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Love Lock Bridge Da Nang – A Place To Prove Love

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang is one of the most wonderful and ideal attractions for couples in love. When coming to Danang, couples in love should not miss the great chance to visit the bridge so as to put love padlocks on the romantic bridge. Located in the heart of the city, Love Lock Bridge Da Nang is a favorite check-in place for many young people. Not only that, but some entertainment activities near the bridge are also what make every visitor want to experience it once. Follow Hanami’s article “Love Lock Bridge Da Nang – A Place To Prove Love” to find out more!

Overview of Love Lock Bridge Da Nang

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang - A Place To Prove Love
Overview of Love Lock Bridge Da Nang

The bridge crosses the Han River, and it is situated on the east side of Tran Hung Dao Street. The bridge features an arc shape with a length of 68 meters and a width of 6 meters. Love Lock Bridge Da Nang is inspired by famous love bridges in the world such as the Pont des Arts in France, the Milvio Bridge in Italy, the Hohenzollern in Germany, and the Russian Tretyakovsky. 

When classic oriental features are combined with the liberal beauty of Western culture, the bridge’s design style becomes extremely unique. This wonderful combination has contributed to the bridge’s unique appeal and charm for visitors.

Visitors can walk comfortably across the bridge to enjoy a panoramic view of the Han River’s lovely beauty, the bustle of the city with towering buildings, and rows of green trees.

Different couples prove their love and togetherness by putting the lock with their names on the pier of the bridge. This was made as one of the major attractions to attract young tourists from everywhere. Two-meters wide footpath allows the visitors to watch the beauty of the Han River and catch some cool breeze. The Carp images and octagonal concrete pillars are made into the railings of the bridge. You can clearly see the inspiration for the bridge in some of the well-known beautiful love bridges of France, Germany, Russia, and Italy.

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang Location 

Cầu tình yêu Đà Nẵng ở đâu?
Love Lock Bridge Da Nang Location

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang is located on the east side of the Han River, on Tran Hung Dao Street, in Son Tra District, Da Nang City. The bridge, which has an arc shape, has been in operation since 2015. The Love Bridge is located between the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge, so standing from here, you can see a lot of the beautiful and famous landscapes of the city.

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This is a place to prove and promise to couples; the meaning of love locks represents a strong, eternal love. Therefore, the bridge is a suitable tourist destination in Da Nang for couples.

How to get to Love Lock Bridge Da Nang

Đường đi đến cầu khóa tình yêu Đà Nẵng
How to get to Love Lock Bridge Da Nang

Visitors can easily move to the bridge to visit and check in because it is located near the city center.

  • When leaving Da Nang International Airport, take Nguyen Van Linh Street, cross the Dragon Bridge, and turn left onto Tran Hung Dao Street.
  • Starting from areas near My Khe beach, take Vo Van Kiet street, then Pham Van Dong, and at the end of the road, turn left on Tran Hung Dao to reach the Da Nang love bridge.
  • If you are coming from another part of the city, you can use Google Maps or ask locals how to get to the bridge.

Exploring the Love Lock Bridge Da Nang

The Love-Shaped Lanterns

Lồng đèn hình trái tim
The Love-Shaped Lanterns

The heart lamp model is one of the most prominent features that create the unique and impressive beauty of the Love Lock Bridge Da Nang. The small heart-shaped lamps are meticulously designed, forming a large red heart that is extremely beautiful. Combined with the black background of the pillars, it gives an overall look that is both classic and modern.

As if to increase the romance and meaning of love stories on the bridge, each lantern pole forms a heart shape. Many restaurants and eateries in the city have also taken this image of a lantern as proof of love and fidelity.

Perhaps, the most brilliant moment is at night, when the light from the lights illuminates a vast sky, mixed with the shimmering lights of the city. This is what has created an extremely romantic and sacred beauty, making it a very popular check-in place for couples taking wedding photos in Da Nang.

Love padlocks

Ổ khóa tình yêu
Love padlocks

The love padlocks contain carved names, initials, and messages of love that are locked on the bridge as a witness to a deep love. People often throw away the key after hooking the lock on the bridge so that no one else can unlock it.  There are a lot of couples who come to the Love Lock Bridge Da Nang to show their love and make undying padlocks.

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The statue of a carp turning into a dragon

Tượng cá chép hóa rồng
The statue of a carp turning into a dragon

Visitors look at the image of carp becoming dragons as a reminder to always try and consistently overcome challenges in life. Not only that, but this is also a symbol for the Da Nang people to always aim for a civilized and modern life without losing the unique features of the national culture.

The statue of a carp turning into a dragon in Da Nang is open for free with no time limit, so you can come here at any time. You can combine the schedule with some nearby places such as: Love Bridge, Da Nang Museum, Son Tra Night Market…

DHC Marina Cruise

OIP 3 1
DHC Marina Cruise

DHC Marina, located next to the Love Lock Bridge Da Nang, is a super luxury yacht inspired by the Titanic with a 5-story design. The most popular spot here is the sky bar, which is located on the yacht’s terrace and is an ideal place for visitors to enjoy the cool air while watching the Love Bridge and the city at night. 

Molly Cafe

Cà phê Molly
Molly’s coffee

Visitors can sip a cup of fragrant, signature coffee at Molly, which is located next to the statue of a carp turning into a dragon. The shop is designed in an open-space style, is extremely cool, and has a panoramic view of the romantic Han River.

Admiring the beauty of Love Lock Bridge Da Nang, Vietnam’s “most livable city,” is an activity that you should not miss when visiting this attractive city. Despite the fact that the Love Lock Bridge Da Nang does not have a lengthy history or distinctive architecture like other Da Nang bridges, each padlock put on the bridge represents a beautiful love story that draws a large number of tourists. If you have the opportunity to visit Da Nang, do not forget to check in at this special place!


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