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Fascinating Da Nang street foods

If you come to Da Nang without eating the following dishes, you might not be a connoisseur of travel. Let’s find out what these dishes are. 

We, budget Hanami beach hotel has summarized it up into a list for you. 

Water Fern Cake

mon banh 2

 Da Nang’s water fern cakes are served in a tray. Each tray has 6 to 8 tiny bowls. Souse water fern cake with soup, its fillings include shrimp, minced pork, which is covered with crispy fried crust. Accompanied the cake is one bowl of garlic and chilli fish sauce. Move the spoon around the inner side of the bowl to separate the cake away, then pour the fish sauce into it. 

 Rice dumpling cake

banh bot loc da nang 3

Rice dumpling cake is covered with banana leaves, its skin is made from tapioca starch, so it’s tough to chew. This kind of cake is filled with shrimp, pot simmer pork side, which goes along with diluted chilli fish sauce. There are also different fillings such as green bean paste, mushroom. 

 Flat rice dumpling

banh nam hue

Flat rice dumpling is made from rice flour, its filling is shrimp and pork stir-fried with cashew nut oil, garlic and onion. Steam the cake after covering it with banana leaves. Souse it with fish sauce before eating. 

 Mixed young jackfruit salad


After boiling young jackfruit, mix it with shrimp, pork side, and cilantro, dust it with crushed peanuts and crispy fried pork skin. Use a part of girdle-cake to scoop the salad up and then have a bite. After then, enjoy the aroma of jackfruit and the crunchy pork skin. 

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Spring roll

ram cuốn cải 1

Use rice papers to roll the fillings including eggs, minced pork and Jew’s ear, then fry it up. It comes along with many side dishes, namely cabbage, cucumber, papaya, sweet & sour carrots, cilantro, and so on. A right roll is the one that can wrap all the ingredients tight enough to keep it not fall out after biting. 

Sucking snails in coconut juice

oc hut xao dua

The snails cooked with fresh coconut juice are savoury and greasy. The dish is rich in spices so you can suck the snail to eat without dipping into any fish sauce. To spice it up, eat the snails with sweet & sour papaya and crunchy copra. 

The aforementioned dishes are all native foods in the region; you can totally savour them anywhere in the city. Deluxe restaurants, normal food stalls and even bustling markets sell those dishes, but one thing is sure that you will never be disappointed. You know what? The budget Hanami hotel is in the diverse food zone, so to please your own belly in the fastest way, why don’t you book a Danang room here?

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