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Top 7 best record stores in Da Nang review by Hanami

The city of Da Nang, with its rhythmic waves and bustling markets, also harbors a soulful melody that resonates through its streets—the sound of music. For vinyl enthusiasts and music lovers like myself, discovering the top record stores in this vibrant city has been an adventure as thrilling as the tunes themselves.

Da Nang’s record stores are not mere shops; they are sanctuaries for audiophiles and cultural havens where the city’s heartbeat is captured in every groove of the vinyl. So let’s set the needle down on this vinyl voyage, exploring the Top 7 best record stores in Da Nang review by Hanami, where every visit strikes a chord and every record plays a piece of the city’s soul.

Top 7 best record stores in Da Nang

Top 7 best record stores in Da Nang
Best record stores in Da Nang

Trung Kien CD shop

Today, the presence of YouTube channels, Netflix and many other social networking channels has become a trend among young people.

Besides, there are still many people who like to watch tapes as a form of recalling memories or the hobby of collecting tapes and realizing that Trung Kien still operates strongly to bring its customers the best quality products and services.

At the top of the list is one of the most prestigious and famous record stores in Da Nang. Trung Kien specializes in providing a variety of tapes and discs from music to movies, TV shows, and games,… collected from ancient times to the present.

Recognize increasingly high customer tastes. Besides preserving ancient values, Trung Kien is quite proactive in updating the latest CDs or DVDs on the market, diverse in both genres and artists.

A big plus point for Trung Kien is that the store is always delicately classified by manufacturers as well as by singer albums, helping customers easily choose products that suit their needs and preferences.

Some benefits when using services at Century:

  • Spacious and comfortable shopping space
  • Offering a wide variety of records in terms of genres and artists
  • Preserves many old products, original tapes and discs and has smooth operation
  • Regularly update new types of tapes to meet customer needs
Top 7 best record stores in Da Nang
Trung Kien CD shop in Da Nang

Contact Infomation:

  • Address: Group 6, Giang Nam 2 village, Hoa Vang, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0987 222 929
  • Fanpage: Trung Kien – Da Nang music CD

CD – DVD Record Store

With the modernity of YouTube, old operas are preserved and spread more widely. However, it is difficult for anyone to forget the glorious past of records, especially the 9x generation.

Most record stores today have been open for a long time and do not have online sales. If you are still struggling to know where to buy, then come immediately to Da Nang CD – DVD Store.

With many years of operation in the market, the store always puts products and services first. Perhaps this is part of the reason why the store is known to many customers.

Currently, the store specializes in providing original music CDs and DVDs with a variety of genres to meet all customers’ needs. The discs at the store are considered easy to buy and provide standard quality and sound.

In particular, the store has a dedicated staff with an extremely dedicated and cheerful service attitude. Every customer who comes here will be assisted by staff in purchasing and advised on proper use to ensure the longevity of the disc.

With the above operating criteria, Hanami firmly believes that this is a record store in Da Nang that you should refer to.

Some benefits should choose the service here:

  • All types of CDs and DVDs here are imported with high quality
  • The tapes here are all original tapes, providing high quality sound and images
  • Disc prices are competitive in the market
  • Diverse brands, as well as different types of themes for customers to choose from.

Contact Infomation:

  • Address: 128 Thai Thi Boi, Thanh Khe, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0236 3629 274
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Thien Thai record store

Top 7 best record stores in Da Nang
Thien Thai record store

Buying tapes and discs is not difficult, but not all stores provide products with high configuration and sound quality as customers want. That’s why you should know about Thien Thai, one of the CD buying destinations that many local customers tell each other about.

Coming to this record store in Da Nang, customers will maximize their needs with a variety of products for customers to choose from such as: CDs, VCDs, SVCDs, MP3, MP4, MP5, cassette tapes…

With a long history of formation and development, up to now Thien Thai has had a certain number of customers in the market. At the same time, the unique values of tape and disc products are preserved.

Especially when you come here to shop, you will be welcomed and served by the extremely friendly owner. All questions when purchasing or during use are carefully answered by her.

Some benefits when purchasing at Thien Thai:

  • Located in the city center, very convenient for customers to travel and shop
  • Diverse products, meeting Vietnamese and international music preferences
  • Competitive prices in the market
  • Convenient shopping space
  • Delivery nationwide
  • Consulting enthusiastic, professional

Contact Infomation:

  • Address: 01 Trieu Nu Vuong, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Polytechnic 9

Located at 39 Phan Dinh Phung, Bach Khoa 9 store is widely known as one of the prestigious places selling ice in the city. It’s safe to say that any original music can be found here. On the other hand, Bach Khoa 9 also owns a large number of CDs collected over many years. Therefore, you can find any type of tape from the 9x era to today.

Regarding the quality of the store, it provides record products from high-end to low-end lines, the discs have clear origins, and will definitely bring you smooth discs. From there, creating interesting experiences for customers when watching movies and music.

Besides, awareness of customer needs is increasing. Bach Khoa 9 always updates the latest CDs and DVDs on the market. The unit is also considered to provide competitive prices, easily meeting many customer segments.

Some benefits of choosing services at Bach Khoa 9:

  • High quality discs ensure continued use for customers.
  • Product prices are competitive in the market
  • Comfortable shopping space, specifically classified tapes
  • Providing a variety of genres and many artists
  • Regularly update new tape samples
Top 7 best record stores in Da Nang
Legend – best record stores in Da Nang

Contact Infomation:

  • Address: 39 Phan Dinh Phung, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone number: 0905 712 410
  • Fanpage: Bach Khoa 9 USB ready music for cars COPY HD MOVIE, CD, DVD, software

Legend – Da Nang Record Store

You are in need of buying tapes and discs but don’t know any reputable suppliers. So Legend will be one of the perfect suggestions for you.

Coming to Legend, you will not only be served genuine, high-end DVD tapes, but you can also experience attractive services such as: Copying original DVD content at the customer’s request, printing disc labels, designing disc cover design, DVD cover printing and many other professional services.

With many years of experience in this field, Legend always brings customers quality products and good customer service. Furthermore, all disc products are of guaranteed quality, with sharp images and vivid sound, receiving many positive customer reviews.

Here, there are many copyrighted CDs, DVDs, Rock, Vietnamese music, international music,… to meet a variety of customer requirements.

Some benefits should choose the service at Legend:

  • Legend provides a variety of discs and many other attractive services
  • Competitive prices in the market with many attractive incentives
  • A place to store discs from the 9x era and constantly update new models
  • Reputable, genuine input products, bringing good experiences

Contact Infomation:

  • Address: 73 Phan Chau Trinh, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone: 023 6391 1170

Anh Quan music record store

Located at 68 Ho Quy Ly, one of the names that many people know when they want to buy records and discs in Da Nang. It can be said that when you need to watch any movie or music, you can find it here.

With a large number of movie discs collected over the years, or 9x music tapes up to now, both music vinyl discs and cassette tapes are available.


In addition to providing genuine products with clear manufacturing origins, Anh Quan still promotes updating new tape models on the market. Not only enriches the product portfolio but also maximizes customer choice.

With many years of experience in the market, Anh Quan has close relationships with many suppliers. Therefore, the products here are guaranteed to be genuine, saying no to pirated tapes, poor configurations, and prices that are quite suitable for consumers’ budgets.

Top 7 best record stores in Da Nang
Anh Quan music record store

Contact Infomation:

  • Address: 68 Ho Quy Ly, Thanh Khe Tay, Thanh Khe, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0236 6272 611

Cheap disc burning service in Da Nang

Cheap disc burning service in Da Nang is one of the stores with many years of experience in the field of selling CD tape products. Besides, the shop also provides professional recording and copying services.

When purchasing here, customers will be provided with products of clear and genuine origin along with extremely vivid images and sounds.

With the advantage of extremely convenient shopping space. The store always enthusiastically advises customers to choose products that suit their needs and preferences. So, for those of you who are buying for the first time or don’t know how to operate it, you can buy it here for dedicated instructions!

For disc burning or copying services, to ensure the sound is closest to the original disc. The shop provides CDs including phono boxes, beautiful color printed covers and genuine phono blanks. With such a professional working style, the unit is truly a destination that you should pay attention to.

Contact Infomation:

  • Address: H15/3 Dang Vu Hy, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0941 300 117

Some experiences when buying tapes and discs

Top 7 best record stores in Da Nang
You need attenion when buying tapes and discs

Tape has been a popular audio and video storage medium for many years. Today, although there are more modern storage media such as USB, hard drive or modern internet channels. But tapes are still loved by many people for their high quality sound and images, especially for old music and classic movies.

Determine the type of tape you need to buy

In reality, the market includes many different types of tapes and discs such as: cassette tapes, tapes, vinyl discs, CDs, DVDs,..

Each type of tape has its own advantages and disadvantages and meets different needs. different uses. Therefore, based on usage needs, customers can make appropriate choices.

Reputable record store

Currently, there are many record stores on the market. Most sales points that have been operating for a long time will be little known to people because they do not develop strongly on online sales channels. Therefore, you can refer to the locations above and come directly to the store to easily choose.

Product price

The price of tapes and discs depends on many factors, including: type of tape, manufacturer, quality of the product, etc. Customers should refer to the prices of different products to choose the right product. products that suit your needs and budget.

Top 7 best record stores in Da Nang
best record stores in Da Nang

As the final notes of our melodic exploration fade into the background, we find ourselves back at the Hanami Hotel Danang, a place that harmonizes perfectly with the rhythmic pulse of the city. Our tour of the top 7 record stores in Da Nang has been an auditory adventure, a journey through the grooves of vinyl and the soulful sounds that define this vibrant locale.

At Hanami Hotel, where comfort and culture intertwine, guests can revel in their musical finds, perhaps spinning a newly acquired vinyl as they unwind in their rooms. The hotel serves as the perfect backdrop for reflecting on the rich tapestry of sounds that the city has to offer, and the memories made while crate digging through its best record stores.

Contact Infomation:

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