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Top ecstatically beautiful beaches in Da Nang

Top ecstatically beautiful beaches in Da Nang

If you are planning to travel to Da Nang and want to have a memorable vacation alongside your relatives, beloveds, family, friends or colleagues. Don’t miss out on the top beaches in Da Nang! The activities on the beach will be an extremely enjoyable and wonderful experience. It’s such a big omission if you pass by the following tourist attractions in Da Nang despite the fact that you have set your foot on the city before. 

Top 6 bewitching beaches in Da Nang – The ideal tourist attractions

1.My Khe Beach – The most beautiful beaches 

cô gái cầm ô chụp hình ở bãi biển mỹ khê

Ranked 1st among the most beautiful beaches in Da Nang is My Khe beach. In fact, the beach was voted by Forbes Economic Journal of America as the world’s most captivating beach, the most glamorous of the world, the Sunday Herald Sun of Australia commented: “My Khe is one of the most favourite beaches in Asia”. It is a must-go destination when in Da Nang.

Cô gái tạo dáng bên bãi biển Mỹ Khê

The blue sea, fine white sand, bright yellow sunshine, and coconut groves create a scenic landscape that stuns any tourists, even the fastidious ones. 

2.Bac My An beach – The best tourist destination in Da Nang

Although Bac My An does not rank 1st as My Khe does, it is also in the top of the most alluring beaches in Da Nang that you should not ignore. Bac My An owns up to 5 of the most amazing beaches, namely Bac My An beach, My Da Dong 2 beach, My Da Dong 3 beach, T18 Beach, and Furama resort.

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3.Son Tra Peninsula’s beach – The pristine beauty beaches in Da Nang

Bãi biển Sơn Trà Đà Nẵng

Son Tra is a peninsula situated at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son marble mountain that offers primitive forest but full of mystery and enchantment. The peninsula’s charm is alluring enough to pique your interest in exploring the whole place. 

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Coral diving and sightseeing natural sea plants on the beach are such an exciting experience to take. 

Son Tra Beach, where lies a pagoda named Linh Ung, has fascinating beaches such as But Beach, Nam Beach, Tien Sa Beach, Rang Beach, North Beach, and Con Beach. This is one of three sacred pagodas in Da Nang but Linh Ung, Son Tra is now the gorgeous pagoda. Do not bypass the place!

4.Non Nuoc Beach – best for surfing

cô gái bơi ở bãi biển non nước đà nẵng

Arriving at Non Nuoc Beach, you will experience attractive tourist activities such as bathing, travelling, surfing, sunrise, sunset at sea, enjoying the massage services, and the highest-class spa. And has anyone told you that “Non Nuoc is the best spot for surfing”? Whether you’ve heard about it or not, go there yourself to check on it!

ban nữ tạo dáng trên vòng tại bãi biển non nước Đà nẵng

5.Lang Co Beach – Authentic blue sea, white sand, and sunshine

Bãi biển Lăng Cô huế

Blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine are an authentic scenery on Lang Co Beach. If you want to enjoy fresh Da nang seafood on the spot, take a sunbath, stroll on the fine sands, or play beach sports like football and beach volleyball, come to Lang Co if you are around Da Nang, my friends!

6.Thanh Binh Beach – The beauty of serenity and simplicity

2 người chụp ảnh ở bãi biển thanh bình Đà Nẵng

True to its name, the life of the fishermen is simple and peaceful. Are you finding for a laid-back place to relax when travelling in Da Nang? Opt for Thanh Binh Beach.

bãi biển thanh bình Đà Nẵng

Da Nang travel experience – you should choose the hotel near the prettiest beaches.

The above is the list of 6 most beautiful beaches in Da Nang that worth your visit. Believe me, and you will a good time and great experiences there.

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Choosing a hotel near these most beautiful is a clever way to facilitate your transportation. Hanami Hotel Danang is highly recommended for you. The hotel is only 1.57 km from My Khe Beach, 770m from Bac My An Beach, 6.66 km from Linh Ung Pagoda, and 5.36 km from Son Tra Beach.

Lying near these stunning beaches makes the Hanami Hotel Danang the perfect accommodation for visitors during their Da Nang trip. 


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