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Canh Duong Beach – A Miniature of The Ocean

Canh Duong Beach is known as the most vibrant and bustling tourist destination in the ancient capital. This place not only has beautiful scenery, and delicious food but also many other interesting things waiting for you to discover. Let’s find out with Hanami Hotel Danang!

Discovering Canh Duong Beach – A Miniature of The Ocean

Are you curious how to be able to see the whole ocean in sight without necessarily flying into space? It’s that easy! Traveling to Hue, standing in front of the large Canh Duong beach, and the vast ocean scenery will emerge before your eyes! Why? Because “Canh” means “Scenery” in English, and “Duong” means “Ocean,” “Canh Duong Beach” means “Scenery of the Ocean.” Seeing a seascape of the sea implies you’re staring at a miniature model of the ocean! It’s a very appealing and endearing name!

khám phá biển cảnh dương

Many people have commented that Canh Duong Beach is a place to satisfy youth, a place to contemplate the wonderful things that the Water God has brought to the universe. Because the moment you take foot in the sea, you believe you have entered the ethereal world of a certain lyrical country. Standing on the white sand beach, your bare feet will feel “tickling,” chilly yet equally soft. At this moment, the sea breeze carrying a slight salt spray on you is enough for you to feel the saltiness of sea salt without using your taste buds. And that’s also when you feel that all the rules of taste perception by taste become meaningless.

Where is Canh Duong Beach?

Canh Duong Beach is situated in Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province. As a result, it is interesting for those who want to explore Canh Duong Beach while traveling in Da Nang, because you will be admiring an ecstatic view on the way to your destination. If you are in Da Nang, the road to Canh Duong is not far away, and it will be even better if you conquer the destination on a motorcycle. From the city center, you should follow National Highway 1A to Hai Van Pass, here, you begin to conquer that 20 km long pass by passing it.

Maybe you’re one of those people who is terrified of heights and doesn’t want to risk their lives crossing the lengthy and terrifying pass. But, as you may be aware, now Hai Van Pass has been upgraded according to the city infrastructure structure standard along with many additional signs that will make your trip safer.

biển cảnh dương ở đâu
Canh Duong Beach can help you avoid the hustle and bustle of the city

Another thing is that the 20km long road is not a major deal. In fact, it will leave you frustrated and wondering why the route is so short?! After you drive past the pass, you don’t have time to be terrified since the time you have to gaze at the lovely scenery is insufficient to please your eyes. After crossing the pass, continue north on Highway 1A until you see the sign “ANIMAL CHECKLIST & CHAN MAY PORT” and then turn right, straight for less than 3 kilometers. Canh Duong Beach will appear in front of your eyes.

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That is the route to take if you do not want to miss the spectacular natural landscape of the pass to the point of making you “satisfied”, otherwise, you can choose to go by Hai Van Tunnel. This tunnel was completed in 2005 to make commuting to Hue easier. It is also a good option for individuals who are afraid of heights!

Why does Canh Duong Beach make you fall in love at first sight?

kham pha bien canh duong.jpg2
Woman jumping with the balloon on Canh Duong beach

It is undeniable that all the beauty in this world will make you fall in love, and once that infatuation exists, you will find that life is meaningful and worth conquering. That is also the reason that you often spend a long time of your life searching for those beautiful things, and Canh Duong Beach is one of the things you are looking for, it is not far away, and it is not expensive. You do not need to spend the effort to conquer. Just set foot in the sea – the “maze” will appear before your eyes. So what is it about that “maze” that makes you so infatuated?

A place for you to see the interference between the sky and the sea

Cặp đôi tận hưởng biển Cảnh Dương

Many foreigners agree that the seascape in Vietnam makes them not want to leave, and Canh Duong Beach in Hue is no exception. Most of them only have time to see the sea a few times in the little time of travel in Vietnam. They admit that Canh Duong Hue gave them a sense of satisfaction when they saw the sunrise and sunset here. And that is also a reason that you should try to see the moment of interference between the sky and the sea at Canh Duong once in your life.

Canh Duong in the morning is like a white moon carpet stretching far away on the horizon, quiet, silent, not a bit noisy. When the sun appeared in the distance, it also awoke the sea, and “the white carpet” is now sprinkled with a few gentle golden rays. You will find yourself merging with the clouds, the sky, and the earth.

In the midst of such a peaceful silence, the sound of the waves lapping like a song will fill your mind with calm. And that’s also when you feel the beginning of a series of 24 hours that have passed to be less attached, to be less depressed about the things that made you tired yesterday. If you are a person who is passionate about the sunset of the sea, Canh Duong is also a great choice for you.

A “lifeline” for casuarinas along the coast

Stepping onto Canh Duong beach, you are instantly struck by the casuarina trees that run along the coast, in addition to the enormous seascape. Casuarinas’ beauty is not like the noise and bustle of the sea, but it stands in a corner regardless of the change of things around it. The trees are green and softly swaying, but when the wind blows, it creates a beautiful and unique image.


Despite being separated by a 200-meter-wide sandy beach, the sea and the casuarina row are not separate but complement and interfere with each other. Each wave of waves brings the vibration of the other casuarina row. It’s exactly a work of art, something unique to Canh Duong Beach.

An ideal check-in spot for youngsters

lich mo cua khu du lich tet nguyen dan 5 1


Many young people nowadays travel just for the purpose of checking in and adding to their photo albums. Therefore, Canh Duong Beach is one of the places they frequently visit. They are willing to travel a great distance to Hue merely to take pictures on Canh Duong beach. It is not natural for nature to satisfy them. Because Canh Duong not only brings natural beauty but is also set up by locals to check-in locations to attract visitors.

The stone road, for example, brings tourists to the sea, and the multi-colored swings are constructed from regular tires but are no less strange and appealing. Furthermore, in order to make the darkness at sea not a source of terror or to manage the beauty of the sea, the fisherman here arrange rows of multi-colored lights thrown parallel to each other. It is also a place where you can snap gorgeous and unique images without fear of the night darkening your photos.

A place for you to enrich your soul

If you are a Vietnamese tourist visiting Da Nang, you are no doubt familiar with the true and salty beauty of the Hue people. Coming to Canh Duong Beach, in addition to witnessing the wonders of nature, communicating with the fishermen of Hue is also a great experience for your trip. Sitting on the beach at sunset, watching the waves smash and the fisherman returning from afar, the huge and fresh fish on the baskets. What a peaceful moment!

Even if the fish is fresh, it is not as fresh as the smiles of the fishermen. The moment you catch that smile of them, your soul is awakened again. Maybe you’ll be a little surprised, maybe you’ll be a little drunk, a little confused, or happy. Those are the mixed emotions that you will experience if you encounter the simple fishermen of Hue. 

An ideal location for a memorable night of camping

Địa điểm cắm trại Đà Nẵng

Canh Duong Beach is also known as a paradise for backpackers and campers. All-inclusive tent rental services are available here. The tents are rented at prices ranging from 100,000 -150,000 VND depending on the width of the tent, along with accompanying services such as taking pictures to check in with the arranged background, freshwater bath, and a number of other services. You can also organize a BBQ on the beach, enjoy Hue specialties, or play teambuilding games with your group of friends. Canh Duong Beach is your impressive destination, isn’t it?

Above is the useful and practical information that Hanami wants to share with you. If you are confused about where to visit in Hue and Danang, Canh Duong can be an ideal choice for you. Wish you a happy and enjoyable trip in the future! See you in the next post!

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