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Discover the Beer Plaza Ba Na Hills Restaurant

As one of the interesting places to stop when coming to this fairyland – Beer Plaza Ba Na restaurant promises to bring you interesting experiences when you set foot here. This place is also a gathering place for friends and family to relieve stress and exhaustion after a day of fun in Ba Na. Let’s discover it with Hanami Hotel Danang!

Some features of Beer Plaza Ba Na Hills restaurant

nhà hàng Beer Plaza Bà Nà

In Ba Na, there is a building built with a scale of up to 4000m2, not only serving famous dishes imbued with Vietnamese culture but also bringing culinary experiences from Asia to Europe, ensuring a guarantee of the experience for the most demanding travelers. Conceptualized and built in the form of a giant beer barrel, on the outside, visitors will see half of the beer barrel floating on top. On the inside of the beer barrel, visitors will be able to see the other half.

The room is enormous, with a mirror coating covering the outdoors, totally reflecting the beautiful and majestic beauty of God Mountain. The restaurant has three floors and can is capable of over 3000 people. It not only provides a variety of buffet meals, but it also holds the B’estival beer festival from July to September.

Where is Beer Plaza restaurant?

  • Address: Du Dome Square, French village

Right in the middle of the French village, visitors can find a small road leading to Beer Plaza restaurant which is built with a unique and new architecture that will surely catch your eye.

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Opening hours of Beer Plaza Ba Na restaurant?

nhà hàng Beer Plaza Bà Nà

  • Opening time: 11am – 3pm and 5pm – 9pm

There are lunch and supper buffet time frames available. You can actively choose the best time to travel here. Visitors can participate in the evening activities held here on the weekly basis, or at any time can visit this place.

How much does Beer Plaza Restaurant cost?

Being among the best restaurants in Ba Na with very good food service quality, in addition to the quality of service here that will satisfy you. With such outstanding benefits, however, the buffet price here is also incredibly reasonable, enabling conditions for any guest to explore and enjoy the cuisine here.

  • Lunch buffet ticket price: 255,000 VND/adult
  • Dinner buffet ticket price: 280,000 VND/adult
  • Ticket price for children’s buffet > 1m: 128,000 VND/pax
  • Child buffet ticket price < 1m: Free

Delicious dishes at Beer Plaza restaurant

nhà hàng Beer Plaza Bà Nà

Beer Plaza Restaurant is considered a miniature world cuisine, including a variety of dishes from Asia to Europe, and a well-rounded menu of up to 70 dishes to help tourists spoilt for choice. In addition, the dishes here are made with fresh ingredients that are imported and changed on a daily basis. The dishes are also cooked by the chefs according to the characteristics of each region, ensuring the similarity of taste for the most demanding customers.

  • Famous but distinctive Western dishes include grilled American beef, pizza, German sausage, fried chicken, French fries, and so on.
  • Typical Vietnamese dishes include Quang noodles, Cao Lau, pho, and others.

How to book Beer Plaza restaurant buffet tickets

Buy single buffet tickets

Visitors will hold a single ticket for Beer Plaza restaurant, omitting the admission ticket to Ba Na Hills, using this technique.

  • Purchase tickets directly from the Ba Na Hills website.
  • Purchase airline tickets through travel agencies.
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Ticket prices are normally public and fixed, so visitors do not have to worry about price gouging or large price discrepancies.

To make your visit to Ba Na Hills more comfortable, you can obtain tickets through Ba Na Tours. Here, you can buy a ticket to Ba Na and save time reserving tickets to other places. This ticket includes the admission ticket as well as additional related locations.

Some experience booking Buffett tickets at Beer Plaza restaurant and other restaurants

nhà hàng Beer Plaza Bà Nà

  • It is recommended to purchase a buffet ticket by tour; you will save time and money, and the quality of the food is assured for the tour ticket.
  • Visitors should choose a Vietnamese buffet rather than a European buffet. Most meals from other cuisines may not be to the liking of Vietnamese people. However, if you want to try food from around the world but have never done so, you can refer to the remaining buffet!
  • Find several reliable and high-quality tours to get the most objective perspective, as well as a complete trip.

Above are the experiences of Beer Plaza restaurant that Hanami Hotel want to share with you. To have the most complete trip, call Hanami’s Hotline and book a Ba Na ticket right now. Wish you have a memorable experience at Beer Plaza as well as Ba Na Hils.

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