Having Coffee On Top Of Hai Van Pass - A Fresh Experience In Da Nang

Having coffee on top of Hai Van Pass – A fresh experience when touring in Da Nang

The top of Hai Van Pass – The marvellous wonder

Cafe tren dinh deo hai van Du lich da nang tai Hanami 2

Are you too bored with the noisy, crowded coffee shops? Particularly when you take a tour to Da Nang. Let’s go for a change with Hanami Hotel Danang, especially the youngsters who love discovery, experiencing and beholding the spectacular scenery of nature. Hanami would like to share with you a tip for having great morning coffee in your style on the top of Hai Van Pass – The marvellous wonder.


Just take about one-hour

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As for hot summer days, early morning is the time for a departure when the weather is comfortable and relaxed. Departing at about 6.30 a.m. from Hanami hotel, it will take around 1 hour to get on the top of the pass, and the most used transportation is a motorbike.

On the way from Hanami to the pass, we can contemplate the city view in the early morning, bet that it will be so fresh and pleasant. The activities like crossing over the bridges, enjoying the sea at dawn on Nguyen Tat Thanh street, breathing the typical sense of ocean will make your morning different and productive of the salty savour of Da Nang’s beaches. 


Hai Van – Ocean Could Pass

Cafe tren dinh deo hai van Du lich da nang tai Hanami
Beginning moving on the pass, the spectacular scenery of nature will come up gradually, make us feel like being lost in heaven. The waves crash upon the foot of mountains, here, the sea and mountains seem to merge, just like its poetic name, Hai Van – Ocean Could Pass. Though the pass is beautiful, it’s hard to move, and you need to hold your course steady to pass the tortuous turns or the steep slopes. Overcoming all these challenges means you have conquered this mighty pass. Tourists can stop at the Lonely Pine Tree on the side of Hai Van Pass which is the youth’s favourite check-in spot, and they capture picturesque moments created by the chiasma of mountains and sea, from the angle on the top of the pass. Hai Van Pass ranked 6th in the list of best check-in spots for couples taking a tour to Da Nang!
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Hai Van Gate

Reaching the top of Hai Van Pass, tourists can notice Hai Van Gate, which is recognised as a national historical relic in 2017. The Gate was built in the Tran Dynasty and repaired in the Nguyen Dynasty. The door heads to Thua Thien Hue carved three words “Hải Vân Quan” – Hai Van Gate. The other door towards Quang Nam was engraved “Thiên hạ đệ nhất hùng quan” – the marvellous wonder, this title was granted by King Le Thanh Tong when he took a halt here. Space here reminds tourists of ancient beauty in the middle of the vast green forest.


Hanami Pure Roasted Coffee

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The coffee shop is opposite to Hai Van Gate. Located on the top of the pass, the sun darts its beams onto the shop quite early. That’s why we have to begin our trip beforehand for this special style of coffee.
If you have much time, be sure to spend some of it to visit Hai Van pass when you come to Da Nang for travel.

Anyway, don’t forget that Hanami hotel Danang also serves 100% pure roasted coffee.

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