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Explore Top 5 beautiful camping sites in Da Nang

Explore Top beautiful camping sites in Da Nang

Son Tra Peninsula and Hai Van Pass are not only the most beautiful and famous sightseeing but also incredible camping location in Da Nang. If you intend to go camping in Da Nang when traveling in Da Nang, do not miss out on the following guide! 

cắm trại ở hồ Hòa Trung Đà Nẵng

There are 4 very lovely Da Nang camping beaches on Son Tra Peninsula, namely Black Rock beach, But beach, Rang beach, and Ghenh Bang, located approximately 20km away from Da Nang city center. It has the most astonishing sea view and a great camping view. Hai Van Pass is also an ideal destination for the camping of thousands of families and groups of young people.

Top 5 incredibly wonderful camping locations in Da Nang

1.Black Rock beach

cắm trại ở bãi đá đen Đà Nẵng

Black Rock Beach is a Da Nang camping point with the pristine beauty and peaceful part of the Son Tra Peninsula. There, many families and groups of youngsters spend memorable nights. It’s easy to reach out to the Beach. At the end of Yet Kieu street, you will see Tien Sa port. Keep riding to the Golden Sand beach then take a turn and climb up the mountain. Follow the small mountain path to the overnight parking house. Leave your vehicle there and walk for about 500 meters to the Black Rock Beach. 

Right here, you can pitch camp and relax. If you feel hungry, call for your travel companions to go catch some crabs, snails then cook a meal together. Charming and untouched, the Beach offers a photogenic backdrop for your snaps. 

2. Bai But Beach

cắm trại ở bãi Bụt Đà Nẵng

It also belongs to the Son Tra peninsula, But Beach is not too far away from Da Nang city (15km). If you want to come here for camping, traveling by car or motorbike will be the best way to ensure your safety. But beach located right next to Linh Ung pagoda towards the statue of Bodhisattva.

After arriving at But Beach, start pitching a camp. Setting up a camp takes a much longer time than hiring a shelter; however, it’s a good time to have fun with your crew. Forget not to bring along drinks and some fresh food to process outdoor. Surfing, diving, and bathing are also worth trying. 

3. Bai Rang beach – The ideal destination for camping in Danang

cắm trại ở bãi Rạng Đà Nẵng

Bai Rạng beach is an awesome camping site in Da Nang. A spacious camping site amid a peaceful space surrounded by the mountain and the sea on the side creates a magnificent natural spectacle. The place has been voted by many crews of youngsters and families as the most attractive Da Nang entertainment venue.

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It takes 10 minutes from Da Nang city to Rang beach. Besides camping, take time to immerse yourself in the sea, go swimming or play team-building games such as volleyball, beach soccer, and boating to name a few. It’s all great.

Or rent a hut of local people as a place to cook your food and hold a great party with your friends and families. Besides, you can choose a restaurant near Rang beach to enjoy local food before returning to your camp and have some fun.

4.Ghenh Bang – Nice playground and camping spot in Da Nang

địa điểm cắm trại Ghềnh Bàng ở Đà Nẵng

Ghenh Bang is also a great campsite that families or groups of youngsters can’t bypass when traveling to Da Nang. 20km from the Da Nang Center, the serenity and charm of the place is still kept intact. Come to Ghenh Bang, and you will have time to enjoy the sea and take many photos of exotic multi-shaped rocks, take a stroll along the coastline with the golden sand of more than 2 kilometers. Just take a scuba diving in the ocean if you are a good swimmer because there are no diving services companies there, which means there will be no rescuers or modern scuba-diving facilities.

The gorgeous golden sand’s beauty attracts many youths and families to come for camping in Ghenh Bang, Da Nang and enjoying the pristine natural beauty and peaceful life. 

5.Hai Van pass

cắm trại ở đèo Hải Vân Đà Nẵng

Hai Van Pass – the marvelous wonder of Vietnam offers not only an extremely exciting road but also fun and amazing camping sites. It is not too far from Da Nang city center, just about 30-40 minutes by motorbike. There have been many young enthusiasts who have explored the camp here after a spectacular “road trip” on the road segments of Hai van Pass.

From Hai Van Pass, follow a concrete road (this ramp is quite steep, so walking will be safer); walking 2km further, you will see a plot, and the land around the plot is the ideal camping spot. From there, you can see the whole beaches in Da Nang, admire the pristine beauty, the mysteries of Lang Co Bay, and the zigzagging bends of Hai van Pass.

Having coffee on top of Hai Van Pass – A fresh experience when touring in Da Nang

The other campsites in Da Nang

Da Nang has plenty of other camping spots such as Hoa Trung lake and Van village or Skylights, but only in the abovementioned 5 destinations that you can see the most Da Nang’s beaches, enjoy the most stimulating sea games, get the coral diving at the bottom of the sea.

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Moreover, it’s such a waste of time to spend 2 days 1 night for overnight camping in some far places like Skylight, Hoa Trung lake or Van village (these 3 locations are all in Hai Van Pass but it’s hard to find the way there) if your Da Nang tour lasts for 3 days 2 nights . Because it will shorten your time on the stunning seas and tasting Da Nang’s fresh seafood and local cuisines. 

If so, it won’t be a Da Nang tour anymore! Therefore, we – the Hanami beach hotel only introduce to you 5 Da Nang’s camping sites that facilitate your sightseeing and eating. Naturally, if your Da Nang tour schedule is more than a week-long, then you may have enough time to go to Sa Tien Beach, Golden Sand Beach, Van village, Hoa Trung, or Da Nang Skylight!

Which is the best hotel for moving to all camping sites above?

Before going camping in the aforementioned spots that Hanami Hotel Danang lists out, you should book a room that is well-situated for your transportation. Hanami Hotel Danang is not too far from the camping sites. The distance from the hotel to Son Tra Peninsula is only about 10 minutes by motorbike.

Camping in Hai Van Pass probably requires to move slightly farther, which will take about 50 minutes. Hanami is without dispute a perfect choice for those who are planning to pitch camp on Son Tra Peninsula. 

Not only that, the room charge at the Hanami Hotel Da Nang is very affordable, only from nearly 11 bucks per night. All the deluxe rooms are clean, painted with 2 main colours: black and golden. Booking a room at a budget hotel is one of the ways to save up. Hanami is just 5 minutes of walking or travelling by motorbike to the most renowned entertainment venues in Da Nang, such as My Khe Beach, Asian Park, the Dragon Bridge, the Love Bridge, and the Han River Bridge.

Thereby, you can visit these popular tourist destinations once you arrive in Da Nang, then rent a car to go camping at the beautiful Da Nang campsites that we have introduced. What are you waiting for? Book a room at the Hanami Hotel Danang today. 


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