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Ghenh Bang in Da Nang is a favorite place for backpackers. Because you can enjoy the beautiful beauty of nature here while playing as much as you like. Let’s find out the interesting features of Ghenh Bang Da Nang with Hanami Danang Hotel now!


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It is about 20 km from Da Nang city center, so you should book a room at the Hanami Hotel located on the coast which makes your trip more convenient. The surroundings, which are on the Son Tra Peninsula, have a wild and strange charm. It is a peaceful place for those who want to unwind after a long working time.

The Son Tra Peninsula is home to a variety of fascinating tourist attractions surrounded by nature while still being modern and comfortable. Along with Ghenh Bang, you may also visit other locations like such as Linh Ung Pagoda, the thousand-year-old banyan tree, Ban Co Peak, and so on.

How to go to Ghenh Bang Da Nang 

Despite being one of the tourist attractions, getting it is difficult due to the lack of facility investment at the moment. The way to Ghenh Bang must pass through the steep road leading down to the rapids. To get to Son Tra, you must first travel through the city center, then Vo Nguyen Giap and Hoang Sa streets. This could be considered the city’s most picturesque street. Running through InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, you will see a small sign stating the entrance to Ghenh Bang. You can ask local people if you don’t see it.

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Visitors can park their vehicles here and then walk more than a kilometer along forest paths with numerous steep slopes, numerous boulders, and luxuriant trees. You should go slowly and carefully, clinging to the trees to make it easier to go down. When you cross this street, Ghenh Bang, a landscape with a lovely ocean shore that will relieve all your fatigue, appears in front of your eyes.

The natural environment is unspoiled and breathtakingly gorgeous

Nature favorably bestows Ghenh Bang Da Nang with lengthy rocky beaches that stretch for nearly 2 kilometers along the coast. Sunlight shines in the sunset making the scene more beautiful. Scattered tents, tarpaulins, and the appearances of fishermen also contribute to the wildness of Ghenh Bang.

The reason Ghenh Bang is an interesting destination for backpackers is. Because the unique feature here is that the beauty has been preserved almost all. But for people who like to explore, finding and enjoying the original beauty of the landscape is the most interesting.

What should you do in Ghenh Bang?


Go on a picnic

Camping at night is exciting, besides outdoor activities like swimming, snorkeling, or fishing during the day. Setting up your camp in Ghenh Bang with friends will undoubtedly be a lot of fun. You can express emotions, and spend time together by the sputtering campfire.


The beach is fairly untamed and undeveloped, making it the ideal location for camping and admiring this breathtaking nature. It is a great chance for a family reunion by spending time with your beloved ones while camping in a peaceful area, grilling meat, singing, and taking in the vast ocean.

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Go fishing

Fishing is an interesting activity if you like to unwind in your mind instead of immersing yourself in the water. This activity requires your patience and strong attention. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch some fish to cook for dinner with your friends and family.

Swimming, Diving in Ghenh Bang 

Diving to see corals is another attractive activity in Ghenh Bang Da Nang. This area is characterized by a cluster of corals that grow a lot, with many shapes and colors that make visitors fall in love. Thanks to the beach, which brings together a number of elements for a stunning coral reef diving location: clear, pure water, an appropriate depth, and safety. You just need to rent diving goggles from locals and you can start your ocean exploration journey.


There are a variety of other sites in Da Nang that are waiting for you to discover. Hanami Hotel Danang hopes that the above information can be helpful to you! See you in the next post!

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