Tips For Booking A Danang Hotel Room In The Rainy Season

Tips for booking a hotel room in the rainy season

Nobody wants their trips to be affected by rain, but what if it was, how would you do? Don’t worry, budget Hanami hotel will help you address this concern.

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Cities always have to face inundation problems in the season of rain. Followings are the routes that you should avoid when the rain falls down heavily in a long time:

  • Nguyen Van Linh
  • Phan Thanh
  • Quang Trung (the part from Nguyen Thi Minh Khai to Le Loi)
  • Ham Nghi
  • Le Dai Hanh

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When choosing a Da nang hotel, you should also stay away from the hotels located on these streets or nearby rivers. Because if it’s heavy rain, it will obstruct your journey. You can choose Hanami hotel Danang , which is only 15 minutes far from Da Nang Airport and 5 minutes far from the Han River and about 500 meters from the beach. Surely this hotel will offer you the safest accommodation during the rainy season.

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Additionally, these days must get your belongings wet all the time, so there will be some tips for reducing these inconveniences:

  • As for pricey electrical devices such as smartphone or watch, bring along a waterproof bag to keep them safe.
  • Stuff moisture-proof bags into your shoes. If you lack it, make the most use of used tea bags or coffee. Alternatively, you can dust baby powder onto your foot-ware to remove bad odor and humidity.
  • Ask the hotel staff to dry your wet clothes, which will prevent your things from getting mold. Hanami beach hotel offers travelers a very affordable price for this kind of service.
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Actually, make a journey when the season of rains comes is not that terrible as we may think. On the one hand, it’s when the prices get lower than other seasons, not only tourism activities but also the hotel’s rates. On the other hand, you can still have fun while spending on a budget. It also sounds exciting, right?

Notably, the season in Da Nang city is very picturesque, too. You can take a walk along Han River or savor a cup of warm tea while beholding the city from above, or you can enjoy a bowl of hot-piping Vietnamese fried fish noodle soup in a street corner.

If you are still wondering about where to go in Da Nang, click this link for more information. Da Nang city is always a promising land for those who love experience and adventure.

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