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Review of Furama Resort Da Nang

Furama Resort is a must-see when it comes to luxury and class resorts in Da Nang. This is considered as a vacation paradise because it has Vietnam’s most gorgeous beach, which is surrounded by lush tropical forest. The following article: “Review of Furama Resort Da Nang” by Hanami Hotel Danang will provide you with the most detailed and specific information about this resort location!

An Overview of Furama Resort Da Nang

Review of Furama Resort Da Nang
An Overview of Furama Resort Da Nang

Furama Resort Danang is an icon of Vietnamese tourism. Furama Resort Da Nang, an international 5-star resort paradise, was once honored as the most prestigious resort. Many royals, presidents, worldwide businesses, famous movie stars, etc. have visited here.

Not only that, but Furama Resort Danang has excelled in winning a variety of accolades, including being named the greatest resort in Vietnam and one of the best in Asia.

Furama Resort Da Nang is a 5-star resort located next to the breathtakingly beautiful My Khe beach, hidden under the cool green coconut trees swaying in the wind. The resort includes many high-class rooms and villas with sea views, extremely comfortable private pools.

Coming here, visitors will enjoy the space optimized with tropical forests, bringing tranquility, peace, making it ideal for rest and relaxation. Not only that, visitors also enjoy a classy living space with many modern amenities, explore culinary quintessence, and participate in interesting entertainment activities such as golfing, scuba diving, etc.

Furama Resort Danang uses the design of traditional Champa style combined with classical French architecture to create exquisite and extremely luxurious rooms. Each room has its own identity, is decorated and used with different furniture, but is fully equipped, promising to bring a great vacation.


Phân tích vị trí của Furama Resort Đà Nẵng

Furama Resort Danang is located directly on the famous Vo Nguyen Giap street and in the north of My An, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city. This is regarded as one of the golden sites in the city center.

Furama Resort Danang is only 5.6 kilometers from Da Nang International Airport, making it an excellent choice for both domestic and international visitors. The resort is located closest to 2 stunning beaches: My Khe Beach and Bac My An Beach. Because it is located in the city center, travelers may easily move from the resort to famous attractions such as the Dragon Bridge, Love Lock Bridge, Da Nang Children’s Palace, and so on.

Furama Resort Danang is not only located in a prime location, making it easy for visitors to explore the beauty and life of the people of Danang city. This is also a place where the intersection plays a very important role, which is the gateway position to help facilitate visitors to easily admire and visit 3 famous world cultural heritage sites in the Central region.

From Furama Resort Danang, visitors take about 30 minutes to drive to be able to see the ancient and beautiful of Hoi An ancient town. It takes about 90 minutes to drive in the southwest direction to learn about the mysterious beauty of My Son Sanctuary. The third great name that from Furama Resort Da Nang, visitors can easily move to visit is the Imperial City of Hue. This is a historical relic that demonstrates a glorious period of the Nguyen Dynasty.

By staying at Furama Resort Danang, visitors can not only experience the bustling space of Da Nang city, but also see the cultural and historical charms of Vietnam.

The resort system of Furama Resort Da Nang

Furama Resort Danang clearly shows that it is a resort worthy of 5-star service, with a room system that is the intersection between tradition and modernity.

Furama Resort Danang uses a unique design with a harmonious combination between the sophistication of traditional Vietnamese architecture with the modernity of European architecture during the French colonial period. The resort owns an extremely large and diverse system of rooms and villas with 196 luxurious rooms and 70 elegant villas.

Although it was built a long time ago, the resort still ensures the quality and luxury. All rooms are fully equipped with top modern equipment. In addition, the rooms have a private balcony so that visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea and green trees.

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Sea View Suite

Phòng Suite hướng biển

This room class has an area of ​​about 80.5 square meters, so both the play and rest spaces are spacious and comfortable. The suite room is designed with a mixture of classic and modern elements, with wooden floors and antique wooden tables and chairs.

The room is furnished in exquisite and delicate beige tones, giving visitors a sense of warmth and closeness. The room has a king-size single bed, making it ideal for a family, a group of friends, or a couple. Moreover, the room also has a fantastic sea view.

Studio Suite Room

Phòng Studio Suite

With 40 square meters and a balcony of 11.3 square meters, the Studio Suite room is smaller than the Suite room. The room is similarly designed in gentle beige tones with wooden furnishings to provide the impression of warmth and a throwback to life in the 1970s.

The room’s décor is all based on Champa culture and colors. The room has a large bed and a spacious balcony where guests may rest while admiring the wonderful scenery.

Deluxe Room

Phòng Deluxe

The Deluxe room class here is loved and chosen by many visitors due to its oriental style. The layout of the room provides visitors with a sense of familiarity and fancy while still being extremely delicate and luxurious.

With an area of ​​43.7 square meters along with a spacious balcony, guests will be able to enjoy the full view of the mellow lake or the deep blue sea, depending on their preference. The large bathroom will provide visitors with relaxation and great enjoyment.

Besides, the room is also equipped with a set of furniture, including a sofa, an armchair,…  This will be an extremely suitable choice for visitors to entertain friends or relax with loved ones.

Superior Room

Phòng Superior

With this room type, guests can choose by themselves a single room or a double room depending on their needs. With a room area of more than 40 square meters, along with a balcony area up to 11 square meters will bring the most spacious and comfortable resort space for visitors.

The balcony area will be a very suitable place for guests to enjoy the panoramic view of the swimming pool and the beautiful green tropical garden. The room is meticulously decorated, cared for with modern and elegant furniture, combined with spacious space to give visitors the best experience.

President Suite Room

Phòng President Suite

This is Furama Resort Danang’s most luxurious and high-class room. When visitors enter the hotel, they will feel the aristocratic, elegant, and royal style of the resort’s decoration and furniture.

The room has an area of up to 130 square meters and the balcony area is 36 square meters very spacious. All the designs and decorations in the room have carvings with a hint of Hue royal architecture. From the spacious balcony, visitors will enjoy a panoramic view of the famous and beautiful Bac My An beach.

System of resort villas at Furama Resort Danang

Besides the system of luxurious and modern rooms, Furama Resort Danang also owns a system of relaxing villas with separate swimming pools. Review Furama Resort Danang believes that this is a great choice for travelers looking for a quiet, comfortable and absolute privacy.

Sea View Villa

Biệt thự hướng biển

It consists of villas with beautiful beach views. The villa area is built right on the beach with an area of ​​up to 900 square meters. Use Asian architecture and choose a good feng shui direction. The villa area has two floors, a huge private swimming pool with green lawn surrounding.

This is a great area to not only rest and unwind, but also to host small private gatherings with family and friends.

Garden View Villa

Biệt thự hướng vườn

The garden-view villas, unlike the sea-view villas, are organized in a distinctive spiral. Each villa features typical contemporary architecture. With a total size of 320 square meters, two storeys, two separate bedrooms on the second floor, and one bedroom in the attic.

The bedrooms are decorated in a simple but extremely delicate way, helping to catch all the light during the day but still ensure privacy when the night falls. The first floor of the villa area is the kitchen and living room space with the most modern and luxurious furniture and equipment. Around the villa area is a relaxing space with a spacious private swimming pool and a green garden, extremely suitable for strolling and chatting with friends or your beloved one.

Furama Resort Danang – Exquisite Culinary Resort

Furama Resort Danang is known as a culinary resort with a unique culinary combination between the taste of traditional Vietnamese dishes and the flavors of Asian, European and Italian dishes.

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Cafe Indochine

Cafe Indochine

This is an area that specializes in serving international and Asian dishes. The most prominent is the “Seafood Market Dinner” with a taste that can touch the hearts of all visitors. Here, guests will be served barbecue and seafood in a very unique open kitchen space.

Guests will be able to choose their own fresh seafood on the spot as well as their favorite processing methods. At the resort, there will be culinary experts who give advice as well as suggestions for processing to get the most attractive and delicious dishes.

Don Cipriani’s Restaurant

Nhà hàng Don Cipriani’s

Don Cipriani’s restaurant is ideal for visitors who want to immerse themselves in the the space of poetic Italy. Because, this restaurant area is designed and decorated in Italian style. Therefore, the restaurant also specializes in serving Italian dishes. All ingredients are carefully selected and checked by the chef, leading to absolute trust and satisfaction for customers.

Danaksara Restaurant

Nhà hàng Danaksara

This will be a place for visitors to enjoy the specialties of Central Vietnam. The dishes served here are familiar, although they are processed in a creative and novel way, they still retain the inherent traditional flavor of traditional cuisine.

Visitors would never forget the emotional flavor of the food here after only one taste of these delicacies at Don Cipriani’s Restaurant.

Hai Van Lounge

Hải Vân Lounge

Hai Van Lounge promises to be a place to bring visitors a sophisticated, elegant space, extremely suitable for intimate conversation. Besides the luxurious afternoon tea, this is also a place to serve visitors with unique and creative cocktails, while listening to relaxing Jazz music.

Hai Van Lounge owns a spacious and airy courtyard space, helping to bring guests the most wonderful relaxing moments. The restaurant is open from 8am to 2am the next day, so visitors can visit the restaurant at any time of the day.

Ocean Terrace Bar

Ocean Terrace Bar

The Ocean Terrace Bar is constantly open to provide customers’ relaxing moments at night. Guests can easily enjoy the unique and skillfully prepared beverages from the finest wines in a totally different atmosphere at Ocean Terrace Bar, which has a spacious space that can accommodate up to 60 people.

Excellent Utility Services at Furama Resort Danang

In addition to the luxurious and modern relaxation and resort spaces, Hanami Hotel Danang also wants to introduce to visitors the outstanding utility services provided by the resort.

Spa Treatments

Dịch vụ Spa

Many visitors consider this to be one of their favorite services when they visit Furama Resort Danang. The beautiful spa room is surrounded by nature, trees, and a little wooden path leading to the sea.

Guests will get foot massages, body treatments, facials, scrubs, and a variety of other beauty packages. All will be served by the professional and enthusiastic spa staff.

Golf course

Sân golf

The Montgomerie Links 18-hole golf course is ideal for these gentlemen and ladies who appreciate luxury and modernism. The golf course is created with one side facing the sea and the other facing the mountain, promising to bring visitors the best experience.

Children’s playground

Khu vui chơi trẻ em

There are many games set up for children to enjoy. This childcare service, in particular, allows parents to have private time to rest and unwind together.

Other entertainment services

Các dịch vụ vui chơi giải trí khác

Furama Resort Danang is known as the home of the leading scuba diving service in Da Nang with a diving center operated by highly qualified PADI instructors. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in various types of snorkeling, fishing, swimming and admiring the beautiful coral reefs..

In addition, Furama Resort Da Nang also counts for visitors other sports tourism experiences such as kayaking, windsurfing, paragliding, water cycling,… Besides, visitors also can participate in cooking lessons led by the resort’s chefs.

Conference & Meeting Room

Phòng hội nghị, sự kiện

Furama Resort Danang is also a famous place for its international conference and event services. The International Convention Palace has a conference room that can accommodate up to 1000 guests and more than 10 function rooms with a capacity of 50 to 300 guests.

All equipment is using the most modern and luxurious equipment with an extremely good soundproofing system. More specifically, the outdoor event space of Furama Resort Danang is also a highlight. With its space and beach setting, Lagoon Lake in the middle of the tropical forest is an ideal location for weddings, meetings, or team-building activities…

Hopefully, the information provided by Hanami Hotel Danang in the article above will help you understand more about this resort and make the best choice for your trip!

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