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Mikazuki Park – Discover the number one water park in Danang

Mikazuki Park is an ideal amusement park and resort complex with many quality services. This is always a top choice for many tourists when coming to Da Nang. Mikazuki Water Park is the perfect place to enjoy a fun, refreshing day out with your family and friends. It’s an exciting water park filled with a host of activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. What makes the Japanese Park in Da Nang so famous? Let’s explore Mikazuki Water Park with Hanami Danang Hotel through the article below! 

Some information about Mikazuki Park

Mikazuki Park is one of the famous parks in Danang, besides APEC Park, 29/3 Park, and so on. Mikazuki is located inside the Xuan Thieu tourist area, in Hoa Hiep Nam ward, Da Nang City. Danang is about 7km from the city center and only about 10 kilometers from Da Nang International Airport.

This amusement park is exceedingly large and majestic, with an investment capital of up to 100 million USD. Visitors to Mikazuki Water Park will feel as if they have entered a miniature Japan in the center of Da Nang.

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This park is divided into several sections that visitors can freely explore. All areas here are assured to provide visitors with the finest experience because they are built inside the house and have a solid roof system.

Opening hours 

Mikazuki Park is open every day of the week according to the following time frames:

  • Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Ticket price 

Below is the ticket price for Mikazuki Water Park Da Nang (including entrance ticket and onsen bath, but not including the cost of meals). Let’s take a look!

  • From 220,000VND to 300,000VND/adult ticket.
  • From 100,000VND to 180,000VND/child ticket.
  • Children under 1 meter tall will be free of charge.

When should you go to Mikazuki Water Park?

Mikazuki Park is designed with a dome system that covers the entire building, so visitors need not be concerned about the sun or rain when visiting this location. In addition, there is also a lake that controls the temperature of warm water in the winter and cool water in the summer. As a result, tourists to this Japanese park can enjoy themselves at any time of year.


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Exciting experiences at Danang water park

Water amusement park

The water amusement park is the main area of Mikazuki Park and is also the most popular tourist attraction. The first floor of the amusement park features a sliding waterfall with a giant Dragon Slider image. Here is also equipped with both single and double floats for solo travelers or couples, further improving the customer experience.

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In particular, the wave pool area is divided into separate areas for adults and children, making it exceptionally safe. With a large space, the water is adjusted to the appropriate temperature for any time of the year, visitors can fully experience the services at Mikazuki Park.

Children’s play area

A popular area for kids is the children’s play area. In this area, many games are set up such as racing, slides, animal picking, ball house, and most especially, exploring virtual reality with game machines. All types of tools are set up and appropriate for children of all ages. Children will have the opportunity to have fun, explore and be creative with extremely attractive games.

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Beauty Spa services

Spa Service is a beauty service located on the 3rd floor of Mikazuki Park. Visitors can immerse themselves in comfy relaxing moments with high-class Japanese-style beauty and healthcare services at this location. This is a great experience that visitors should not miss when coming to Da Nang as well as Mikazuki.

Onsen hot spring bath area based on Japanese standard 

The Mikazuki’s Japanese Onsen hot spring bath area is located on the fourth level. Depending on the preferences and needs of the visitors, this area is delicately designed with numerous distinct areas for men, women, or shared bathing areas. In addition, there is a system of water slide swimming pools and wave pools and a lazy river up to 450m long.

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The water temperature in the hot spring bath area is 38.5 degrees, which is extremely comfortable and suitable for guests who want to soak in it. Additionally, there is a coffee and tea area with standard Japanese-style tatami mats where guests can sit and sip on very intriguing beverages.


Enjoy unique and diverse cuisine

Those who are followers of cherry blossom country cuisine should not miss Mikazuki Park. This food court is designed from the space to the food menu, which exudes a strange charm, making everyone fall in love every time they arrive. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes with typical flavors, meeting all the needs of visitors.

There are 2 styles of sitting to eat, sitting on a chair or sitting on a Japanese standard stool, you can choose the style you like. However, no matter where you sit at the restaurant, visitors can enjoy the poetic, lyrical, and impressive seascape.

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Some recommendations for visiting Mikazuki Water Park in Danang

  • You should carefully prepare shimmering outfits and lovely accessories to be able to check in anywhere in Mikazuki Water Park because the park has a lot of beautiful backgrounds.
  • Prioritize wearing compact and convenient clothes to participate in outdoor and indoor activities in the most comfortable way.
  • Don’t forget to bring your Identity Document, driver’s license, and others.
  • Bring a waterproof phone case so you can both play and check in at the water play area at the same time.
  • Arrange a decent time to be able to experience all the amusement parks and services at Mikazuki Water Park.

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Mikazuki Park is an ideal place for those who pay a visit to Da Nang that should not be missed. After stressful days of studying and working, rewarding yourself and your family with a fun day at Mikazuki is essential to refresh yourself.

Hanami Hotel Danang hóp that the above information about Mikazuki Park will help you get more useful information in your upcoming Da Nang. See you in the next post!

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