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French Village Ba Na Hills – a miniature Europe in the heart of Da Nang

The French Village Ba Na Hills is a miniature of Europe in the heart of Da Nang—an ancient French village with Gothic architecture. Characteristic, covered with white clouds, mountains at the foot, and far away is the beach and poetic scenery which is a beautiful location.

Visitors to French Village appear to have wandered into a surreal “dreamlike” realm in Ba Na Hills. From there, every guest that comes here will always have their own feelings. Let’s go exploring these stunning architectural marvels with Hanami Hotel Danang!

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Where is Ba Na Hills?

Bà Nà Hill Station (or Bà Nà Hills or Sun World Ba Na Hills) is a hill station and resort in central Vietnam, located in the Trng Sn Mountains west of Da Nang. The station, dubbed “the Da Lat of Danang province” by local tourism officials, was established in 1919 by French colonists. The colonists had constructed a resort to serve as a recreational destination for French tourists. It has a view of the East Sea and the surrounding mountains because it is 1500 meters above sea level.

Because of the resort’s height, the temperature is cooler than the surroundings near the coast. Linh Ung Pagoda is close to the station, and there is a cable car nearby that transports guests to and from the resort.

About French Village Ba Na Hills 

Ba Na Hills is a famous tourist destination not only in Da Nang but also famous throughout the S-shaped strip of land and is rated as the most worthy tourist destination in Vietnam in the summer of 2022. Not only that, but Ba Na Hills is also highly appreciated in the eyes of international tourists. After crossing the second cable car, you will arrive at a charming French village – the scene here is based on France’s unique cultural works.

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French Village Ba Na Hills, also known as French Village. Next to the Golden Bridge of Ba Na hills, the French village is one of the most impressive works of Ba Na. It is one of the symbols contributing to bringing the name of Ba Na Hills “famous” on the tourist map of Vietnam.  With the development of this unique town, visitors to Vietnam no longer need to travel to the distant European horizon to admire the arched roofs and great cathedrals, but may do so here in the heart of Da Nang, Vietnam. 

Unique beauty in Old Gothic architecture

The French Village Ba Na Hills in Da Nang was inspired by the trip around France of the Roman Catholic missionary Pigneau De Behaine. Da Nang’s French Village is a miniature of France, complete with squares, cities, churches, hotels, and villages carrying the French impression. It all has one thing in common: it’s built in the shape of a pyramid, leaning against the blue sky.

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When you visit French Village Ba Na Hills, you will be struck by the funny image, both aesthetically and audibly. From the color of the material to the shape of every feature in the historic buildings, to musical performances, everything bears the breath of the modern European horizon. Places like Saint Dennis Cathedral, Chateau De Chenonceau Castle, and so on are faithfully recreated, with ancient yet quite splendid features.

The majestic castles with arched entrances are the showpiece of the French Village. The interior of the castle is intricately carved in the style of European Royal architecture. Despite being sophisticated and magnificent, Ba Na Hills French Village exudes a classic and romantic appearance. 

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Diverse culinary space

Coming to this French Village neighborhood, you will be able to sample innumerable delectable cuisines and famous drinks from all over the world, such as Vietnam, France, Japan, and Russia. It is critical to combine a variety of beverages, allowing tourists to freely choose the best restaurant for them.

In addition, Ba Na Hills French Village also has many famous cafes in the peaceful scene, including Lounge Sur le Fil. This coffee shop brings an ancient space with warm wood as the main hue. What could be better than a cup of Vietnamese coffee in a “very” European atmosphere, with some sweets and some wonderfully calming old tunes?

Quality Hotel

Ba Na Hills French Village is not only a tourist destination, but also provides an extremely modern and ancient hotel system. With the motto of maximizing the experience, assisting tourists to completely enjoy the “European” scene at night, a system of 3-5 star hotels providing approximately 500 magnificent rooms with a variety of room kinds has been established.

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The majority of the rooms at this resort are open-concept, with balconies or windows to capture the breeze. Along with the equipment, the amenities are completely equipped, allowing guests to have the most comfortable stay possible. When staying in the French village for the night, you will experience living in real palaces, playing the role of a royal in “Royal Floor”. You can also go about in the evening and view the scenery of Ba Na at night in cold weather.

Take a walk around Ba Na Hills French Village

Du Dome Square and its fountain

Du Dome Square and Fountain are at the heart of the French Village, Ba Na Hills. This location is also the site of many colorful events and festivals in Ba Na. When you visit the square, you will experience vibrant sounds and colorful performances by professional dancers.

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Chateau De Chenonceau

Château de Chenonceau, also known as Chenonceau Castle, is a typical representative of Celtic culture. From afar, the castle has an ancient appearance, but it is no less grand and splendid, and it is an excellent check-in space for females or couples. A panoramic view of the busy square can be enjoyed from the castle’s window.

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St Denis’ Cathedral

St Denis Cathedral in Ba Na is a miniature version of Denis Cathedral in France. This work is a very successful reproduction of Gothic architecture.

French Village Ba Na Hills

Village of Apremont sur Allier

The village is likewise a miniature model with a strong French influence. According to legend, before the pristine beauty of this village, Pigneau renounced his vocation as a missionary in order to become a pure farmer. When you come here, you will undoubtedly feel like Pigneau, who gave up everything to stay here in order to become a farmer.

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Village of Conques Aveyron 

The village of Conques Aveyron is one of the most beautiful villages in medieval France. As you explore this village, you will also find the simplicity of its design and peaceful pristine atmosphere. The architects were very ingenious when reproducing this village very vividly through the shape of a seashell, making it an ideal check-in place when visiting the French Village Ba Na Hills in Da Nang.

Khám phá 'Châu Âu thu nhỏ' ở ngôi làng Pháp trên đỉnh Bà Nà

Village of Brittany

Visitors who stop in the Brittany village will experience unique aspects of Celtic culture. This place is known as the oldest town, famous for its sweet crepes or specially brewed beers. The town of Brittany is strongly portrayed in Ba Na Hills French Village by steeply sloping roofs, broad courtyards, and thick walls.

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Experience of traveling to French Village Ba Na Hills

The ideal time to go to the French Village

According to numerous tourists’ travel experiences, you can visit Ba Na Hills French Village at any time of year. Because Ba Na offers cool and pleasant weather throughout the year, it is ideal for tourism and recreation.

The golden beams of sunlight make the French Village warmer and more lyrical in the summer, displaying lovely architectural lines. Visitors can go around and “check in” at every corner at this time.

Hanami Hotel Danang recommends visiting the French Village between April and August, when the weather is dry and you may combine your visit with other tourist attractions in Ba Na and Da Nang.

How to get to French Village

The journey to Ba Na is not tough. Depending on your tastes and circumstances, you can either take Hanami Hotel Danang’s tour or be self-sufficient with the available means of transport. If you prefer comfort, independence, and initiative in terms of time and schedule, you may rent a motorbike or a self-drive automobile in Hanami for a very reasonable price. If you are traveling in a large group, you should take a taxi, take a bus or book a tour.

How long should you spend in the French Village?

How long or at what time to play at Ba Na Hills French Village depends on your plan and time. If you are impressed with the French Village and don’t want to miss out on the check-in sites here, stay a little longer.

However, according to the experiences of many travelers, you should just spend 1-2 hours playing here because there are many other interesting things to discover in Ba Na.

These are the phrases that tourists use the most while discussing Ba Na Hills French Village: ancient, romantic, and luxurious. If you have the opportunity to visit the “fairy scene” of Ba Na Hills, do not miss out on visiting the French Village to have incredibly “genuine” check-in albums and have countless interesting experiences.

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