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Discovering Streams in Da Nang: Amazing Wild Beauty From Nature

Vietnam has long been regarded as one of Asia’s most appealing tourist destinations. Danang, as a central city in Vietnam, is not only renowned for its stunning beaches, but also for its breathtaking landscapes. If you want to discover new places, the sublime beauty of Danang streams will be the best option. Follow Hanami Hotel Danang‘s article: “Discovering Streams in Da Nang: Amazing Wild Beauty From Nature,” to find out more!

Discovering Streams in Da Nang: Amazing Wild Beauty From Nature

Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

Gieng Troi (The Well of God) is the best place for trekkers in Danang to challenge their strength. This natural landscape is hidden deep inside the forest. To conquer the wild beauty of this place, you must travel on foot through a bumpy road of 10 km.

Discovering Streams in Da Nang: Amazing Wild Beauty From Nature
Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

Because of its convenient location near the mountain’s peak and surrounded by greenery, as well as a high waterfall, the space here is always cool and pure all year round. Around Gieng Troi is covered with a green color of forest trees, especially banana trees, bringing a cool atmosphere even in summer. Unlike other famous attractions, this place still retains its wild and mysterious beauty. Despite Gieng Troi impressing with wide and deep streams, there are still some shallow stretches that are suitable for those tourists who do not know how to swim to wade through.

Gieng Troi 03 1
Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

Coming to Gieng Troi, you can immerse yourself in nature, stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and have wonderful experiences.

  • Address: Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, West of the city.

Suoi Hoa (Flower Stream)

For people who enjoy poetic beauty, Suoi Hoa (Flower Stream), one of Danang’s most famous streams, is the perfect place to visit. Like its name implies, this stream offers a floral ecology with a lot of diversity. This place has a constant cover of flowers in a variety of colors, giving it a distinct attractiveness throughout the year.

suoi hoa 01 1
Suoi Hoa (Flower Stream)

This attraction has a highly poetic natural landscape thanks to the vibrant flower beds that are blossoming alongside the flowing creek. Visitors experience complete relaxation because of the stunning natural surroundings and the cool air. Don’t miss this magnificent natural destination if you’re seeking for a quiet, tranquil place to unwind and relieve stress.

suoi hoa 02 1
Suoi Hoa (Flower Stream)
  • Address: QL14G, Hoa Phu, Hoa Vang, Da Nang

Suoi Mo (Mo Stream)

Lying at the foot of Ba Na Mountain, Suoi Mo (Mo Stream) is one of the Danang streams that is worth visiting. The only way to get to Suoi Mo is a narrow path that leads to the main swimming area, which widens but also keeps the untouched beauty of the old days with the dark and rugged pebbles along the trail.

suoi mo da nang 03 1628670525 1
Suoi Mo (Mo Stream)

The sound of the waterfall cascading from above crept into the nooks and crannies of the rocks, like a fairy letting loose her long hair in the wild mountains. In contrast to other ecological zones, the rocks in the Mo stream are only dark in color and have rough and rudimentary shapes. The seemingly inanimate rocks provide visitors with a peaceful feeling.

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suoi mo da nang 01 1628670358 1
Suoi Mo (Mo Stream)

Coming here, visitors will be immersed in nature, find a place to dip into the water, and enjoy the sounds of nature.

  • Address: Foot of Ba Na Mountain, Hoa Ninh, Hoa Vang, Da Nang

Ngam Doi

Many visitors to Danang consider Ngam Doi to be a must-see location among the streams in Danang. At Ngam Doi, the pristine mountain forest, crisp air, and clear streams all coexist in perfect harmony. The unspoiled beauty of this hilly area is created by the large rocks of varied shapes that line the river.

ngam doi 9 1637460522 1
Ngam Doi

Da Ngam Stream is a nice site for playing and making picnics on hot summer days. A harmonious natural population has produced a lyrical, wild, and intriguing beauty in this location. The colorful flowers of the woodland and the calming natural environment adorn the green mountains. Da Ngam Stream, in contrast to many other areas, is made up of rocks beneath constantly rushing waterfalls.

ngam doi 4 1637460003 1
Ngam Doi

You can explore the local cuisine or have a party in the small hut next to the stream after soaking in the chilly blue water and taking in the lyrical surroundings.

  • Address: Phuc Tuc, Hoa Vang, Danang

Hoa Phu Thanh Waterfall

Hoa Phu Thanh waterfall is an ideal place to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This place is a natural complex of various Danang streams and lakes flowing over a length of over 3 km, winding through the vast forests.

truot thac hoa phu thanh da nang5 1
Hoa Phu Thanh Waterfall

You cannot miss water sliding at Hoa Phu Thanh waterfall because it is one of the most fun activities there. It is a quick but unforgettable experience for adventure seekers to sit in a pontoon boat and slide between the little cliffs at a high rate of speed.

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Hoa Phu Thanh Waterfall

After arriving at the river, you can choose to challenge your endurance with rowers or relax and enjoy the mountain scenery as the boat flows along the river. However, there is one thing you should be aware of before you start the game. You must listen to the staff and wear protective equipment such as a helmet and swimwear. And do not bring valuable belongings with you in case you will lose them during the game.

  • Address: Hoa Phu, Hoa Vang, Da Nang

Suoi Luong (Luong Stream)

Suoi Luong has long been known as one of the springs in Da Nang with a very peaceful beauty. The stream is located at the foot of Hai Van Pass. This place is the right address for those who like a peaceful, gentle space, with the sound of birds singing and murmuring streams. Currently, this is a favorite destination for many tourists.

Khu du lich suoi luong da nang mytour 9 1
Suoi Luong (Luong Stream)

Luong Stream fully converges the cultural characteristics of the different Vietnamese regions with many outstanding and unique architectural works, such as the entrance gate’s features of the Lac bird and one hundred eggs of Mother Au Co (the legend of the 100 babies birthed by Mother Au Co), a Vietnamese space symbolized by ancient Vietnamese houses and ethnic minority houses (Dao, Tay, Cotu, Cham, etc.) and Champa Towers.

R 1
Suoi Luong (Luong Stream)

Visiting the stream, visitors will have a chance to enjoy its particular features with peaceful sightseeing, a pure atmosphere, and a cool stream along large and beautiful rocks, as well as to immerse in the diverse cultural space of central Vietnam in the old days. The spot also is an ideal space for camping, playing folk games and mountain climbing…

  • Address: Hai Van Pass, Hoa Hiep Bac, Da Nang
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5 Tips to Stay Safe Around Lakes and Streams

1. Wear a personal floatation device

paddleboard water safety tips dry bag via magazine shutterstock 1445191607
Wear a personal floatation device

Regardless of how experienced you are around water, a personal flotation device (PFD) is essential when you’re paddling, rafting, boating, or wading into water above your knees. 

It’s especially important to have a PFD around rivers, which can appear calm but have fast-moving currents underneath their surfaces. If you’re swept off your feet, a PFD can prevent you from being pulled under or bring you back to the surface so you can swim to safety.

PFDs come in different styles. Some are full-zip vests, while others only wrap around your neck. Make sure the straps are snug enough that you or your child won’t slip out. You can rent, borrow, or buy PFDs.

2. Bring the right gear and clothing

water safety basics flyfishing via magazine shutterstock 1846706887.jpg
Bring the right gear and clothing

In addition to bringing PFDs for everyone in your group, there are a few extra items that will keep you protected from the sun and water:

  • Sunscreen;
  • Hat to cover your face, neck, and ears;
  • UPF clothing for extra coverage that doesn’t wash off or become less effective in the water;
  • Closed-toed water shoes to provide traction and protect your feet from rough lake and river beds;
  • Towels and dry clothes for warming up after;
  • A drybag for keeping your items from getting wet.

3. Take lessons and learn water rescue skills

To further your water knowledge, experts recommend taking specialized lessons. That could be as simple as brushing up on your swimming skills and taking an intro to paddling class, or as involved as signing up for a multi-day certification course in paddling or rafting. 

boating water safety basics inner tubing via magazine aaa shutterstock 400863919
Take lessons and learn water rescue skills 

Some classes will teach you more about water safety basics as well as the different water features and how they function. 

4. Go with a guide or an experienced friend

If you’re not comfortable going out on your own, consider hiring a guide or recruiting a more experienced friend to take you and your family out on the water. They can help you feel more confident and safe, whether you’re swimming in a lake or tubing down a stream.

water safety basics rafting colorado river aaa via magazine
Go with a guide or an experienced friend

Rafting, paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, and canoeing are a few water activities that can be led by certified guides through outfitters. These guides are trained to take all skill levels out on the water in a variety of conditions, from gentle flatwater to Class V whitewater rapids.

5. Always balance fun with risk

Being in and around water can be a wonderful way to spend time with your family, but only if you understand the risks involved. Drinking alcohol, refusing to wear a PFD, not keeping an eye on your kids, or going to an area beyond your skill level are all hazards and should be avoided. Prevent drownings and injuries by behaving with caution. The biggest thing is to always err on the side of extra safety.

If you plan on a leisure journey to Danang, take your time with those six amazing spots. We hope that our recommendation can fulfill your trip itinerary.

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