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Golden Bay Hotel Danang – The Most Luxurious Hotel in Danang

Golden Bay Danang Hotel has made a big splash in the hearts of tourists when visiting this worth living city since its establishment until now. Partly because of the novelty of its name in the direction of luxury, most of it is the unchanging excellent quality that the hotel offers. To help you figure out the reasons why the hotel is so famous, let’s take a look at Hanami Hotel Danang‘s article “Golden Bay Hotel Danang – The Most Luxurious Hotel in Danang”!      

Golden Bay Hotel Danang – The Most Luxurious Hotel in Danang

When it comes to the most luxurious Da Nang hotels, you should definitely not ignore the Golden Bay Danang Hotel. This location, located in the bay of Da Nang city, is a popular stopover in the Da Nang area in 2019. Let’s explore the charms of the most pleasant Golden Bay Danang hotel with Hanami!

Contact information of Golden Bay Hotel Danang

khách sạn golden bay đà nẵng

  • Address: 01 Le Van Duyet St., Nai Hien Dong Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City
  • Email:
  • Contact directly: (+84) 236 3 878 999

Hotel inlaid with gold in Da Nang city

When you first heard the name,  you must have imagined the magnificence of Golden Bay Hotel, the only gold-plated hotel present in Da Nang. Golden Bay, with its many types of furniture, equipment, and gold-plated walls, provides tourists with luxury, elegance, and the most ideal and new service experiences.

Asian-style space blending modern architecture

Inspired by heritages around the world, Golden Bay Hotel Danang offers guests a feeling of absolute relaxation in an Asian space and setting with modern architecture.

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This is the first hotel in the most worth-living city in the Central region owning a system of up to 949 rooms. All of them are plated with 24k gold and fully equipped with comfortable equipment with extremely luxurious and classy style. The rooms have a variety of different sizes with 360-degree views of the East Sea, Son Tra mountain, Han river, and Da Nang city.

The most special thing to mention here is the Presidential room located on the 28th floor of the hotel. With an area of 136m2, the room will be a perfect choice for you to fully experience the amenities and high-class equipment with gilded furniture. The Presidential Room is luxuriously decorated in gold, purple, and beige colors, dotted with oriental decorative patterns.

The first impression that catch the visitors’ eyes

The first impression of visitors when arriving at this luxury hotel is the gold-plated lobby, which adds to the magnificence of the hotel from the very first moment.

Not only that, the high-class services along with professionally trained staff will definitely not let you down. As a result of these factors, in 2018, Golden Bay Hotel is honored to become one of the leading hotels in Da Nang city.

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In addition, guests will be entirely satisfied with the beautiful scenery from the hotel’s view, which congregates the quintessence of nature. You can also capture the whole picture of a harmonious landscape between blue sky, blue mountains, and deep ocean.

Located on the 29th floor, the special 24K gold-plated infinity pool of Golden Bay Danang Hotel has helped this place become the most luxurious hotel in Danang.

High-class facilities are available at Golden Bay Danang

The largest gold-plated swimming pool in Vietnam is extremely luxurious

In addition to the gold-plated swimming pool area, all of the walls here are also totally inlaid with 24K gold using cutting-edge technology. This creates a sparkling, luxury space that will undoubtedly provide memorable experiences, achieving 5 high-class star standards.

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Moreover, this is the highest and widest gold-plated swimming pool in Vietnam. There is nothing more wonderful than relaxing moments, resting in the cool water of the gilded swimming pool, and reveling in the beautiful sunset with cool cocktails in hand. These things promise to make you feel like you’re in the middle of paradise.

The gym and Fitness room are invested with modern equipment

The Gym & Fitness Center located on the 2nd floor of the hotel is fully equipped with modern equipment and machines. It also provides a personal trainer to assist you to exercise most effectively. In addition, the hotel also has a Yoga room to help you regain energy and balance your mind.

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Also located on the 2nd floor, Golden Luxury Spa is designed with an oriental style, with the aim of helping the experiencers recreate the balance of both mind and body. Enjoy a feeling of deep relaxation through special treatments at Golden Luxury Spa, which will make your stay more perfect than ever.

The miniature wonders of Vietnam and the world at Golden Bay Da Nang

Golden Bay Danang Hotel was conceived and built as a gold-gilded model of wonders around the world right on the hotel’s premises. When you visit Golden Bay Danang Hotel, you can not only reward yourself with moments of gentle relaxation, but you can also keep shimmering pictures along with models of world wonders, from spectacular New York to romantic Paris, majestic Spain to mysterious Egypt, and even dear Vietnam. All of these are available at Golden Bay.

How to travel to Golden Bay Danang

There are quite a few directions to get to the 24K Gold Inlaid Hotel in Da Nang that you can follow. Please refer to and choose for yourself the fastest route based on the type of vehicle you travel. If you choose the plane as the main means of transportation, please refer to the following reference:

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Currently, domestic airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Pacific Airlines, Bamboo Airlines, and others are always available to provide flights to Da Nang. Ticket rates for one-way flights will range from 100,000 VND to 1,770,000 VND, depending on the time frame. Flight time will range from 30 minutes to one and a half hours. Visitors must travel 9 kilometers after leaving the airport to reach Golden Bay Hotel.

Aside from air, traveling by road is also an ideal choice for those who are located near Da Nang city. You will have two reasonable choices which are train and sleeper bus.

Customers can travel by rail for between 300,000 and 1,200,000 VND. The train station is around 5 kilometers from the hotel, therefore you can take a taxi to get there. The cost to spend on a passenger car ranges from 300,000 VND to 500,000 VND.


Fine cuisine prepared by professional chefs at the most luxurious hotel in Da Nang

With the aim of creating a sophisticated culinary space for gourmets, Golden Bay Hotel Danang offers a wide range of choices from Europe and Vietnamese dishes as well as serving breakfast buffets and afternoon tea. , scrumptious dinners, or light meals. You can start a new day in Da Nang with a richly prepared breakfast menu at Horizon restaurant on the 3rd floor or explore the Vietnamese food court at Golden Square, or even enjoy cocktails in the glorious sunset view at the bar on the 29th floor.

Not only the interior and infinity swimming pool is inlaid with gold, but the cuisine of Golden Bay also shows its luxury. The hotel’s cuisine has made a difference and uniqueness thanks to the expert hands of trained chefs with many years of experience, as well as the refinement and precision in the hotel’s recipes and cuisine.

Guests can directly enjoy traditional dishes from many countries at the restaurant chain of Golden Bay Hotel Danang.

Visitors will be impressed by the elegant rooms at Golden Bay

Superior Room

khách sạn golden bay đà nẵng

The superior room has an area of 37m2 with the city view. The room is spacious and airy equipped with all the amenities.

  • Room price: 1,150,000 VND

Deluxe Room

This is the top most popular room class when reserving at Golden Bay Danang. With an area of 37m2, the Deluxe room is also decorated very elegantly, delicately, and filled with natural light. Especially, the room is equipped with a great 41″ LCD TV for your entertainment.

  • Room price: 1.200.000 VNĐ

Golden Bay Deluxe Room

The Deluxe Golden Bay room provides views of the bay. In addition, the room is decorated in a harmonious, simple, but incredibly luxurious style. 

  • Room price: 1.250.000 VNĐ

Corner Suite Room

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Corner Suite Room includes 2 bedrooms with a large area of up to 68m2. The room is designed to feel like a little apartment for you and your family to enjoy the comforts of home. The view of the room facing Da Nang Bay is also extremely magnificent.

  • Room price: 2.300.000 VNĐ

Executive Room

Executive rooms are located on the 27th and 28th floors, so they have an extremely beautiful view so that you can fully see both the majestic nature and the bustling city. By choosing this room class, you also have the privilege of using the Executive Lounge with premium service.

Presidential Room

As usual, the Presidential suite is always the most luxurious, and wonderful room. The Presidential room with Golden Bay is up to 108m2 and features a large living room and a dining table for 6 people. This is the most advanced room class, and only a few people get to experience it.

The price includes:

  • Complimentary Internet access within the hotel and in rooms.
  • Complimentary use of the gym.
  • Complimentary use of the outdoor swimming pool on the rooftop.
  • Complimentary 02 bottles of mineral water in the room per day.
  • Complimentary Tea and Coffee in the room.

Why should you stay at Golden Bay Danang?

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6 reasons why you have to choose Golden Bay Hotel:

  • Beautiful 5-star hotel, which is inlaid gold, luxurious, and unique 
  • Professional service quality
  • Diverse cuisine
  • Reasonably priced
  • The world’s ultimate infinity pool 
  • Check-in wonders of Vietnam and the world

With a team of professional and friendly staff, this place guarantees to bring the greatest service when visitors stay here.

khách sạn golden bay đà nẵng

And the information above is exactly what is needed to answer the question posed at the beginning of the post. Obviously, when you read the article to the fullest you also have the answer yourself. So what are you waiting for, come and experience the Golden Bay Danang Hotel! Hanami Hotel Danang hopes you will have a memorable and happy trip to Danang City. See you in the next post!

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