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Visiting unique and touristy bridges in Da Nang

Typical bridges that you shouldn’t miss out on your Da Nang trip

Along the Han River are the bridges built with an original design yet still having its own features. Each bridge bears its own meanings that shimmers on the dreamy river is a factor attracting tourists to come. 

The Dragon Bridge – The desire for reaching out to the sea

The Dragon Bridge tops the list of the top 5 most beautiful bridges in Southeast Asia and ranks 30th among the prettiest bridges in the world. That’s why it’s called the must-visit bridge once you arrive in Da Nang. 

Inspired by the Dragon in the Ly Dynasty, this bridge has a shape of the winding dragon heading to the sea. Come to visit the bridge at the weekend, and you will see the dragon breathes fire and water. The image of a dragon means the development of Da Nang City. 

Han River Bridge 

This is the only bridge in Vietnam that can swing. It was built as a trade route for the locals. The engineers and workers built the Han River Bridge with the construction that can be rotated 90 degrees to liberate the space on both sides of the bridge, opening the way for large ships to pass through. 

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Taking a tour to Da Nang, it’s highly recommended to have a walk around the river’s banks to admire the sparkling lights and relax with the fresh air under the bridge. We also suggest that you should have some coffee in one of the coffee shops near there. In order to fully enjoy and feel the moment. 

Love Bridge

Love Bridge is at the end of the Dragon Bridge, which has been built a few years ago that draws many tourists to come, especially couples. It heads toward the Han River with the fence on both sides for hanging the love locks. 

In the evening, the heart-shaped red lanterns are lit, the system of lights under the bridge reflects in the water surface that brings a sense of romance. Next to the bridge is a statue of a carp which is legendarily believed to turn into a dragon, inspired by Singapore’s stone statues. Strong growth, peace, and prosperity are the meanings of the bridge. 

The Golden Bridge – Ba Na Hills

Open for public use in June 2018, the Golden Bridge has become renowned not only in Vietnam but also over the world. With a design of a woman’s 2 hands lifting a smooth ribbon that stretches through the Thien Thai Garden. Put its name into your travel list, and it’s well worth your visit, we are so sure about that. 

Tran Thi Ly Bridge

Almost visitors pay this bridge a visit when they spend a vacation in Da Nang. Tran Thi Ly is influenced by European style design. When the night falls, thousands of lights illuminate the bridge’s shape over the poetic river. 

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Getting around Da Nang, you can see the beauty of its landscapes, amazing long beaches, or unique bridges. And finding accommodation is the most important factor for your trip, right?

Hanami Hotels in Danang – A great Da Nang hotel that you shouldn’t pass by

Hanami beach hotel Danang will be ideal for your stay. There, you will experience modern services and high-quality amenities subjected to European standards. A hotel offers high-class comfort service, modern facilities along with high-speed internet. The staff is well-trained, professional, friendly, and always ready to meet all requirements of their guests. 

From the hotel, travelers can move to many well-known tourist destinations such as Linh Ung Pagoda, Son Tra Peninsula, Non Nuoc stone carving village, the Marble Mountains, etc. in a short way. Additionally, you will get a chance to join in the festivals and beach events. 

Once again, don’t forget to visit these bridges if you are traveling around Da Nang and save the twinkle of Da Nang’s signatures. I wish you a happy and meaningful trip alongside your friends and family. 


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