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How to get to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang

Greetings from the heart of Da Nang, where the air is filled with the promise of adventure, and the echoes of the bustling city merge with the tranquil waves of the sea. Today, I embark on a virtual journey with you, sharing not just How to get to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang but the emotions, circumstances, and personal sentiments surrounding the mesmerizing quest from Da Nang to the enchanting Ba Na Hills.

As I sit in the cozy confines of Hanami Hotel Danang, I can’t help but feel a surge of excitement. The decision to explore Ba Na Hills isn’t just about reaching a destination; it’s about stepping into a world of ethereal beauty, where every twist and turn of the journey is a step closer to magic. From the vibrant streets of Da Nang to the misty allure of Ba Na Hills, the emotions that accompany this voyage are as diverse as the landscapes themselves.

Distance from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills

how to get to ba na hills from da nang
Da Nang Center  to Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is always known as one of the most famous places in Vietnam that any tourist who is passionate about traveling cannot miss. Ba Na Hills is located about 25km from the center of Da Nang. This place has an altitude of about 1487m above sea level.

The buildings at Ba Na Hills are built in a very unique architectural style. This is also one of the attractions for domestic and foreign tourists. Many tourists still think that coming to Ba Na is just to visit or take pictures. But here there are also countless interesting entertainment games for you to explore!

How to get to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang

There are numerous ways for tourists to travel from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills, allowing them to choose the most suitable option based on their own circumstances and conditions. Below, BestPrice will suggest some of the most popular means of transportation:

Traveling by Motorbike

how to get to ba na hills from da nang
Traveling by motorbike to Ba Na is an interesting experience

This mode of transportation is a favorite among tourists due to its flexibility. It also allows travelers to easily explore and stop anywhere to enjoy the scenery. Usually, tourists rent motorbikes to discover and enjoy in the city of Da Nang first, before using the motorbike to reach Ba Na Hills.

The rental price fluctuates around 120,000 VND per motorbike per day. However, travelers need to select a reputable motorbike rental place to get the best possible price and service quality. You can rent directly at the Da Nang hotels where you are staying or from trusted rental facilities in Da Nang

By Taxi

Traveling by taxi from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills is a suitable option if you are going with family or a group of friends from 4 to 7 people.

How to get to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang
Traveling Da Nang to Ba Na Hills by Taxi

You won’t have to worry about the roads, vehicles, or traffic as the driver takes care of everything from A to Z. Just pick up the phone and book a taxi that suits your needs, and you can be on your way immediately.

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Da Nang to Ba Na Hills by Bus

Located within Da Nang city, most tourists coming to Da Nang will visit Ba Na Hills. To easily get to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang city center, you can catch the Ba Na Hills shuttle bus, the bus will stop at a number of fixed stations, you need to follow the information on the website to know the time and stops.

Or if you go in a group of many people, rent a private car to take you to the hotel.

Tourist Activities At Sun World Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is divided into four main areas: the foothills, Ba Na Station, Morin Station, and the summit of Ba Na Hills. At the foothills area, you’ll find the food and shopping zone, ticket counters, the Hoi An restaurant, Suoi Mo cable car station, and Suoi Mo spring.

how to get to ba na hills from da nang
Ba Na Hills Map

Ba Na Station area includes Linh Ung Pagoda, Tinh Tam Garden, the statue of Buddha Shakyamuni, Doumer restaurant, Debay bar, and Debay wine cellar. Morin Station area is a hub for dining and relaxation at Ba Na, featuring a series of hotels with classic European designs, Fantasy Park, and the French Village. The summit of Ba Na Hills houses Linh Chua Linh Tu Temple, a bell tower, and Tru Vu Tea House.

French Village – Miniature Europe

The French Village is the last stop on the cable car journey, perched atop Chua Mountain. This area is designed in ancient European architectural style, reminiscent of the dreamy city of Paris, with soaring towers and serene castles.

how to get to ba na hills from da nang
The French Village

You don’t have to go all the way to Europe when you can visit the French Village at Ba Na Hills to feel the grandeur and splendor of ancient castles, an essence of Europe right in the heart of Da Nang.

This construction is divided into 7 areas, representing the 7 notes of music, mimicking the squares and towns of France, creating a fairytale picture amidst the city of Da Nang.

The Golden Bridge

A Spectacular Instagrammable Spot Located at the Bordeaux station stop is the Golden Bridge – the symbol of Ba Na Hills. The Golden Bridge at Ba Na Hills is one of the top 100 greatest destinations in the world (as voted by TIME magazine).

Although inaugurated in June 2018, the Golden Bridge continues to prove its appeal with regular appearances on social media accounts of travelers. Situated at a height of 1,000 meters above sea level, this world-famous bridge spans 150 meters and is distinguished by giant stone hands supporting it.

These stone hands resemble giant hands of gods stretching out a strip of gold from the land. On foggy days, the bridge gives the impression of crossing through heaven surrounded by white clouds.

how to get to ba na hills from da nang
The Golden Bridge

When visiting Ba Na Hills, everyone will surely want to check-in at this legendary virtual icon, so it’s best to get there early in the morning or in the evening to avoid having to jostle for photos.

You should also not forget to prepare raincoats or umbrellas because the weather here changes very quickly, and you won’t have time to react!

Opening hours: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

Debay Wine Cellar

A unique structure built by the French in 1923, the Debay wine cellar is the perfect place to store wine, with temperatures consistently maintained between 16-20 degrees Celsius.

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Aside from exploring the wine cellar carved deep into the ground by 100 meters, visitors also have the opportunity to savor rich European delicacies or choose meaningful souvenir gifts for friends and family.

Service times: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (during the peak season, Debay wine cellar stays open until 6:30 PM).

Ba Na Hills International Wow Summer Festival

Sun World Ba Na Hills has officially launched a special and impressive summer season with the “Ba Na Wow Summer Festival” series of festivals. Visitors here can experience the cultural breath of many different countries such as Germany, South Korea, France, and many others.

how to get to ba na hills from da nang
International Wow Summer Festival

Sun World Ba Na Hills offers not only multicultural exploration and exchange experiences but also serves as a place where tourists can enjoy the quintessence of world cuisine.

This is an opportunity for you to freely explore and taste distinctive dishes from all over the globe. Furthermore, there is no shortage of diverse and abundant recreational activities, ready to delight and enchant every visitor throughout the day and night.

The festival series lasts until the end of August 2023.

Tips for Traveling from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills

Here are some tips to keep in mind when traveling from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills:

  • It’s advisable to plan your itinerary in advance and set off early in the morning to avoid the crowds and ensure you can purchase entrance tickets without delays.
  • Accommodation prices at Ba Na are quite high, so to save on costs, you might consider visiting to enjoy the attractions and returning to Da Nang within the same day.
  • Opt for renting motorcycles or taxis from reputable and quality service providers to prevent any inconveniences.
  • Ba Na Hills is often included in all-inclusive Da Nang tour packages. Therefore, if you are new to independent travel or don’t have much time to arrange your trip, it might be worth choosing these tour options. The tours typically include a planned itinerary and transportation, saving you time and effort.
how to get to ba na hills from da nang
Ba Na Hill viewed from above

For those intrigued by the allure of Ba Na Hills, let this blog post be your guide, a narrative woven with personal reflections and practical tips. The circumstances that lead you to this journey may be varied – a desire for the surreal, a quest for beauty, or simply an itch for exploration. No matter the reason, Ba Na Hills welcomes you with open arms, and Hanami Hotel Danang ensures that your home base is as inviting as the destinations you explore.

As you plan your trip, consider making Hanami Hotel your abode in Da Nang. Nestled in the lively An Thuong tourist area, where the international community, especially Europeans, flocks for residence and work, Hanami Hotel becomes more than just accommodation.

It’s a gateway to a multicultural experience, surrounded by an array of international dining options – from American, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Indian, Russian cuisines to quick bites like burgers. The numerous coffee shops create a dynamic atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for freelancers to work amidst diverse inspirations.


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