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Discover Luong Stream Ecotourism Destination in Da Nang

If you are tired of hectic and noisy tourist destinations, come to Luong Stream Ecotourism Destination in Da Nang to experience a tranquil and relaxing environment. The stream is located at the foot of Hai Van Pass. This place is the right address for those who like a peaceful, gentle space, with the sound of birds singing and the soothing murmuring sound that is like nonstop “baroque” music, immersing tourists in the symphony of the natural beauty here.

If you are being whirled in the rhythm of the bustling urban place and forget the moments of enjoying nature, Follow Hanami Hotel Danang‘s article: “Discover Luong Stream Ecotourism Destination in Da Nang” to find out more useful information about Luong Stream so that you can pick up your backpack and come explore the streams in Da Nang right away.

In addition to being perplexed by the city’s known tourist attractions, “a little bit of Da Nang” is also embodied beyond the metropolitan lifestyle. You’ve probably heard the fable about fairies descending to earth and bathing in clear streams. Many people were moved by that scene. Perhaps it was that legend that began the harmony between humanity and the scenery in “Water Land,” and the echo of that harmony can still be found in Luong stream, a natural spring created by the Creator and bestowed on mankind in general and the central area of Vietnam in particular.

In addition, when coming to Da Nang, you can also explore the Than Tai Hot Springs Park and other attractive destinations in Da Nang.

The work and meaning of Luong Stream as an ecotourism destination

Discover Luong Stream Ecotourism Destination in Da Nang
Luong Stream Ecotourism Destination in Da Nang

Luong Stream Ecotourism Destination, also known as Hai Van Park, is located in Hoa Hiep Bac Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang, at the foot of the Hai Van Quan Pass (to the south). Danatol Joint Stock Company exploited the stream and developed it into an eco-tourism area in 2000 with the goal of establishing an appealing tourist destination to suit the demands of visitors for sightseeing, entertainment, picnics, resorts, food, and event management. That is why, when you come to enjoy the landscape at the stream, all your problems seem to fade away. Luong Stream Ecotourism Destination is a tourist project based on the investor’s enthusiasm. They are realistic and incredibly smart, since they make full use of nature’s magnificent scenery to serve people. Only those who have the courage to think and act in this manner As a result, Da Nang is no longer classified as plain and sketchy but rather as diverse and ever-changing.

How to get to Luong Stream

The journey to Luong Stream Ecotourism Destination is not difficult. Because Luong Stream is so near to the city center (just around 15 kilometers to the northwest), getting there is a breeze. From the city center, you search the map and find Dien Bien Phu street, run all the way down it, over the Hue T-junction bridge, and continue straight on the Nguyen Luong Bang route until you reach the end of the road. You will see another road climbing up to Hai Van Pass, then turn left and continue straight for 5-7 minutes till you see the entrance of Luong Stream. Here, a series of natural scenes gather before your eyes, and even though it’s only outside, you sense an intriguing secret discovery waiting inside.

What is the fastest way to Luong Stream?

The trip from the center to Luong Stream is quite simple, the landscape is flat, and the roads are mostly asphalt, making it highly handy for all modes of transportation. You should travel by motorcycle if you’re traveling in an group with few people, want to save money while also having a good time. In contrast, renting a shuttle is more practical for large groups that include both adults and children.

Opening hour

The Luong Stream Ecotourism Destinatio is open every day, including Tet holidays, from Monday through Sunday. The plague will be shut down to protect visitors, with the exception of a few rare events like storms and floods.

Ticket price at Luong Stream – Hai Van Park Da Nang

Entrance ticket price

  • Adult ticket price: 50,000 VND
  • Child ticket price is 20,000 VND (under 1m3)
  • Free child ticket price (under 1m)
  • Pool ticket: 30,000 VND per person.
  • Ticket price for overnight motorbike parking: 10,000 VND/night
  • Ticket price for car parking is 30,000 – 50,000 VND/night.
  • Fee for wedding photography: 150,000 VND
  • Guests bring food and drinks for a fee of 10,000 VND/person.

Rent camping space, campfire activities

+ For Cham Tower area (From 20-80 guests): 1000.000 VND/day, 1500.000 VND/day and night
+ For beach 1,500m2 + Stage (Max 600 guests): 2500.000/day, 3500.000/day/night/.
Campfire: 800.000 VND / turn.
Equipment rental: 600.000 VND / session, 1200.000/ day and night.
House on stilts: 100.000-300.000 VND/turn depending on the number of guests.
Rent speaker: 400.000 VND/day, 800.000/day and night.
Embroidery mat: 50.0000/piece
Oven rental: 100.000/piece
Rent electric fan, hammock: 50.000/piece.
Swimwear for men/women: 45.000/set.

The price of a small streamside hut

  • Seating capacity: 10 people
  • Ticket price: 400,000 VND

The price of a large streamside hut

  • Seating capacity: 20 people
  • Ticket price: 800,000 VND
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Vong Nguyet House Price

  • Seating capacity: 30 people
  • Ticket price: 1,000,000 VND

Tent rental price

  • Seating capacity: 10 people
  • Ticket price: 300,000 VND

Stilt House Rental Price

  • DAY RENT: Thai stilt house (for a maximum of 70 people): 2,300,000 VND
  • Dao stilt house (for a maximum of 60 people): 1,900,000 VND
  • Tay stilt house (for a maximum of 60 people): VND 1,800,000
  • Muong stilt house (for a maximum of 40 people): 1,600,000 VND
  • K’tu stilt house (for a maximum of 30 people): 1,000,000 VND

Stilt House Rental Price for Overnight Stays

Thai stilt house (for a maximum of 70 people): 3,200,000 VND

Dao stilt house (for a maximum of 60 people): 2,900,000 VND

Tay stilt house (for a maximum of 60 people): 2,900,000 VND

Muong stilt house (for a maximum of 40 people): 2,300,000 VND

K’tu stilt house (for a maximum of 30 people): 2,000,000 VND

The perfect time to visit Luong Stream

Like other Da Nang tourist destinations, most activities in Luong Stream Ecotourism Destination take place on the stream, with only food and lodging being affected by the weather. As a result, if you want to have a fun holiday that includes bathing in streams, eating outdoors, and other enjoyable activities, Luong Stream is the place to go.

  • From March to August: According to Da Nang’s weather, this is the best period to go swimming. Da Nang’s weather is fantastic right now, with nearly no rain. Summer is very hot from May through July, so temperatures can reach 39 to 40 degrees, making it excellent for visiting streams.
  • From September to December: Da Nang’s tourism spots are rather deserted. In fact, it frequently rains from September through October, especially in November when storms and floods arise. As a result, the water from the source is highly rushing, making visiting streams unsafe.
  • From January to March: Da Nang is in the spring, so the natural scenery is quite beautiful, hundreds of flowers blossom, and the climate is also very comfortable. However, it is only appropriate for walking, sightseeing, or camping. And since it is rather chilly, it is not the time to take a bath in the stream.

Luong stream gate: an unforgettable first impression

cổng suối Lương Đà Nẵng mang đậm bản sắc dân tộc
Luong stream gate is also a work that is creative, enthusiastic, and meaningful

Luong stream gate is also a work that is creative, enthusiastic, and meaningful. And that meaning is derived from Vietnamese patriotic and historical traditions. Standing at the entrance gate, the proud sight of the Lac bird’s wings extending in the sky is probably what first draws your attention. Although the bird’s wings are not designed to be too large, their symbolism with heaven, earth, and the country is very special.

The Lac bird’s wing is no longer just a figure etched on a bronze drum; it has evolved into something more liberal, popular, and spiritual. Thousands of aspirations are born and bloom where the Lac bird’s wings are personified, according to the national ideal.

The entryway to Luong Stream Ecotourism Destination also depicts Au Co’s mother with hundreds of eggs and a thousand-year-old wet rice plant, in addition to the lost bird. All of these photographs may be found at Luong Stream, a site where hopes and desires about a vibrant Vietnamese culture can be nurtured.

Luong Stream is the place to harmonize the cultures of the three regions of Vietnam

cảnh vật thiên nhiên ở Suối Lương Đà Nẵng
Luong Stream Ecotourism Destination in Da Nang

Tourists are typically sophisticated enough to recognize that the Luong Stream in Da Nang represents a clear harmony of the cultures of Vietnam’s three regions. Going on a stream tour also means experiencing the “room ceiling” world of national identity. Because Luong Stream Ecotourism Destination is a venue to reveal classical items, things that have been treasured by the nation since the beginning, although it seems to be a legend, it is too familiar and close. Everything revealed right in front of your eyes is absolutely a gift of nature.

You will be astounded by the ancient beauty of Cham tower architecture, a sacred religious structure built by the Cham people in the late 7th century, when discussing the culture of the Central – Central Highlands. Despite experiencing a considerable amount of wind, the modern Cham culture still possesses numerous ancient artifacts dispersed around the central coastal plain, and Luong stream is no exception. The Cham works are fully incorporated here in two layouts: a parallel triad arrangement and a central tower layout. Each pattern honors a different god and conveys a distinct message. Therefore, the best course of action for you to better comprehend this feature is to visit Luong Stream and engage with it firsthand.

Furthermore, Luong Stream tourism portrays the dusty but equally unique beauty of San house architecture, which is renowned as the symbol of the highland ethnic groups in Vietnam’s northwestern region. Above all, the old stilt houses in Luong Stream are sketches for the Muong and Tay ethnic tribes’ everyday shelter. The stilted dwellings are intricately and meticulously made, with wood and tile roofs as major components.

Because the stilt house here is only for sightseeing and enjoyment, the investor only uses materials that are resistant to storms and a few color elements to create artificial beauty for the building.

That’s why, when checking in at the historic and distinctive stilt houses here, you don’t have to worry about your “million-like” photos. Furthermore, if we talk about Southern culture in Luong Stream, we must mention food culture. Traveling to Luong Stream also allows you to sample the delicacies and distinctive cuisines of the South, which are referred to as “the masterpiece of Vietnamese cuisine” by many. Thus, when visiting Da Nang, as long as you have a little curiosity and a little desire to explore, conquering Luong Stream will not be too far away because Vietnam appears to be merging into one here.

Entire romantic scene

suối Lương Đà Nẵng thơ mộng
Luong Stream’s entire romantic scene

Going into the center of the Luong Stream Ecotourism Destination, visitors will surely be surprised by the beauty of the stream. The stream flows meanderingly at the foot of Hai Van’s pass. Not only that, but you can also enjoy the vast, green spaces of the mountains and forests. All this makes Luong Stream become so poetic, peaceful, and strangely lyrical.


Traveling to Luong Stream is not only a cultural exploration phase; it is also a place to help you discover the mystery of the inner world, which is always hidden in your people. Take in the natural beauty of the mountains and trees. A little bit of the ancient landscape’s dreaminess will make you unable to simply sit and gaze, but rather an encouragement to seek out things that have always captivated and intrigued you.

khu nhà nghỉ suối Lương - Hải Vân park Đà Nẵng
Luong Stream Ecotourism Destination in Da Nang

The starting point for that impromptu quest is the small cottages located on the banks of the stream, along with the dried leaves that are used as roofs when the wind comes. Some of the larger houses are made of wood and then polished and painted, with a sturdy tile roof.

And of course, you have to spend a lot more money to rent this type of house than a regular thatched-roof motel. The murmuring stream crept through the crevices of rocks that have faded because all year long exposure to dew in the sun creates chords that can make you immersed in this stunning scenery of nature.

The luxurious villas on the hill have double front doors that are open to let in the cool breeze. A cafe and bar with a calm atmosphere appear in the distance, inviting visitors to take a break for a while.

Also, a few cliffs are neatly arranged to form a bridge across the stream; the top has a handrail made of rope, and a few small cliffs do not have a handrail to test your bravery. And there are many other interesting things that only when you set foot in the stream, you can enjoy it yourself.

What to do in Luong Stream

các bạn trẻ check in tại suối Lương Đà Nẵng
You will not be disappointed with the entertainment options when visiting Luong Stream.

When you visit the Luong stream, you will not be disappointed with the entertainment options. This location has been designed to meet the travel demands of travelers from all over the world. Tourists’ favorite recreational activities include stream swimming and fishing.

Every summer, Luong Stream becomes a popular hangout for young people. They enjoy being immersed in the chilly spring water, so this is absolutely an addictive feeling!

các hoạt động tập thể ở suối Lương Đà Nẵng
The tranquil spring waters have become a popular destination for anglers.

The tranquil spring waters have become a popular destination for anglers. While fishing, sitting and listening to nature’s sounds might help tourists regain their full vigor and shake off the worries of life.

In addition, some nature lovers visit Luong Stream to embark on a journey into the world of “meditation.” You won’t be surprised to see folks meditating on the rocks here. They sit quietly, feeling and listening to their own voice. This person gives up on the cliff after a few dozen minutes of meditation with another person. Just like that, it goes on and on, quietly, not in a hurry or with hustle.

tắm suối ở khu du lịch sinh thái suối Lương Đà Nẵng - Hai van Park
Luong Stream Ecotourism Destination in Da Nang

If you look closely, you will see that young people like to halt at Luong stream in the evening, because Luong stream is truly an outstanding camping spot like no other. They are also permitted to start a campfire in a safe location with the permission of the eco-area management. A few groups of teenagers frequently meet near to the stream to sing, play group games, or conduct team-building activities.

There are also little swings positioned along the walks where you can take some great shots!

Three-region gastronomic paradise

tổ chức tiệc ăn uống buổi đêm tại Hải Vân Park - suối Lương Đà Nẵng
Luong Stream is also an excellent location for exploring the eco-zone’s “3 regions’ culinary paradise.”

Luong Stream is also an excellent location for exploring the eco-zone’s “3 regions of culinary paradise” in the “Country Market” area. The food stalls here are always ready for you to enjoy!

Hometown favorites including vermicelli, rice paper pork rolls, Cao Lau, Vietnamese crepe, and Quang noodles are displayed in an eye-catching way. Besides, the souvenir stalls are probably also a place that attracts a lot of tourists. Which is the Hoi An lantern, which is the Cam Ha terracotta, and so on. Everything seems so uncomplicated and rustic, and that is the reason why you should not miss it.

What should you eat?

When you visit Luong Stream Ecotourism Destination, you will have more options for food and drink. If bringing food is prohibited in other tourist places such as Nui Than Tai and Ba Na Hills, you can bring your own to Luong Stream. Of course, separate food courts will remain to service the groups who wish to dine here.

Bring your own food

You can bring your own food and drinks if you don’t want to waste money on ordering food at Luong Stream restaurants and want to create a more cheerful mood for the entire family. However, personal stoves and ovens are absolutely prohibited; only food is permitted. If you wish to cook in Luong Stream at the moment, you must hire an oven and cook in the proper location.

Discover the unique cuisine of Luong Stream

  • Cham Pa Restaurant: This restaurant features stunning ancient Cham architecture. The Champa influence permeates everything, from the sample patterns to the goods. The restaurant is created with an open space that is in tune with nature, making it a great location for conferences, gatherings, flower festivals, or weddings, et cetera.
  • Country Market: Visitors will taste the Central region’s unique cuisine with highly rustic delicacies such as water fern cake, flat steamed rice dumplings, rice dumpling cake, and Quang noodles in a very historic atmosphere. A Vietnamese village appears lovely in Cho Que, with bamboo banks, banana plants, extremely ancient houses, lotus ponds, and stone tables.

What to prepare for Luong Stream tourism in Da Nang?

When visiting Luong Stream for sightseeing or tourism, keep the following information in mind:

  • Prepare your clothes and towels for use after a bath in the stream.
  • Bring a camera to capture special moments, and don’t forget a power bank.
  • Bring only a small amount of food, drinks, a grill, or a box speaker… because the surcharge is rather large here.

Da Nang is always striving to maintain its reputation as “a worth living city” and earn public recognition. This is the location where thousands of different versions of natural scenes can be found. In addition to beautiful beaches, boisterous amusement parks, or opulent resorts, there are also fairy-like settings with mountains, forests, and streams like Luong Stream that will inspire you to explore the natural world and your inner self.

If you are being whirled in the rhythm of the bustling urban place and forget the moments of enjoying nature, why don’t you pick up your backpack and come explore the streams in Da Nang just shared above. If you have the opportunity to travel to Da Nang, do not miss it!

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