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Da Nang Street Music – The highlight of Da Nang tourist attraction

Da Nang street music is one of the features that contribute to the attractiveness of the street in Vietnamese culture. This event is held on a regular basis. It is very popular with both locals and tourists. What do you think of street music? Let’s find out with Hanami Hotel Danang in this article!

Introduction to Da Nang street music

The street music program was launched in 2019. This festival promotes a healthy tourism culture by providing a playground for both tourists and locals.

The program “street music” is organized annually by the Culture and Sports Center of Hai Chau District in collaboration with Trung Vuong Theater with the theme “First Love Season.”. It promises to bring new experiences and attracts a lot of attention from residents and tourists.

Âm nhạc đường phố Đà Nẵng
One of the street music shows in Da Nang City

The program organizes activities in many different locations, such as on both sides of the Han River, on Bach Dang pedestrian street, at the foot of the Dragon Bridge, and elsewhere. This is also a way to connect and promote the image of Da Nang’s tourism to international friends.

Some unique features of Da Nang street music

The program of street music events is one of the programs of interest to visitors. The attraction of the worth living city can be expressed in many ways. In particular, the chain of street music programs in Da Nang has contributed to connecting and exchanging different cultures.

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Âm nhạc đường phố Đà Nẵng
One of the street music shows in Da Nang City

Both local and foreign tourists can discover both traditional and modern music. The musical themes at each performance are different, in order to meet the musical taste suitable for all ages of people in Da Nang city. In addition, foreigners who are living, working, or traveling in Da Nang with musical ability, and musical talent, are also welcome to join the show..

Da Nang’s street music program is a combination of a variety of ethnic musical instruments, with saxophone, guitar, flamenco ensemble, and gentle K-pop tunes.

As a result, this event is one of the tourist attractions in Da Nang. If you have the chance to visit Da Nang, you should take time to enjoy these street music shows!

Reviews of participants and spectators

According to the comments of many participants in the Da Nang street music program, everyone is very excited and happy that this program has been organized.

Âm nhạc đường phố Đà Nẵng
Da Nang street music is one of the noticeable features of Vietnamese culture

According to Ms. D.T.A.T, “I often walk on Bach Dang Street and Apec Park in the evening, so I have many chances to see a very good and professional music show. This is also an interesting experience that I like very much. Hopefully, the program will be expanded more so that a large number of locals and visitors to Da Nang can enjoy it.”

The program operates annually and always has new themes appropriate for each season to promote the needs of local tourism development. As a result, create a playground that attracts a large number of viewers.

Some places where street music shows take place in Da Nang

Da Nang street music is performed annually, with the locations changing on a regular basis. However, the location will concentrate on some typical features such as:

  • Apec Park
  • On both banks of the Han River,
  • Half Moon Bridge 
  • Dragon Bridge foot
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The Da Nang street music performance is an attraction in the overall development of tourism. Hanami Hotel Danang hopes that this article has given you more useful information about Da Nang Street Music. Come and enjoy it!

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