.
  • Next, put each lump of dough on top and roll it out. Apply a layer of roasted glutinous flour to the surface and turn the cake over, adding a spoonful of whipped cream filling. (In this filling you can add some fresh fruit such as strawberries or grapes to it will be very delicious)
  • Finally, fold the mouth of the cake and wrap it, maybe sprinkle a little more roasted glutinous flour to prevent the cakes from sticking together. Continue to do the same for the rest of the dough.
da nang mochi
Making Mochi is super simple at home

Step 5: Finished products

  • The finished product is small, lovely whipped cream Mochi. Bite and try it, you will feel the chewiness of the crust, the filling spilling into your mouth will feel the extremely fragrant cream cheese. It can be stored in the refrigerator and eaten gradually will be extremely delicious.
  • The ingredients of the cake are made from whipped cream, so it can only be stored for 5-7 days in the refrigerator cooler. But it is best not to leave it for a long time because the cake will not be as delicious as the original.
da nang mochi
The finished product of Mochi, which tastes better when enjoyed with tea

Enjoy the cake

Mochi cake – soft sticky rice cake, containing the quintessence of Japanese cuisine, is not only delicious but also offers many unique ways to enjoy it.

Enjoy original Mochi:

Gently bite a piece of Mochi, feel the softness melting in your mouth, blending with the elegant, delicate sweetness. Mochi is often enjoyed with green tea, creating the perfect combination between the mild bitterness of the tea and the sweetness of the cake.

Enjoy Mochi with filling:

Mochi has a variety of fillings such as red bean filling, black sesame filling, strawberry filling,…
Each type of filling brings a unique flavor, stimulating the taste buds. Enjoy stuffed Mochi by taking a bite, feeling the taste of the cake mixed with the delicious filling. Enjoy grilled Mochi:

Grill Mochi over low heat or in the oven until it puffs up and has a beautiful golden color. When baked, the cake will be a little crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, bringing a new experience. Grilled mochi is often eaten with ice cream or fresh fruit.

Notes when enjoying Mochi:

You should eat Mochi immediately after purchasing to feel the best softness. If stored in the refrigerator, steam or bake again before eating. Be careful when eating Mochi because it can stick to your teeth.

As we conclude our exploration of the Top 7 Da Nang mochi shops, it’s evident that each establishment offers an exquisitely unique experience of enjoyment. Whether you are a resident or just passing through, these shops provide a gateway to a rich tapestry of flavors and textures inherent in this age-old Japanese treat. To not miss out on the delicious Mochi cakes in Da Nang, pack your bags and head to Da Nang for a delightful culinary adventure.

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