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Me Village Campsite in Da Nang – The Ideal Location for Nature Immersion

Tourists nowadays, both domestic and foreign, believe that Da Nang is the location of high-class dining places, sophisticated metropolitan districts, and so on, but few people know about Me Village Campsite in Da Nang, which is an excellent option if you enjoy resort tourism that is close to nature without having to go too far. Follow Hanami Hotel Danang‘s article to discover whether there’s anything here that makes people want to visit here as soon as they know about it!

Lost in the ephemeral nature of Me Village Campsite in Da Nang

Maybe you’re sick of going to the same site in Hoa Bac over and over again, usually Yen Retreat, one of the hot spots in recent years, and you’re looking for a new place to explore. If you want to see more of the natural beauty of Hoa Bac, Hanami will introduce you to Me Village Campsite in Da Nang, which will be an ideal destination for you and your loved ones to “escape” from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy a range of interesting activities at the Me Village Campsite, situated on the outskirts of Da Nang.

Me Village Campsite in Da Nang - The Ideal Location for Nature Immersion
An ideal destination for you and your loved ones to “escape” from the hustle and bustle of the city

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of life in the busy city, Me Village Campsite in Da Nang is a good choice if you like a leisurely travel style in the middle of nature that allows you to be close to nature without having to travel too far. Me Village has a very clear and peaceful atmosphere and is surrounded by poetic and majestic mountains. It is the advantage of nature and geographical location that create the ideal conditions for you and your family to have enjoyable weekend relaxation moments.

Visiting Me Village Campsite in Da Nang, you will feel like you are lost in a fairyland with green space, fresh air, and tranquility. Let’s explore this magical land with Hanami through the information in the following article!

Me Village Campsite – Nam Yen Hamlet, Hoa Bac Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City

If you want to “escape” from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a range of interesting activities, Me Village Campsite is an ideal destination.

  • Address: Nam Yen Hamlet, Hoa Bac Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City.

Me Village Campsite is located in Nam Yen Village, Hoa Bac Commune, Da Nang, near the Cu De River. The brand new Me Village Campsite, more than 30 km from the city center, is expected to be a very popular place. According to the instructions of Google Maps, you keep going straight until you meet Nguyen Tat Thanh towards Nam O, turn into Ngo Xuan Thu street, and then go straight to Hoa Bac commune.

Làng mê Đà Nẵng
Me Village Campsite in Da Nang

Although Me Village Campsite in Da Nang is a popular tourist location, the emphasis here will be on nature rather than aesthetics in order to provide tourists with a truly serene experience. This place provides a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere because it is surrounded by stunning and attractive mountain scenery. Me Village Campsite in Da Nang is the place to go if you and your loved ones want to enjoy an exciting weekend.

How to get to the Me Village Campsite in Da Nang?

From My Khe Beach, Me Village is about 34 – 37 km from the city center, the travel time is about 60 – 90 minutes, depending on the type of vehicle. You can use a motorbike, rent a car to carry out the activities. 

Làng mê Đà Nẵng
Activities at Me Village Campsite in Da Nang

To get there, the best route is to take Nguyen Tat Thanh and DT601 along the Cu De River. You can only see Me Village Campsite from the highway if you follow the La Son – Tuy Loan route, so you should follow the DT601 route.

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What’s interesting about the Me Campsite?

Me Village Campsite is a combination of three concepts (restaurant, cafe, and camping) to provide a more diverse consumer experience. In addition to coffee, the rustic eatery is ready to impress diners. Signature dishes and sweets inspired by local specialties are the main draws here. The weather gradually warms up, becoming sunny but not too hot, beginning at the end of March, making it ideal for couples, families, and groups of friends to organize a wild nature discovery trip together. Set aside a busy work week and visit Me Village Campsite in Da Nang with your loved ones right now!

Làng mê Đà Nẵng
Cafe in Me Village specializes in serving clean, safe, and hygienic coffees.

In addition to verdant trees, Me Village Campsite in Da Nang also has a panoramic view of mountains and rivers, creating perfect tranquility, in addition to:

  • Delicious local dishes include Vietnamese raw fish salad, Vietnamese bamboo shoot salad, chicken rice, stream fish, mixed jackfruit,…
  • Nice, cool little cafe to sit with friends to sip a cup of coffee and watch the kids play.
  • If you stay in the evening, sip a cocktail while grilling meat, roasting corn, and roasting potatoes under the cool sky.
  • If you go to the bean garden and vegetable market behind the village, you can actively contact to buy clean agricultural products from Hoa Bac to bring back as a gift.
  • A modest European area in the heart of Da Nang city with recognizable images such as windmills, a tranquil place by the picturesque river in the early morning creates the feeling of being in an European town.
Làng Mê Đà Nẵng
Me Village Campsite in Da Nang
  • Me Village Campsite in Danang also has a number of white Mongolian-style huts that are completely furnished with appropriate facilities to accommodate tourists’ accommodation needs. This location also provides magnificent river excursions, SUP boating, spring bathing, and other activities. All of these are one-of-a-kind and exciting events that you should not miss.
  • The picturesque Cu De River flows through Me Village. The campsite is surrounded by massive mountains and luscious sugarcane fields. All have contributed to nature’s beauty. It’s wild and highly appealing, like a watercolor picture.
Làng Mê Đà Nẵng
Stunning view at Me Village Campsite in Da Nang

Other exciting things await visitors on their journey to Me Village. Campfire, cultural exchange, teambuilding, fishing… are all excellent activities. Me Village Campsite in Da Nang, in particular, provides an inflatable boat service for visitors to enjoy the landscape on the Cu De River.

Làng Mê Đà Nẵng
Sunset is the best time to take pictures in this fairyland
  • Me Village Campsite in Da Nang also has some interesting miniatures built in strategic areas. You can take pictures of the natural scenery of the mountains as well as the attractive Cu De riverside area from here. Many visitors to Me Village continue to pose for stunning photos. A little reminder that you should shoot in the afternoon, around sunset, and that yellow and white tones will work well for this scenario.

Price list

Visitors who intend to visit and explore Me Village Campsite in Da Nang can refer to the service fee in advance:

  • If going during the day, the price is 100,000 VND/person (including drinking water).
  • If you want to camp overnight, the cost is 500,000 VND/person including entrance ticket, 1 drink, breakfast, 1 BBQ meal, campfire and sleeping tent.

Camp and organize an outdoor BBQ at Me Village Campsite


There are also many white huts in Mongolian design at Me Village Campsite in Da Nang. The interior is beautifully furnished with cozy amenities to support your stay. During the vacation, you can take part in a variety of exciting activities such as musical performances, campfires, group games, fishing, BBQ, and more. Furthermore, this location offers a variety of intriguing and interesting activities, such as sightseeing tours along the Cu De River, riverboat rides, SUP boating, and stream bathing.

Làng Mê Đà Nẵng
Me Village – a destination that attracts so many young people

Furthermore, Me Village Campsite in Da Nang has a number of stunning landscapes built at strategic positions from which to view the surrounding natural scenery of mountains, forests, and rivers. Visitors can experience a virtual fire machine here. 

Organize outdoor BBQ

The space of Me Village Campsite has an area of 1000 m2, which is perfectly suitable for both camping and cafe and restaurant needs, with the purpose of providing picnic visitors with various fascinating travel experiences. This restaurant’s cuisine is made according to the preferences of each diner and includes a variety of regional delicacies. A popular local cuisine is wild vegetables cooked with snails.

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This campground’s cafe also has a broad menu with desserts like strawberry mousse and corn mousse, as well as shaved ice, rose lychee oolong tea, fragrant sugarcane juice…

Làng Mê Đà Nẵng
The fresh food here

You can enjoy many delicious hometown dishes made from regional ingredients and match the preferences of diners at Me Village after a long day of fun. In Me Village, spring rock snails and wild vegetables are the most famous dishes, the special attractive flavor of this dish will surely make anyone who enjoys it even once, will remember it forever.

Some tips when traveling to Me Village Campsite in Da Nang

Please prepare the following items to enjoy your trip to Da Nang to the fullest and have good memories of Me Village Campsite in Da Nang:

  • Bring your own necessities.
  • Make sure you have adequate food for the journey.
  • Prepare common medicines.
  • Follow the weather forecast to avoid going on a bad weather day.
  • Contacting reservations in advance
  • Prepare basic medical supplies to prepare for emergencies.
  • Jackets and clothes for stunning photoshoots
  • Cameras and phones are dispensable for taking photos.

Customer Feedback

Experience at Me Hoa Bac Village of a customer named Helen

” True to the name, as soon as she arrived, Helen was fascinated forever. What makes Helen miss the most is the charming and poetic landscape. The green mountains, the clear river water have created a perfect whole that holds Helen’s mind in an impressive way. There are long rows of wooden tables and chairs for visitors to enjoy sitting and enjoying the view. For Helen, sitting blankly on that row with a cup of tea and occasionally speaking to her family in Me Village with a few words is a genuinely unique experience. Photographers should not overlook this really popular check-in location. Me village has designed some interesting miniatures set up in prime locations to capture the natural scenery of mountains and forests and the Cu De riverside area to ensure you have stunning pictures.”

Làng Mê Đà Nẵng
Me Village Campsite in Da Nang

There are food services and restaurants at Me Village, but Helen’s family mainly walks and drinks coffee. However, according to Helen, the restaurant at Me Village attracts visitors in particular with rustic cuisine with local colors that are made to meet the different needs of diners. If you come here, try the dishes at least once.

Me Village, in particular, is a suitable and useful environment for children. Children will be able to run, jump, and play in a large space surrounded by heaven and earth, as well as lush mountains and forests. Helen enjoys traveling to such lovely green places with my children. This is also a method for youngsters to entirely keep their early memories. Families with small kids should save this location; perhaps the children will love it and want to come back next time.” 

Làng Mê Đà Nẵng
There are also fun activities for the little ones

Contact Information

  • Fanpage: 
  • Hotline: 079 568 6566

Me Village Campsite located in the suburbs of Da Nang promises to become a famous and romantic picnic spot for you and your loved ones to “run away” from the noise and dust in the city and experience many activities. Interesting entertainment activities associated with nature.

Although newly appearing, Me Village Campsite has become an ideal destination in the suburbs of Da Nang. Hanami firmly believes that this will be a hot spot not only in Da Nang but also, later it will be famous throughout Vietnam in particular and the rest of the world. Visit Me Village Campsite in Da Nang to experience nature firsthand and have fun!

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