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Top 12 best Korean cold noodle shops in Da Nang

As someone who grew up enjoying flavorful bowls of naengmyeon and makguksu in Korea before moving to Vietnam, finding authentic cold noodles here has been a passion project of mine. On behalf of Hanami Hotel Danang, I am thrilled to introduce this blog post on the best Korean cold noodle shops in Da Nang.

It is my hope that this blog post will guide you to savor the nostalgic flavors of Korea even while being oceans away. Let these chilled, tasty noodles refresh you on hot summer days as they have done for me.

Best Korean cold noodle shops in Da Nang

Best Korean cold noodle shops in Da Nang
Top 11 best Korean cold noodle shops in Da Nang

Siwon – Korean Restaurant

Siwon – Korean Restaurant in Da Nang really brings customers a special cold noodle experience and authentic Korean flavor. The fact that staff bring out side dishes for you to enjoy while waiting for the cold noodles to cook quickly is a big plus.

The broth of the cold noodles is cool and refreshing, with the addition of ice creating an interesting and novel experience. The thin strands of cold noodles have a light and clean taste, combined with the flavorful broth and vegetables, beef, and eggs to create a delicious flavor.

When eating each soft, smooth, light chopstick of noodles, sipping the cool broth and combining with banchan (side dishes), you will feel the harmonious blend of flavors characteristic of Korean cuisine.

In addition, the space of Siwon – Korean Restaurant stands out with authentic Korean design, creating the feeling that you have set foot in a completely different place.

The combination of food flavors and space creates a great experience for Korean food fans in Da Nang. What are you waiting for without stopping by Siwon – a Korean Restaurant to enjoy the best cold noodles?

Best Korean cold noodle shops in Da Nang
Siwon – Korean restaurant in Da Nang


  • Address: 86 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hai Chau, Da Nang Phone: 0909 895 518
  • Fanpage:

Gogi House

The next Korean cold noodle location Hanami will introduce to you is Gogi House. This is a Korean grill restaurant in Da Nang with familiar and interesting cold noodles. The restaurant has many facilities with spacious spaces and decorations with authentic Korean style, creating the feeling that you are enjoying food right in Korea.

At the same time, cold noodles at Gogi House have a delicious flavor and are an interesting dish to cool the body. The noodles are soaked in ice water, making the noodles chewy and thin while retaining softness. When eating, you will feel cool and comfortable.

Cold noodles are combined with different toppings, creating diverse and interesting flavors. You can choose to order cold noodles separately or enjoy buffet eating to your heart’s content.

A special point is that you can enjoy cold noodles combined with sizzling hot grilled meat at Gogi House. The combination of cold cold noodles and sizzling hot grilled meat creates a unique and interesting culinary experience.

Best Korean cold noodle shops in Da Nang
Gogi House – Korean grill restaurant


  • Store 1: L4-19+20 at Vincom Da Nang Shopping Center, Ngo Quyen Street, An Hai Bac Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang – 023 6730 0503
  • Store 2: 02 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Thac Gian Ward, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang – 023 6730 0279
  • System:
  • Phone: 1900 6622
  • Email:
  • Fanpage: Website:

Korean BBQ Gogubnam

Korean BBQ Gogubnam is a very famous Korean cold noodle address in Da Nang. The restaurant has spacious and airy space, with tables and chairs arranged meticulously to ensure privacy for each customer.

Spicy cold noodles at Korean BBQ Gogubnam are served in a large metal bowl and beautifully presented, along with side dishes such as cucumber, radish, sliced pears, beef and eggs. The cold noodles here have a special flavor with spicy sauce, creating a rich and unforgettable flavor.

In addition, the combination with ice helps soothe the summer heat a bit and provides a great culinary experience. Cold noodles here are made from soft chewy noodles, combined with sweet and sour taste from kimchi, spicy chili, and ingredients such as cucumber and boiled eggs.

All create an attractive and stimulating flavor. The prices of Korean dishes here are said to be relatively affordable, and the staff is rated as enthusiastic. With the above advantages, you should not miss such an extremely attractive cold noodle shop like Korean BBQ Gogubnam!


  • Address: 98 Duong Dinh Nghe, An Hai Bac, Son Tra, Da Nang Phone: 0979 397 156
  • Fanpage:
  • Opening hours: 11:00 – 23:00

Ze’s Food – cold noodle shop in Da Nang

Best Korean cold noodle shops in Da Nang
Ze’s Food – restaurant in Da Nang with Korean style

Ze’s Food is a restaurant in Da Nang specializing in providing delicious Korean dishes. With a diverse and attractive menu, you will always have many options to enjoy. Among them, Korean cold noodles is a special dish of Ze’s Food, cooked according to Korean standards.

Korean cold noodles at Ze’s Food have a refreshing and sweet flavor from the broth, thinly sliced beef and fresh pear slices. When you enter the restaurant, the small alleys, lights, grilled meat smoke and meat scent will make you feel like you are lost in a corner of Seoul.

At the same time, cold noodles are a traditional dish that is popular in Korea on hot summer days. In Vietnam, Korean cold noodles are also loved by many diners on sultry days. The combination of spicy octopus slices and cool barley noodles creates a unique flavor.

At Ze’s Food, cold noodles are served in a large metal bowl, accompanied by a bundle of brown noodles wrapped on top, beef, boiled eggs, shredded cucumbers, pears and a special Korean sauce. If you want to enjoy fresh and special Korean cold noodles, Ze’s Food is a suitable place to experience this unique flavor.


  • Store 1: 218/3 Dong Da, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City
  • Store 2: 112/71 Tran Cao Van, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0944 496 207
  • Email:
  • Fanpage:

DAGI Korean Food

DAGI Korean Food is known as a Korean restaurant in Da Nang, loved by many diners with authentic Korean cuisine. This restaurant provides a rich menu, including traditional dishes characteristic of Korean cuisine, including cold noodles.

Cold noodles at DAGI Korean Food have a sweet, fragrant taste and the noodles have the right chewiness. The dish is accompanied by banchan such as kimchi, boiled eggs, roasted white sesame seeds, shredded cucumbers, apples and pears.

The DAGI Korean Food restaurant has a spacious restaurant space, beautifully decorated with authentic Korean style, which will surely satisfy you at first glance. The staff here are very attentive, enthusiastic and agile.

In particular, Korean cuisine at DAGI Korean Food is carefully prepared from ingredients of traceable origin, without the use of preservatives. The dishes are beautifully displayed, meticulous and carefully arranged to enhance the flavor of the meal. If you want to enjoy Korean cold noodles in Da Nang, come to DAGI Korean Food

Best Korean cold noodle shops in Da Nang
DAGI Korean Food in Da Nang


  • Address: 153 Chau Thi Vinh Te, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0935 089 568 Email:
  • Fanpage:

Choi’s – Korean Kitchen

Choi’s – Korean Kitchen is a prestigious and long-standing Korean culinary destination in Da Nang. Although the name of the restaurant is “kimbap shop” this place still provides a variety of characteristic Korean dishes such as tokbokki, bibimbap, kimchi soup, seaweed soup, and especially cold noodles.

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Cold noodles at Choi’s – Korean Kitchen have a sweet and gentle soup with the subtle flavor of pears, blended with chewy boiled noodles.

The dish is accompanied by panchan such as radish, kimchi, boiled eggs, roasted white sesame seeds, shredded cucumbers and apple pears. The soft beef is simmered in apple pears for a long time, creating an attractive flavor for cold noodles.

If you want to enjoy delicious cold noodles in Da Nang and don’t know any addresses, Choi’s – Korean Kitchen is definitely one of the right choices.


  • Store 1: 2 Hoang Hoa Tham, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City – 0906 404 794
  • Store 2: 87/2 Le Hong Phong, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City – 0772 404 794
  • Email:
  • Fanpage:

PER Korean Food

Best Korean cold noodle shops in Da Nang
PER Korean Food sells cold noodle shops in Da Nang

Per Korea Food is a very popular Korean restaurant in Da Nang. Although not specializing in cold noodles, the cold noodles here are still rated as delicious and attract the attention of many diners. This restaurant has two facilities and is always crowded.

Per Korea Food has a professional team of staff and a good service attitude. Moreover, the culinary flavor at Per still retains the characteristics of Korea, which is one of the reasons why the restaurant is always chosen by customers.

The bowl of cold noodles at Per Korean Food is decorated with many toppings such as vegetables, beef, boiled eggs, and poured with rich Korean sauce. When the noodles combine with the cold soup, you can enjoy the unique and explosive flavor in your mouth. The soup has a light and very easy-to-eat taste.

Especially, the chewy, smooth and sticky noodles are especially delicious when eaten with the panchan dishes. Even in the hot Da Nang, you can still cool off with the attractive bowl of cold noodles from Per Korean Food. Try the cold noodles at Per Korean Food restaurant!


  • Store 1: 204 Tran Phu, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Store 2: 10 Phan Tu, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0795 759 779
  • Email:
  • Fanpage:
  • Website:

PY’s Fúd Restaurant

If you are looking for a great place to enjoy Korean cold noodles in Da Nang, PY’s Fúd restaurant is a must-try option. The restaurant has two floors, spacious and logically arranged, so you don’t have to worry about overcrowding even when there are many guests.

In addition to grilled meat, cold noodles here are also a must-try dish because of its attractive flavor. Cold noodles at PY’s Fúd are made with sweet pear soup, the noodles are well cooked with the right chewiness. It is combined with a variety of diverse “toppings” from meat, eggs to cucumbers and radishes, creating a rich and characteristic flavor of Korean cuisine.

Although the prices here are slightly higher than the general level, each serving is very large and worth the money you pay. Come to PY’s Fúd Restaurant now to enjoy delicious grilled dishes along with a refreshing bowl of cold noodles!

Best Korean cold noodle shops in Da Nang
PY’s Fúd restaurant with many attractive Korean dishes


  • Address: 29 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0935 903 239
  • Email:
  • Fanpage:

CukCuk BBQ

CukCuk BBQ is a must-visit address when it comes to the best places to enjoy cold noodles in Da Nang. The restaurant has an airy space and beautiful decoration, creating a comfortable feeling with warm colors. CukCuk BBQ offers a variety of authentic Korean-flavored dishes, especially spicy cold noodles.

Here, you can choose cold noodles with many different toppings such as beef, eggs, cucumbers, radishes and especially thin pear slices. Ice is also added to the noodle bowl, creating an attractive and delicious flavor.

Many customers when coming to CukCuk BBQ are satisfied with the authentic Korean flavor of the dish. The owner is very kind and enthusiastic to introduce dishes to new customers.

In addition to cold noodles, CukCuk BBQ also serves grilled dishes suitable for rainy or chilly days. Cheese chicken marinated with delicious spices is also a choice worth trying. When ordering cold noodles, you also receive many different types of banchan such as kimchi and pickles, creating more diverse and abundant flavors.

With strengths in taste and service, CukCuk BBQ is a great place to enjoy cold noodles and other Korean dishes in Da Nang.


  • Address: 88 Dinh Van Chap, Hoa Xuan, Cam Le, Da Nang City
  • Phone: 0795 614 069
  • Email:
  • Fanpage:

Sakura Restaurant

Best Korean cold noodle shops in Da Nang
cold noodle at Sakura Restaurant

Sakura Restaurant – a wonderful Japanese restaurant in Da Nang, specializing in serving signature dishes from the land of cherry blossoms. The location of the restaurant is in An Thuong neighborhood and although the space is not too large, it is impressively decorated.

Cold noodles at Sakura Restaurant are made from fresh and delicious udon noodles, different from Korean cold noodles at other restaurants. When enjoying, you will feel the cool, sweet and sour flavor, very suitable for enjoying in the summer.

The noodles have the right chewiness and the sauce is flavorful. In addition, the noodles are combined with fresh and delicious vegetables and herbs, ensuring you will become a cold noodle addict here.

If you want to enjoy Japanese food in Da Nang, Sakura Restaurant is a great choice. In addition to cold noodles, the restaurant also serves many other diverse and attractive dishes from the land of cherry blossoms.


  • Address: 20 An Thuong 10, Bac My Phu, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang
  • Phone number: 0899 248 197 Fanpage: Sakura Restaurant
  • Opening hours: 10:30–22:00

From Soul

Best Korean cold noodle shops in Da Nang
From Soul cold noodle shops in Da Nang

From Soul cold noodle shop in Da Nang is truly an extremely delicious and attractive Korean cold noodle selling spot. With a comfortable space and attentive service, the attractive restaurant has attracted the attention of many people.

The diverse menu includes many attractive grilled meat dishes and other Korean dishes such as cold noodles, Tokbokki, kimbap, seaweed soup and black bean noodles.

The cold noodles at From Soul receive high ratings from Korean food lovers. At the same time, the restaurant also brings a part of Korean street food culture and cares about the taste of customers. The restaurant regularly offers promotions for customers and a diverse menu with fresh food.

The newly opened restaurant on Tran Phu street has also quickly become a famous tourist attraction. The menu here includes all kinds of Korean dishes, from the most basic to the most characteristic. Although the prices are a bit high, the quality of the dishes cannot be faulted.

In particular, the menu is divided into separate sets suitable for groups of friends, helping diners not have to order too much and waste food. Combined with a comfortable space and enthusiastic service staff, From Soul promises to provide a good experience for customers. So don’t hesitate to stop by From Soul to enjoy these unique dishes.


  • Address: 202A Tran Phu, Phuoc Ninh, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone number: 070 355 0310 Gmail:
  • Fanpage:
  • Foody:
  • Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00

Anh Kim Restaurant

Anh Kim Restaurant is the last location on the list of Korean cold noodles in Da Nang. The restaurant does not need much advertising because the food quality has attracted customers here. Although the menu is not too diverse, each dish is delicious and worthwhile for the price.

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With a diverse menu, you should try some of the restaurant’s bestsellers such as: Kimbap (Korean rice rolls), Gimari fried (fried shrimp rolls), Kimchi cold noodles, Topokki (Korean fried rice cakes), Man thau fried (fried rice cakes wrapped in noodles).

A special point is the cold noodles at Anh Kim Restaurant, which are highly praised by many diners. The sweet and mild soup with light pear flavor combined with chewy, soft enough boiled noodles.

When eating, you will be able to enjoy diverse panchan (small side dishes) such as radish, kimchi, boiled eggs, roasted sesame seeds, shredded cucumbers and Asian pears. In particular, the soft beef makes the cold noodles even more attractive. With good food quality and diversity in Korean dishes, Anh Kim Restaurant is an interesting place to enjoy cuisine.


  • Address: 272 Nguyen Cong Tru, Phuoc My, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Phone number: 0934 866 189 Fanpage:
  • Opening hours: 11:00–15:00, 17:00–22:00

Origin of cold noodles

Best Korean cold noodle shops in Da Nang
Origin of cold noodles

Cold noodles, also known as cold mix noodles (or Korean mixed noodles) is a popular dish in Korean cuisine. This dish originated from the Kimchi land, Korea. Cold noodles are made from rice noodles or vermicelli, usually transparent white vermicelli. The noodles are cooked, steamed or soaked in cold water to cool before mixing with other ingredients.

The cold noodle mix usually includes ingredients such as beef, pork, shrimp, eggs, fresh vegetables (such as lettuce, herbs, other fresh vegetables), radish, mung beans, and seasonings such as fish sauce, garlic, chili, salt, sugar and vinegar. This dish is usually served with a small amount of sweet and sour fish sauce or cold broth.

At the same time, cold noodles are a popular summer dish in Korea, because it has a cool, refreshing taste and is suitable for hot weather. Cold noodles have become a national dish and are popular not only in Korea but also worldwide, known as a delicious and convenient dish.

Famous types of Korean cold noodles

Best Korean cold noodle shops in Da Nang
Some types of Korean cold noodles

Naengmyeon Cold Noodles

Naengmyeon cold noodles are one of the most popular cold noodle dishes in Korean cuisine. Naengmyeon has two main types: Naengmyeon-bibim and Naengmyeon-mul, which differ in the ingredients for making the noodles and the characteristic broth.

Naengmyeon-bibim uses chewy noodles made from potatoes or sweet potato starch. Meanwhile, Naengmyeon-mul is made from buckwheat flour. Naengmyeon-mul is usually eaten with cold broth made from galbi (traditionally, later other animal meat and bones can be used), while Naengmyeon-bibim is served with spicy sauce.

Both types of Naengmyeon are accompanied by ingredients such as sliced ​​beef or pork, Korean radish, boiled eggs, cucumbers, and mustard or vinegar can be added according to taste. These ingredients are often mixed with noodles, forming a dish similar to bibimbap, a famous Korean mixed rice dish.

Kongguksu Cold Noodles

Kongguksu cold noodles are soy milk noodles and are often enjoyed on hot days. The noodle soup in Kongguksu cold noodles is made entirely from finely ground soybeans and salt. Soybeans are finely ground into a smooth mixture and then filtered to obtain pure soybean milk.

Kongguksu cold noodles have a natural and light flavor, giving a refreshing feeling. It is often served with radish kimchi or cucumbers to add more flavor and richness to the dish.

Makguksu Cold Noodles

Makguksu cold noodles is a unique cold noodle dish in Korean cuisine. The name Makguksu means “noodles in a circle”. Made from buckwheat flour, forming thin and chewy noodles. Instead of presenting the noodles in strands, Makguksu noodles are rolled into a cylindrical mass, then placed on a large plate.

The side dishes that come with Makguksu noodles include sauce, cucumbers, finely chopped kimchi and Korean pears. The sauce is usually made from ingredients such as fish sauce, garlic, sugar, vinegar and chili to create a rich and spicy flavor.

Jjolmyeon Cold Noodles

Jjolmyeon cold noodles is a popular type of cold noodles in Korean cuisine. The characteristic of Jjolmyeon noodles is very chewy noodles and sweet sauce. It is often mixed with colorful and attractive ingredients, bibim style, meaning mixing the ingredients together.

Usually Jjolmyeon noodles are served with boiled eggs, black beans and finely chopped cucumbers. These ingredients provide crispness, freshness and diverse flavors for the noodles. Jjolmyeon does not come with broth, and instead, sweet sauce is mixed with noodles and other ingredients.

Naeng Kalguksu Cold Noodles

Naeng Kalguksu cold noodles is the cold version of Kalguksu, a thick flour noodle. The noodle soup in Naeng Kalguksu is usually made from chicken bone broth, soybean powder and Korean pumpkin.

At the same time, Naeng Kalguksu cold noodles are also often served with ingredients such as chicken, eggs, vegetables and cucumbers, making a unique and delicious cold noodle dish.

Jeangban Guksu Cold Noodles

Jeangban Guksu cold noodles is called “noodle hot pot”. On a large noodle plate, vegetables are arranged around the noodles. The use of various types of vegetables brings richness in flavors, including sour, sweet, bitter and spicy, helping the dish not taste bland. Jeangban Guksu is usually vegetarian, however it can also contain meat or seafood depending on preference.

The Jeangban Guksu dish also has a rich sauce made from sesame oil, chili, sugar and vinegar. This sauce provides a balanced flavor for the noodles and vegetables, creating an interesting culinary experience. Once you mix the noodles with the ingredients and sauce, you can enjoy a large, delicious and attractive meal.

Japchae Noodles

Japchae noodles is a Korean dish with stir-fried glass noodles as the main ingredient. Japchae has some characteristic ingredients to create its unique flavor and characteristics. The ingredients usually include beef, green beans, sesame seeds, sesame oil, oyster mushrooms and many other vegetables.

In addition, Japchae noodles also have a sweet, sour, salty and slightly spicy flavor. The soft and smooth glass noodles combined with the delicious aroma from beef, green beans and oyster mushrooms create a rich and diverse culinary experience.

Best Korean cold noodle shops in Da Nang
Best Korean cold noodle shops in Da Nang

I hope you enjoyed this blog post highlighting some of my favorite spots for authentic Korean cold noodles in Da Nang. From the springy wheat noodles swimming in chilled broth at Sakura Restaurant to the kick of heat from the spicy bibim sauce at From Soul, there are so many varieties to fall in love with.

And when you need a comfortable place to rest your head after all that noodle exploration, look no further than Hanami Hotel Danang. We are a modern 3-star plus hotel conveniently located just 500m from My Khe Beach and 2.9km from Da Nang International Airport, right in the heart of Da Nang’s popular An Thuong expat neighborhood.

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