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Review of Pizza 4P Da Nang

Pizza 4P is one of the most famous pizza restaurants in Da Nang. This brand is known for its delicious and attractive pizzas combined with Italian dishes in the style of “cherry blossom country”. As a result, when our guests come here to have meals, they always have the best time. For more information about Pizza 4P Da Nang, let’s find out with Hanami Hotel Danang in the following post!

Overview of Pizza 4P Da Nang 

Pizza 4P is one of the most well-known pizza brands in Vietnam originated in Japan. The founders of the brand are the Japanese married couple, Yosuke Masuko and Sanae. 

A little toaster in the backyard of a Tokyo house-inspired Pizza 4P. With a penchant for pizza. Furthermore, the founders of Pizza 4P regard Vietnam as a potential market for fast food expansion and development.

From its establishment until now, Pizza 4P has been attracting diners with its own brand. This brand has many branches in our country’s major cities, including Da Nang.

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Review of Pizza 4P Da Nang

Let’s review the overview of 4P Da Nang pizza restaurants according to the following criteria:

Clean and airy space

Not only is the food delicious, but the 4P Da Nang pizza restaurant is also quite spacious and airy.

Come here to have meals, everyone will admire a completely unique place that blends contemporary Asian style with Japanese and Asian features, with dark brown tones dominating the tables and chairs.

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Pizza 4Ps - Pizza Kiểu Nhật - Xuân Thủy Quận 1 Hồ Chí Minh

The green brick background evokes both warmth and coldness. In addition, a gorgeous kitchen with lovely decorations. The restaurant is skillfully designed to be more polite, sophisticated, and luxurious. Another unique element of the restaurant is that you may eat while watching the chef create some extremely amazing pizzas live.

Rich and super attractive menu

One of the most important things that make up the Pizza 4P brand is the menu. As for the menu, do not miss the delicious and attractive pizzas. There is also a wide variety of sweets and drinks that appeal to many gourmet diners.

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In addition, the rich Italian cuisine that blends Vietnamese and Japanese styles is also a great taste. Through our in-house production method, the restaurant always ensures three standards: freshness, deliciousness, and safety. You can rest assured to enjoy your meal.

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Friendly and attentive customer support

When you visit Pizza 4P, you will not only be immersed in a cool, spacious, and comfortable environment but you will also be served professionally.

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  • Pizza 4P always trains personnel in the most professional manner with the aim of delivering both delight and satisfaction to consumers. 
  • It is one of the Japanese restaurants. If you eat here, you will be served carefully and enthusiastically.
  • Don’t worry if you’re wondering what to eat. The expert personnel at the restaurant will advise and assist you in selecting the appropriate meals and servings. In addition, when ordering, the staff will ask carefully what you want to order first. This is one of the things that many customers appreciate at restaurants.
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Price list of Pizza 4P Da Nang

Pizza 4P has a slightly more expensive price than other pizzerias. However, when considering the quality of service and food, this price is not too high. And Pizza 4P Da Nang is rated as one of the 10 best Pizza shops in Da Nang. Here are some food prices at restaurants for your reference before enjoying your pizza. 

  • Salad: from 48,000 VND – 220,000 VND
  • Soup: from 50,000 VND – 70,000 VND
  • Appetisers: from 55,000 VND – 150,000 VND
  • Pizza: from 150,000 VND – 400,000 VND
  • Pasta: from 150,000 VND – 200,000 VND
  • Desserts: about 50,000 VND – 80,000 VND

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Hanami Hotel Danang has just reviewed Pizza 4P Da Nang based on the above article’s criteria such as space, menu, and service. We hope you can have a more objective view of this Pizza shop and have delicious meals at Pizza 4P Da Nang.

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