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Trinh Coffee – A nostalgic and quiet space in the heart of Da Nang

Da Nang – A city with a dynamic flow of life, famous for its beautiful beaches and rich cuisine. Residents and tourists are true coffee enthusiasts, so do not miss the famous Trinh Coffee when coming to Da Nang. Trinh Coffee is not only a place to enjoy coffee but also a great place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and see the peaceful Da Nang City. Let’s explore this cafe with Hanami Hotel Danang to find out why it’s become a popular Da Nang coffee destination.

Come to Trinh Coffee to feel the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s

Come to Trinh Coffee to feel the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s

Anyone who has visited Trinh Coffee will never forget its unique qualities. Trinh Coffee, which opened in Da Nang in 2018, combines an antique and pastoral area with the ancient but fresh spirit of the 1980s and 1990s. This not only brings back old memories but also provides a close and enjoyable location to stay. 

Trinh Cafe appears to be re-creating an ancient subsidizing that has been etched in the minds of the 7x, 8x, and 9x generations. When you visit Trinh Cafe, you will notice vintage cassette players, tapes that have been associated with childhood for generations, and even motorbikes from the past.

Peaceful space at Trinh 

Trinh Coffee currently owns 3 branches located in the main area in the city center. Depending on the geographical characteristics, each Trinh Coffee branch is designed with its own unique architecture and space layout, bringing different feelings of comfort and relaxation to Da Nang customers.

Trinh at Le Dinh Duong 

Cơ sở Lê Đình Dương

This place is considered the stub base of Trinh Coffee because all ideas are cherished and nurtured here. The interior of the store is a calm area with a Northern countryside style interior, decorated with trees and flowers to produce a pleasant sensation when visiting Trinh at 22 Le Dinh Duong, Phuoc Ninh, Hai Chau, Da Nang.

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Trinh at Nguyen Huu Tho 

Trình Cà Phê - Nguyễn Hữu Thọ

In Da Nang, visit the green garden of Trinh Coffee, 34/4 Nguyen Huu Tho. The garden is spacious, airy, and shady. Trinh Coffee also has wooden houses, stone walls, and a lake. Trinh Coffee Nguyen Huu Tho’s branch has the largest architecture of the three branches and has many beautiful photo angles. The house inside the coffee shop is designed and built like an old house in Vietnam, with a tiled roof, raw brick walls, and a wooden interior. The entrance gate is a highlight because it is decorated according to the theme of the day and is an ideal place to check in for young people in Da Nang and those who love taking pictures.

Trinh at Pham Nhu Xuong

Cơ sở 3 tại Phạm Như Xương

Located at K100/19 Pham Nhu Xuong – this is Trinh Coffee’s new branch. Different from the previous two branches, this branch wears an airy but somewhat more modern and liberal architecture. However, Trinh Coffee at Pham Nhu Xuong retains its original traditional rustic qualities, with the entrance gate not being overly fussy, but the design and arrangement of the cafe are very impressive.

The space is cool and airy. What could be more wonderful than a cool afternoon to come to Trinh Coffee at Pham Nhu Xuong? Sip a cup of tea and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere with fresh air, quiet sounds, peace, and the harmony of birds.

The unique menu 

The menu at Trinh is considered to be rich, especially the avocado coffee that attracts many diners because of its unique taste. The wait staff makes you feel at home as soon as you come to Trinh.

Cà phê Bơ là thức uống must-try tại Trình

Trinh Coffee’s drinks have their own distinct flavor. Trinh Coffee constantly provides customers with high-quality drinks made from carefully selected ingredients and precise bartenders.

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In addition, you can drink egg coffee, which is whipped cream from egg yolks and honey, combined with heated pure coffee. Even the most discerning guests will be captivated by the fatty taste of eggs, the bitter taste of coffee, and the mild perfume of honey.

Does Trinh Coffee hold any events?

Trinh Coffee works with the motto of bringing old love back to the present. Therefore, Trinh Coffee is always looking for new programs and activities and constantly organizes large and small events to serve its customers.

Among the many activities available in Trinh, the Gac Baga market stands out. A market where you may immerse yourself in lush landscapes, play mini games, acquire appealing presents, and try out booth products with several incentives. The fair is not only a place to buy and sell products but also a place for customers to exchange, share, and connect with each other. 

Chợ Phiên Gác Baga là sự kiện được Trình tổ chức thành công

Garden Music Night is a program held in Trinh that is full of warmth and love. Music nights are loving, intimate, and warm evenings in the green garden. You can enjoy old-fashioned filter coffee in a lush garden setting. Enjoy the rich and sweet taste of traditional Robusta coffee beans.

So through this article, Hanami Hotel hopes that it can help you understand more about Trinh Coffee and your experiences here. Don’t forget to follow Hanami to stay up-to-date with the latest information on ideal activities during your upcoming excursions in Da Nang!

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