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What Should You Wear to Ba Na Hills

What Should You Wear to Ba Na Hills? Many visitors are interested in this question. What should you dress to get the prettiest check-in photos in a tourist region with so many check-in locations? In the article below, Hanami Hotel Danang will help you find out.

What Should You Wear to Ba Na Hills?

Đi Bà Nà Hill mặc gì

You will feel more confident when you put on a beautiful outfit. When coming to Ba Na, the most chosen costumes are:

For women:

  • Light and elegant style: skirts such as 2-string dresses, babydoll skirts
  • Unique and bold style: Jeans with T-shirts, off-shoulder shorts
  • Sexy style: 2-string top, shorts, crop top

For men:

When traveling to Ba Na, the best outfits are those that make the wearer feel comfortable and reflect their unique personalities. Jeans, shorts, and T-shirts are all suitable choices!

Ba Na is a colorful paradise, there will be many unique places waiting for you to check in, so a dominant white-tone outfit is definitely a top choice. The focus of the photograph will be on you.  You should wear an outfit that synchronizes with family or friends to have unique memories. 

What should you wear when visiting Ba Na Hills for sightseeing?

Đi Bà Nà Hill mặc gì

In order to have a beautiful photo and a memorable experience, here are a few experiences to mix and match when going to famous places of Ba Na.

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Appropriate clothing to go to spiritual sites in Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is famous for many interesting spiritual places waiting for you to find out, such as Linh Ung Pagoda, Ba Temple, and other places. When you come here, you should dress politely and comfortably while maintaining your unique style. This will help you to show solemnity in places where seriousness is needed, showing luxury in accordance with the fine customs and traditions of the Vietnamese people.

  • Simple outfit: Shirt, T-shirt, pants, long skirt.
  • Traditional costumes: Ao dai, ao dai lam

Suitable outfit for having fun at Fantasy Park

This is a site with numerous fascinating and adventurous games that you should not miss if you visit here. You should wear comfortable clothing for movement, in order to really immerse yourself in the games. Priority items include shorts, t-shirts, long pants, and so on.

Đi Bà Nà Hill mặc gì

What should you wear when going to the top of Ba Na Hill?

Each destination on Ba Na has a unique aspect; when visiting, wear clothing with a different color tone for each site. This will allow you to take some extremely amazing images following the experience.

  • French Village: This location is well-known for its ancient and exquisite French features. Because the buildings here were inspired by French architecture in the nineteenth century, classic tones will complement this location: cream, nude,…
  • Flower garden: This is a garden with more than 1000 different types of flowers. With such a colorful place, the dominant white tone will make you stand out the most among the vibrant flower garden.

Notes when choosing costumes to go to Ba Na Hills

Where do you go to Ba Na Hills to change clothes?

Many of you will be perplexed as to where to change clothes when visiting Ba Na Hills. The use of public restrooms will address this problem; of course, the restrooms here are modern and clean. After going to the top of this tourist area, you can come here to change and go to the next location.

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How many sets of clothes should you bring a day?

The number of outfits you should bring depends on your need. If you can check in a lot of many distinct places, then 1 set each will not disappoint you. But the disadvantage is that changing between those places will take a long time. If you want to save time so that you can visit more sites, two sets are sufficient: one for shooting photos to capture memories at famous places, and the other is comfortable for participating in games.

Đi Bà Nà Hill mặc gì

The most beautiful check-in corners in Ba Na Hills

Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden

With over 1000 different species of flowers from all across the world, this is a must-see for muses. Come here to appreciate the fresh air and exquisite aroma of various flowers. Don’t forget to wear a suit to take lots of nice photos!

Golden Bridge

One of the famous places when referring to Ba Na. Remember to prepare some personalized clothes to show off that are suitable for this place. Come here to keep your memories in Ba Na Hills with really pretty pictures.

French Village

Đi Bà Nà Hill mặc gì

In the center of Ba Na, there is a little French village that is both historic and magnificent. This location promises prominent, appealing photographs. This is a must-see attraction for anybody visiting Ba Na.

Hanami Hotel Danang would like to introduce you to the following experiences when visiting Ba Na. Wishing you a trip full of memorable experiences. See you in the next post!

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