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Discover best train Hanoi to Da Nang

Embraced by the serenity of the Hanami Hotel Da Nang, where the pristine sands of My Khe Beach whisper tales of relaxation, there’s a pulsating sense of adventure that calls for exploration beyond the city’s bounds. Here, where comfort embraces you like an old friend, the desire for discovery ignites a journey of senses and emotions aboard the best train Hanoi to Da Nang.

From the pastoral serenity of rural provinces to the brilliant azure ocean that signals your arrival in Da Nang, the journey on this train becomes much more than a means to an end—it’s a path to self-discovery, a voyage that touches the soul in ways only true travel aficionados would understand.

Best train Hanoi to Da Nang
Welcome to Da Nang

Should I travel to Da Nang by train?

Da Nang – beautiful coastal city in the central region of Vietnam. It is not only famous for its smooth white beaches and famous tourist destinations, but also an attractive destination for people and delicious local food. Among the common means of transportation, traveling by train to Da Nang is definitely a unique and interesting choice that you should not ignore.

Is traveling to Danang by train? Yes of course! This is an extremely popular and popular form of tourism in recent years. Let’s find out the benefits when traveling by train!

  • Freedom to enjoy the beautiful scenery: You will see the beautiful natural scenery from the dry sand slope, the passes bending around the mountains to the green sea.
  • Cheap and stable: Compared to aircraft, traveling to Da Nang by train is more reasonable
  • Safety: The train moves on a separate rail system, which helps minimize the risk of collisions with vehicles, and is not congested.
  • Enjoy nostalgia: For travelers who love the classic space of the 90s, the trip to Danang by train will bring special experiences. Each rustic features like the scene of selling familiar night food or images of families chatting, reading books, … have become a familiar part of train culture.
best train Hanoi to Da Nang
What’s fun about taking the train from Hanoi to Danang?

If you are worried about the utilities on the train is the same as other vehicles, please read the following section!

  • High -class facilities: Currently, all train routes have been upgraded by Vietnam Railway. The cars on the ship are designed with soundproofing, two -way air conditioning and quality furniture. Particularly for the bedroom compartments, it is also equipped with utilities such as night lights, reading lights, blankets, sheets, pillows and cushions clean, luxurious, along with a safe door lock system.
  • Clean toilet area: Facial sink and toilet are located at the beginning or end of the prescription, bringing comfort to passengers.
  • Kingdoms: You can order food and drinks as soon as there are staff trucking sales across or put lunch – dinner directly (for long moving routes). In addition, you can freely bring food on board (less smelled food) to save and taste more.

All this creates a comfortable space, ensuring peace of mind for visitors throughout the journey to travel from Hanoi to Da Nang by train.

The best train Hanoi to Da Nang

The best train Hanoi to Da Nang
Which train from Hanoi to Da Nang should you choose?

Every day there are 6 trains from Hanoi to Da Nang, SE1, SE3, SE5, SE7, SE9 and SE19. These trains have a fixed running time and the running time is not the same, so the train ticket price is a bit different, as follows:

SE1 train schedule SE1 Hanoi – Da Nang (22h20 – 15h02)

  • Starting time: 22h20
  • Now to Da Nang: 13h22 the next day
  • Train time: 15h02 minutes

Train ticket price SE1 Hanoi – Da Nang:

– Auxiliary seats 358k VND

– Soft air -conditioning seats: 573k or 583k depending on the type

– Located compartment 6 air conditioning: 1st floor price 873k, 2nd floor price 762k, 3rd floor price 706k

– Located compartment 4 air conditioning: 1st floor cost 991k or 1026k depending on the type, 2nd floor cost 891k or 926k depending on the type

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– Located compartment 2 VIP air conditioner: 1983k

SE3 train schedule SE3 Hanoi – Da Nang (19h25 – 11h03)

  • Starting time: 19h25
  • Now to Da Nang: 11h03 the next day
  • Train running time: 15h38 minutes

Train ticket price SE3 Hanoi – Da Nang:

– Soft air conditioning seats: 584k or 594k VND depending on the type

– Located compartment 4 air conditioning: 1st floor cost 988k or 1023k depending on the type, 2nd floor cost 903k or 938k

– Located compartment 6 air conditioning: 1st floor price 890k, 2nd floor cost 778k, 3rd floor price 719k

Time to run SE5 Hanoi – Da Nang (8h50 – 1H01)

  • Starting time: 8h50
  • Now to Da Nang: 1h1 night
  • Train running time: 16h11 minutes

SE5 train ticket price Hanoi – Da Nang:

– Auxiliary seats: 264k VND

– Hard air -conditioning seats: 378k

– Soft air -conditioning seats: from 499 – 550k depending on the type

– Located compartment 4 air conditioning: 1st floor price 888k – 941k depending on the type, 2nd floor price 832k – 884k

– Located compartment 6 air conditioning: 1st floor cost 805k or 821k depending on the type, 2nd floor cost 726k or 741k depending on the type, 3rd floor cost 618k or 631k

SE7 Hanoi – Da Nang train schedule (6h – 22h27)

  • Starting time: 6 o’clock
  • Now to Da Nang: 22h27 the same day
  • Train time: 16h27 minutes

SE7 train ticket price Hanoi – Da Nang:

– Hard air -conditioning seats: VND 399k

– Soft air conditioning seats: 527k or 537k

– Located compartment 4 air conditioning: 1st floor price 937k or 972k, 2nd floor price 879k or 914k

– Located compartment 6 air conditioning: 1st floor cost 866k, 2nd floor price 782k, 3rd floor price 666k

SE9 HANOI – Da Nang (14h25 – 7h37)

  • Starting time: 14h25
  • Now to Da Nang: 7hh37 the next morning
  • Train time: 17h12 minutes

SE9 Hanoi train ticket price:

– Auxiliary seats: 274k

– Hard seats: 342k

– Hard air -conditioning seats: 392k

– Soft air conditioning seats: 517k or 527k

– Located compartment 4 air conditioning: 1st floor price 901k or 936k, 2nd floor price 836k or 871k

– Located compartment 6 air conditioning: 1st floor price 832k, 2nd floor price 751k, 3rd floor price 640k

SE19 Hanoi – Da Nang (20h – 12h25)

  • Starting time: 20h
  • Now to Da Nang: 12:25 the next day
  • Train time: 16h25 minutes

Train ticket price SE19 Hanoi – Da Nang:

– Auxiliary seats: 260k

– Soft air conditioning seats: 527k or 537k

– Located compartment 4 air conditioning: 1st floor costs 945k or 980k, 2nd floor price 865k or 900k

– Located compartment 6 air conditioning: 1st floor cost 785k, 2nd floor price 735k, 3rd floor price 610k

– Located compartment 2 VIP air conditioner: 1890k

Experience going to Da Nang by train

best train Hanoi to Da Nang
What should you prepare when traveling to Danang?

The journey of Da Nang travel by train brings a new experience. Choosing a train is a means of transportation will bring you memorable memories. Save the experiences to Danang by train below to have the best trip.

How to buy train tickets to Da Nang

Do you want to experience the trip to Da Nang conveniently and quickly? Discover how to buy train tickets to Da Nang via VNPAY e-wallet, help you save time, and have an online safety shopping experience.

You can refer to the instructions for buying tickets on VNPAY wallet below to immediately book train tickets for friends and family:

  • Step 1: Log in to VNPAY e-wallet application on your mobile phone. After that, search and select the “train ticket” utility.
  • Step 2: Select the departure point of Hanoi and the destination is Da Nang, enter the date of information and the number of passengers and choose the number of seats on the phone screen.
  • Step 3: Confirm whether the booking information such as the location of the chair, the train, the ship is right or not.
  • Step 4: Enter the personal information of passengers to buy tickets, confirm the final information and proceed to pay through the payment methods supported on VNPAY wallet.

Advantages of buying train tickets with VNPAY wallet

  • Save time: No need to go to train ticket agents or wait at the ticket counter. You can buy tickets right at VNPAY wallet application.
  • Safety and security: Prestigious and reliable VNPAY wallet, ensuring the security of information and payment transactions.
  • Preferential fares: You can also use promotional codes from incentive programs to save travel costs.
  • Flexible and utility: You can buy train tickets to Da Nang at any time and wherever you just need to connect to the Internet.
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Choose seats

When buying train tickets to Da Nang online, you will be able to see the seat map and easily choose, similar to when buying movie tickets. Depending on the starting point and your health status, choose the right seat type. There are the following types of train chairs: soft air -conditioned chairs, 4 -bed beds, beds 6 or VIP beds.

In case you want to save, you can choose a soft chair. However, this is not a reasonable choice for long -distance trains because it will be very tired and uncomfortable.

At that time, you can choose 4 or 6 beds to conveniently rest. This is also a favorite compartment for those who want to live virtual on this route because of the windows and large space. So, if you intend to book a train ticket in Hanoi – Da Nang, the best choice is the bed.

Train luggage

One note that is to prepare luggage on a light train. This makes it not only convenient to move but also easy to store on the train. Put all personal belongings in a separate bag to use when needed, especially when you prepare for long journeys. High -value objects should be carefully preserved or always carried by themselves.

While moving, always pay attention to luggage, can be compacted above the luggage storage area or in the sight. In addition, for easy employees and passengers, please bring luggage weighing less than 20kg on board. If you have a large luggage, you can contact the train station staff to send luggage.

Select the “5-star” train route for a more comfortable trip

Have you ever heard about the 5 -star train but do not know the exact special features of this type of train? The 5 -star train includes SE1, SE2, SE3, SE4, SE5, and SE6 ships running the Saigon – Hanoi route is exploited in 2018.

Outside, the car has a luxurious white car, while inside is equipped with objects High quality composite and LED lighting system.

You will also find the electronic board displaying important information such as temperature, speed and location, along with utilities such as a power outlet and USB port to charge the phone inside. For the seat compartment has been equipped with 8 modern TVs to serve the entertainment needs of passengers.

The seats at the cars have also been replaced, guaranteed to be spacious, comfortable and able to lean back. In addition, the toilet has been upgraded and ensured clean. This helps passengers enjoy the trip to Da Nang by the most complete train. In particular, SE1, SE2, SE3, SE4 trains provide free meals, bringing convenience and comfort to your journey.

When choosing a train to go to Da Nang, the 5-star train is a good choice. The price of Hanoi – Da Nang route is from 651,000 to 1,307,000 VND. However, note that the ticket price may vary depending on time, so check the ticket information and book in advance on VNPAY wallet to ensure the price and choose the appropriate seat.

In addition to the amenities and preferential tickets, passengers can also enjoy dedicated care from employees. The 5 -star train is a copy model of a professional aircraft service. The staff are selected and trained to give passengers the safest and most convenient trip.

best train Hanoi to Da Nang
best train Hanoi to Da Nang

The call to introduce this journey stems from a blend of soulful connections to the diverse beauty of Vietnam and an unwavering eagerness to share this hidden gem of a travel experience.

After exploring the vibrant mix of culture, comfort, and convenience at Hanami Hotel Danang, it’s clear that this hotel embodies much more than a mere place to stay; it offers a portal to an immersive Vietnamese experience.

Nestled in the heart of Danang, a rapidly developing city that gracefully balances modernity with tradition, the Hanami Hotel serves as a perfect retreat for both the leisure-seeking tourist and the busy business traveler.

Here’s to hoping your visit to Danang, with the Hanami Hotel as your base, is as enchanting and satisfying as the myriad of adventures the city has to offer. Safe travels, and may your journey be as pleasant as the destination itself


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