"Tips For Sleeping In A Tent" You Need Yo Know When Visiting Danang



Would you like to have a really meaningful experience on the road in Danang? You want to immerse yourself in nature but not just travel and enjoy it? Camping and Sleeping in a Tent will certainly be an excellent choice for you. However, where should you rent a tent and what should you prepare for camping? Here are some tips on camping in Da Nang while travelling that you should remember before carrying your backpack and getting your itchy feet.


How to rent a tent

A tent for 2-4 people will cost an average price of about 100k VND/day. To rent one, you have to provide your identity card or passport, as when you book a hotel.

Recommend store:

Cửa hàng chuyên cho thuê lều – K920/9 Ton Duc Thang – Phone: 0935 142 992

Freeman store – 03C/H71/ Kiet 634 Trung Nu Vuong – Phone: 0905 258 469

Black box – 81 Ong Ich Khiem – Phone: 0905 477 041


Location of camping

A tip on camping in Danang that you should know is about where to camp. Not anywhere is appropriate to set up tents and spend the night. You can consult the articles on the Internet on backpacking tourism to find more information before making a decision.

Here are some suggestions for ideal campsites for you:

  • Son Tra Peninsula: This is one of the favourite destinations for groups of friends who travel or camp in Danang. There are many rocky shores and fine sandy beaches suitable for camping along the side slope of Linh Ung pagoda where you can enjoy listening to waves whispering at night and admire the magnificent sunrise.
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The Peninsula of Son Tra is an ideal campsite.

  • Hoa Trung Lake – Hoa Ninh commune – Hoa Vang district: is a freshwater lake. The lake is normally filled so you can camp around it. But it is the most beautiful when in the dry season, water is shallow that makes you be able to slump on the soft green grass, watching the beautiful sunset reflecting under the water and listening to the exciting sound of insects at night.
  • Top of Hai Van Pass: Travelers often like to go here to try the feeling of “halfway to the cloudy sky”. From Hai Van Quan breakpoint, you can follow a pretty sloping concrete road for about 2km and you will see a block which is surrounded by a wide enough area to set up a tent and enjoy sightseeing.


Bring the necessary tools

You should remember that setting up a camping tent is completely different from vacationing in a hotel, so of course, the facilities will be a little insufficient. When travelling, you should prepare as neatly as possible, while ensuring that it is complete. Here is a list of things you should bring:

  • Flash Light
  • Raincoat
  • Lighters, candles
  • Waterproof plastic bags
  • Basic first aid tools


Camping principles


  • Safety first and foremost. So, first, find out about the campsite and arrive early to observe it, choose the appropriate campsite.
  • Set a camp on flat, dry and ventilated land.
  • Need to prepare the camp, find dry wood, arrange furniture and vehicles before sunset.
  • Pay attention to preserve the environment and surroundings.

The camp must be on dry, ventilated and flat areas.

That’s a few tips for your better preparation. We wish you a wonderful and unforgettable trip!

Hanami Hotel Danang

61-63 Hoang Ke Viem St, Danang


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