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“Get Lost” in 20 Breathtaking Check-in Places in Ba Na Hills Da Nang

Ba Na Hills is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Da Nang. This place is likened to the “climate pearl” of Vietnam, or “Da Lat of the Central”. With a beautiful scene like a “fairytale” place, Ba Na Hills promises to be a great destination not to be missed for those who love to travel. If you will be traveling to Da Nang, Ba Na Hills is definitely worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Follow Hanami‘s article, ““Get Lost” in 20 Breathtaking Check-in Places in Ba Na Hills Da Nang” to find out more!

An overview of Ba Na Hills Da Nang

Situated in the Truong Son Mountains, from the west of Danang City, you can get to the Ba Na Cable Car station at the height of up to 1,487 meters on the Nui Chua mountain. At first sight, Ba Na Hills is a mini Europe in the heart of the city with beautiful ancient architectural works, extremely attractive entertainment games, and even a flower garden. The temperature remains cool and moderate, which is perfect for sight-seeing and enjoying.

Ba Na Hills has all four major attractions, including:

  • Resort, wait for the cable car
  • Spring apricots
  • Ba Na Cable Car
  • Linh Ung Pagoda,…
  • Many other places
"Get Lost" in 20 Breathtaking Check-in Places in Ba Na Hills Da Nang
Ba Na Hills is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Da Nang

Visitors to Ba Na Hills may take in more than just the scenic views of the clouds, trees, and flowers in the area. With flower gardens, love gardens, a wine cellar, and more ancient beauty…

Amazing discovery places will melt your heart and make you roll your eyes in admiration. Whatever angle you take will result in a work of art with the beautiful photo frame of clouds here. A complex of entertainment games is also present here, perfect for adventurers. Sun World Ba Na Hills also introduced a ton of brand-new sites to meet tourists’ desires for taking stunning photos.

“Get Lost” in 20 Breathtaking Check-in Places in Ba Na Hills Da Nang

Cable Car

One of the most special experiences for visitors traveling to Ba Na Hills is taking the cable car and admiring the whole of Ba Na as a perfect picture with clouds, mountains, and majestic waterfalls from above. Ba Na Hills cable car is more than 5.7 km long, and the altitude difference between the departure station and destination station is even 1,369 m. The cable car can accommodate more than 3,000 people per hour with 200 cabins that are the most modern in Southeast Asia. The journey by cable car takes about 17 minutes. This is the cable route that has four Guinness World Records and is ranked seventh in the world’s top ten most impressive cable car routes.

Cáp treo Bà Nà Hills
Ba Na Hills Cable Car

Le Jardin D’Amour Gardens

Le Jardin d’Amour (Garden of Love) is inspired by French architecture. This French-style flower garden occupies a huge area on the east side of Ba Na Mountain. The flower garden of Le Jardin d´amour is famous for its nine romantic gardens with nine ways of architecture that give you the unique experience of exploring it. The entire place is a master piece of European architecture, flowers, and botanical art.

Vườn hoa Le Jardin
Le Jardin D’Amour Gardens

Golden Bridge 

Danang Golden Bridge perches on a prime location inside the Ba Na Hills, a fascinating entertainment and tourism complex in Danang City. At a height of 1400 meters above sea level, the bridge is a masterpiece with golden-hue gilded railing frames and a winding shape (stretching 150 meters in length).

The Golden Bridge was newly built and has become a new symbol of Danang since 2018. The bridge also makes its name on the global stage, with thousands of international tourists flocking there to check-in at Vietnam’s most famous bridge. What’s more, its impressive architecture has inspired many structures around the world to be modeled after it.

Cầu Vàng đứng đầu danh sách những kỳ quan mới của thế giới
The Golden Bridge is at the top of the list of the world’s new wonders

French Village

French village, or so called ‘little Paris’ is the heart of Ba Na Hills where you will be amazed by the classical and contemporary architecture. The French Village is a recreation of a medieval French town. The village has a large square with a cathedral, a fountain, restaurants, and a cafe decorated with flowers and vintage cars. Calming French music plays in the background. French Village is definitely a place not to be missed when traveling to Ba Na Hills.

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Làng Pháp- điểm sống ảo Bà Nà Hills cực đỉnh
French Village is one of the most scenic tourist attractions in Ba Na Hills

The road of murals

The monotonous stairs have been transformed into colorful stairs thanks to the young talented artist. Visitors only need to strike a few simple poses to capture stunning images.

Cung đường sống ảo Bà Nà Hills cực Chill
The road of murals

Love Bridge

The Love Bridge is definitely a must-visit for couples. The heart-covered bridge with cute locks on the bridge is a testament to the love of couples who have been here. After attaching the lock to the bridge, couples often drop the key into the Han River wishing their love will always be sustainable, like a lock that will be attached to this bridge forever.

From the love bridge, you can take so many beautiful photos with the view of the Dragon Bridge and sparkling streets across the Han River.

Check-in cầu tình yêu trên Bà Nà Hills
Love Bridge

Debay Wine Cellar

According to the history of Ba Na Hills, the Debay Wine Cellar is known as a special structure built by the French nearly 100 years ago. The cellar is built from rocky and mortar materials with a width of 2 meters and a length of 100 meters. Inside the cellar, there is a fireplace, storage cellar, and bar. The French used this to enjoy wine, food, and dancing in the presence of natural air conditioning.

The wine here is very precious and delicious, since this place always keeps the temperature between 16-20 degrees Celsius to preserve the best wine.

Hầm rượu Debay Bà Nà Hills
Debay Wine Cellar

Ba Na Hills’ mysterious old house

A place that few people know, the mysterious old house is located deep inside of Ba Na Hill. The Golden Bridge area leads to the flower garden, passing the statue garden by about 100 meters. The path leading to this house is full of blooming flowers.

This is an ancient structure constructed to serve the French people. This location was deserted after a period of inactivity. Many people are intrigued and eager to discover its wild and mysterious features.

Sống ảo tại Bà Nà Hills với ngôi nhà hoang
Ba Na Hills’ mysterious old house

Statue Garden at Ba Na Hills

Visit the Statue garden to get a really stunning and unique photo. This garden is located near Fantasy Park. The campus is large and planted with many flowers and trees. The Garden of Statues displays 12 Zodiac signs, which are symbols associated with each person who comes here, each with a different sign. It is also an opportunity for you to take pictures with your mascots. It promises to be an interesting and impressive photo.

Lung linh với cảnh đẹp sống ảo tại Bà Nà Hills
Statue Garden at Ba Na Hills

Funicular experience

A funicular is a train used in mountainous areas to go up and down slopes of varying degrees – and it always works in pairs. The carriage runs on rails and is raised and lowered with a cable by the counterweight of the other carriage. With a capacity of less than 80 people/cabin with a speed of 5m/s. Accordingly, the operating capacity reaches 1,600 passengers/hour.

The funicular at Ba Na is made by a Swiss company and is the only one of its kind in Vietnam. It transports visitors to and from the D’Amour Flower Gardens and Debay Wine Cellar area to D’Amour Station.

Tàu hỏa leo núi tại Bà Nà Hills
Funicular experience

Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda is one of the three famous Linh Ung Pagodas in Da Nang City. This place is a spiritual destination that you must definitely visit when coming to Ba Na Hills. The temple is located at an altitude of nearly 1,500 meters above sea level. From the gate of the temple, you will see the majestic panorama of Da Nang City, Son Tra Peninsula, My Khe Beach and Ba Na Mountains. One of the symbols of Ba Na Hills is a 27-meter-tall statue of Sakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, meditating on the lotus. You can see this statue from the foot of the mountain, making the temple more majestic. There is also Mysterious Garden which is a maze-style garden for you to visit.

Chùa Linh Ứng Bà Nà trên Bà Nà Hills
Linh Ung Pagoda

Saint Denis Church

The highlight of the French village on Ba Na is Saint Denis Church. With its arched dome, this place is considered to be a miniature of France. Denis is the redesigned work of chief architect Philip Andrew Hocking. As a result, this location exudes the most ancient and sophisticated beauty.

Nhà thờ St. Denis trên đỉnh Bà Nà
Saint Denis Church

Wax museum

Wax Museum at Ba Na Hills is the largest wax sculpture exhibition area in Vietnam. Each extremely sophisticated wax statue is created by the skillful Italian artisans. 

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The wax museum displays the statues of more than 50 famous personalities and celebrities like Marylin Monroe, Lady Gaga, Queen Elizabeth, Michael Jordan, Messi, Obama and many more. When visiting the Wax Museum, you will be able to see them all and take unlimited photos with wax figures.

Bảo tàng tượng sáp - điểm check-in, sống ảo tại Bà Nà Hills cực hot
Wax museum

Beer Plaza

You are free to take photographs and explore the features on this site. It is the highlight to help you get a cool and confident photo to show off to your friends, with the construction of hundreds of sparkling gold-colored glass panels.

Visitors can also enjoy a buffet with a menu of hundreds of dishes from various cuisines. You can eat, drink, play, and watch the artists’ vibrant performances.

Beer Plaza Bà Nà Hills
Beer Plaza

Nghinh Phong Tower

Nghinh Phong Tower is one of the tourist attractions that receive the attention of a large number of visitors coming to Ba Na Hills. Nghinh Phong Tower has 9 floors and is built in the majestic ancient architecture style. The special feature is that each tower floor has 4 small bronze bells hanging in 4 corners to create sacred sounds.

In addition, visitors can admire majestic mountain scenery from the tower.

Tháp Nghinh Phong Tự tại Bà Nà Hills
Nghinh Phong Tower

Tru Vu Tea House

This is located in a chilly place on the top of the hill. You can enjoy the tea in the chilly weather and landscapes. The furniture is inspired by Japanese culture like square table and cushions. The architecture of the place is traditional northern Vietnamese.

Trú Vũ Trà Quán
Tru Vu Tea House

Linh Chua Linh Tu Temple

Located in a place where heaven and earth harmonize, Linh Chua Linh Tu Temple is a place of worship, remembering the merits of Ba Chua Thuong Ngan. Besides conquering the highest peak in Da Nang city (1487m). Visitors from all over the world come to the temple to feel relaxed and all their worries seem to have been removed.

Đền Lĩnh Chúa Linh Từ
Linh Chua Linh Tu Temple

Thien Thai Garden in Ba Na Hills

A sweet, pure beauty with spring colors is located next to the Golden Bridge of Ba Na Hills Da Nang. Thousands of flowers show off their lovely fragrance. The scenery is expertly decorated, with meticulous attention to detail.

Vườn Thiên Thai Bà Nà Hills
Thien Thai Garden

This place is like a small island country of flowers thanks to the hands of skilled people. If you have come to Ba Na Hills, you cannot ignore the beautiful beauty of this place. 

Noel Square 

Noel Square will be one of the must-see destinations during the Christmas season, with a 20m high pine tree sparkling in a space filled with Christmas colors, like a mini Europe. On this side, booths made of giant orange-yellow pumpkins display eye-catching souvenirs; on the other side, the snowy white house invites, as if hiding many interesting secrets for visitors to discover. The reindeer herd and other animals are happy and reunited in a corner, bringing the warm breath of life.

Quảng Trường Noel đẹp, phù hợp sống ảo tại Bà Nà Hills
Noel Square

Senses Garden

Senses Garden is located next to the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills Da Nang. This place is a stunning and romantic garden of Ba Na Hills that any visitor will be surprised. Along with that, Thought Garden is one of the 9 most outstanding and beautiful gardens in Ba Na Hills. For photography enthusiasts, this place provides the perfect opportunity to take some truly stunning shots.

Prestigious and convenient Ba Na Hills ticketing location without concern for price gouging

The majority of tourists who visit Da Nang choose to go to Ba Na Hills. Hanami Danang Hotel recognizes this need and immediately offers visitors ticketing services for Ba Na Hills. For hotel guests specifically, you can purchase tickets immediately by calling the front desk or the staff at Hanami Hotel’s hotline at 0905 432 992 to receive assistance from staff as soon as possible!

Useful tips when visiting Ba Na Hills

Please keep the following in mind to enjoy the trip to Ba Na Hills to the fullest:

  • To avoid running out of tickets, purchase them before visiting Ba Na Hills.
  • You should arrive early to avoid crowding.
  • Because the weather in Ba Na Hills is frequently chilly, you should dress appropriately to take the best photos while also protecting your health.
  • Bring sports shoes for easy movement, as there are many places to visit in Ba Na Hills.

Above are the Top 20 Breathtaking Check-in Places in Ba Na Hills Da Nang that you should not miss. If you’re planning a trip to Ba Na soon, mark these spots on your itinerary right away! We hope you have a wonderful holiday with your lover, friends and family!

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