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Tour of Ly Son Island – The Paradise Of Backpackers

Compared to a fairytale island, Ly Son in Quang Ngai province has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. Its beautiful landscape and numerous historical and cultural relic sites asserting Vietnam’s maritime sovereignty attract plenty of visitors. Ly Son Island is quite simply like heaven on a blue ocean for backpackers with its crystal clear waters full of reef wildlife, white sandy beaches, plush green garlic fields and spectacular volcano scenery. Follow Hanami’s article “Tour of Ly Son Island – The Paradise Of Backpackers” to find out more!

Tour of Ly Son Island 2 days 1 night

Tour of Ly Son Island - The Paradise Of Backpackers
Tour of Ly Son Island – The Paradise Of Backpackers

Ly Son’s itinerary 2 days and 1 night are promised to give tourists the chance to take in all the breathtaking sights of Ly Son, from the clear and tranquil sea to numerous unusual and fascinating locations, and will culminate in a meal filled with plenty of fresh seafood. Let’s learn more about the specifics with Hanami’s article below so that you may get to know better!


Tour Lý Sơn
Ly Son Island

4:30: You will be picked up by the driver and tour guide right in Da Nang city; you can make an appointment in advance to pick-up points for greater convenience in moving; you will depart for the Ly Son tour 2 days 1 night.

7:30: Arrive at Sa Ky port in Quang Ngai and have breakfast. After that, visitors must wait for the tour guide to purchase a ticket to board a speedboat to move to Ly Son Island, and then depart for Ly Son Island.

8:30: HDV arranges luggage and directs visitors to their hotel room. After checking in, proceed to set up the furniture and rest. Ly Son Tour Group will begin visitors’ sights with the most famous destinations here:

  • Duc Pagoda: This is the first place you will visit when you arrive in Ly Son, and it houses a 25-meter-tall statue of Quan Yin. With such peaceful beauty overlooking the sea, your mind will be calmed, and you will have enough energy for your next departure.
  • To Vo Archway: This is a well-known location formed by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago, with a rich historical significance that awaits you when you visit.

    Tour Lý Sơn
    Check-in attractions on the island

12h00: After your sightseeing tour, you will return to the hotel for lunch and rest. The lunch menu on the Ly Son tour includes fresh seafood dishes like squid, shrimp, and oysters. You should rest in order to recover for the upcoming afternoon tour.

14h00: In the afternoon, you continue to visit most of the remaining tourist attractions on the island, including:

  • The national flagpole: The flagpole atop Thoi Loi not only has a human meaning, but it is also regarded as an important milestone in establishing Vietnam’s sovereignty over the sea and islands.
  • Thoi Loi Peak: The highest mountain peak on Ly Son Island, with a height of up to 149m, this location contains a fresh natural lake and is ideal for those who enjoy peace and harmony with nature.
  • Hoang Sa and Bac Hai Fleet Gallery: Built in 2010, it is historic because it houses more than 100 artifacts from Hoang Sa soldiers as well as maps and documents proving the Hoang Sa archipelago.
  • Cave Pagoda: A unique feature of the temple is that it is located in the largest cave in the Ly Son cave system. This is a place to honor Buddha and the ancestors who helped with the island’s reclamation and construction.
  • Cau Cave: Awe-inspiring natural beauty created by the constant impact of wind and sea waves over thousands of years, causing erosion and carving into lava cliffs. This location is drawn to tourists by its wild and rustic scenery, but it is also very poetic and charming.

16h30: At this time, visitors can swim and enjoy the stunning scene of the sunset on Ly Son island, as well as take photos and check-in at To Vo Archway, the best sunset viewing location on the island.

Tour Lý Sơn
Enjoy the stunning scene of the sunset on Ly Son Island

17h30: Return to the hotel for a shower and rest, followed by dinner and free exploration of Ly Son Island at night. You can organize a beachside BBQ party, participate in a campfire program, team building, etc., but keep in mind that the cost is self-sufficient!


6h00: Have breakfast in Ly Son with famous specialties like porridge or vermicelli with fish/cake soup with fish.

7:00: Departure by canoe for An Binh Island. You will arrive at An Binh Island after 7 minutes of travel, one of the pristine islands with natural beauty and clear beaches.

7:30: Board the tram to explore and admire the beauty of An Binh Island. Then go to the beach to swim freely and see the coral from a basket boat.

Tour Lý Sơn
Ly Son Island

10:00: The group boards a canoe to return to Ly Son Island for lunch. Proceed to hotel check-out procedures, then relax.

12:30: Board the train for the journey to the mainland.

The delegation arrived at the Sa Ky port at 14:00. End of Ly Son 2 Days 1 Night Tour with a plethora of experiences.

Some tips when booking the Ly Son Tour 2 days 1 night

Tour Lý Sơn
Some tips when booking the Ly Son Tour 2 days 1 night

Despite the fact that Ly Son is a very well-liked tourist site nowadays, travelers should be aware of the following factors to ensure they have the most enjoyable experience possible:

  • Although if the island’s climate is cool, the sun still has a lot of negative effects, so carry additional hats, umbrellas, coats, and sunscreen.
  • There will undoubtedly be swimming and basket boat rowing to observe corals on the Ly Son excursion. You should pack a swimsuit and swimming goggles so you may experience these thrilling activities!
  • Don’t forget to bring your phone and camera with a fully charged battery if you want to make sure you don’t miss a single moment on this stunning island. Bring a waterproof bag to safeguard your phone since the majority of the view is underwater.
  • In particular, carry only a few essential items to prevent being lost.

A visit to this natural pearl island of temples, sleeping volcanoes, and fragrant fresh garlic and onions is truly unforgettable. Above are the details of Ly Son tour, and interesting places visitors can visit when coming to this beautiful island. Stay tuned for more updates!


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