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Revealing the benefits of Onsen Bath – Top 4 High Quality Onsen Bath Places in Da Nang

Da Nang is a popular tourist destination because of its natural beauty and the friendliness of people. Tourists are drawn to Da Nang not only for its tourist attractions such as Ba Na Hills and Hoi An, but also for its high-class facilities such as mud baths, mineral baths, waterfall slides, and so on. Natural mud bath is the attraction that visitors to this coastal city must experience. As a result, Hanami Hotel Danang has compiled a list of the Top 4 High-Quality Onsen Bath Places in Da Nang that you may see below. We hope you all have enjoyable experiences!

What is Onsen Bath?

Onsen bath is a popular service in Vietnam in general, and especially in Da Nang. Because it is praised by travelers, especially Japanese because it is not inferior to their country.

Onsen bath is bathing in pure mineral water that is incredibly beneficial to health. Soaking in a pure hot spring not only helps you nourish your spirit, but it also has a very good therapeutic effect. Bathing in onsen hot springs is a long-standing cultural beauty of the Japanese people, which is also a favorite place for both locals and tourists when coming to the land of the rising sun.

Tắm Onsen ở Đà Nẵng
Onsen bath is incredibly beneficial to health.

Onsen bath is a lifestyle that Vietnamese people have absorbed and passed on to their families as a form of global cultural inheritance, in addition to its value as a method of leisure and tourism. Nowadays, many hotels and private inns in Da Nang have inherited this custom and built onsen areas where visitors can soak in the healthy mineral water and hot springs while enjoying the picturesque view next to granite, granite, or cedar tree tops.

The wonderful effects of Onsen bath

Onsen bath has long been popular among the Japanese. In 733, in Izumo no Kuni Fudoki’s books (Chronicles of the Land of Izumo), one of the detailed descriptions of Onsen pools is “One bath cleanses the skin, one continuous bath cures all diseases. This is the ancient gods’ land.”

According to traditional medicine and scientists who have explored and developed more in today’s 4.0 era, there have been studies proving that Onsen bath really brings amazing benefits:

  • Therapeutic Minerals: Because Onsen is derived from the ground, it contains a huge number of ions made up of different types of minerals. The effects of soaking in Osen baths containing these ions allow these ions to flow through the skin, balance electrolytes in the body, and relieve pain in joints and nerves. Minerals with antibacterial qualities, such as sodium chloride, calcium chloride, sulfate ions, and others, are effective in treating dermatological problems such as acne, freckles, and skin rejuvenation.
  • Youth minerals: The hot mineral source of the hot mineral resort complex at the onsen baths, in particular, provides remarkable aesthetic effects due to its superior H2SiO3 content, which hydrates the skin, eliminates the keratinized stratum corneum, and contributes to white and pink skin. Youth restoration, attractiveness enhancement, and the recovery of damaged hair and skin are all possible.
Tắm Onsen ở Đà Nẵng
The wonderful effects of Onsen bath
  • Heat therapy: Hot mineral springs will aid to improve metabolism and burn calories, assisting the body in losing weight. In addition, the combination of warm water, which activates sweat glands, and mineral salts, which moisturize and destroy bacteria, is the most effective approach to removing toxins from the skin and keeping it firm and healthy.
  • The “environmental effect” is another outstanding advantage of an onsen bath. The hot mineral resort complex in Da Nang has taken advantage of the beauty of the clouds and sky of Da Thanh to create a land of poetic landscapes, whereas onsen baths in Japan are usually located in the suburbs with beautiful scenery. Quiet natural scenery gives tourists or locals a feeling of peace that everyone is always interested in.

Onsen bath culture and Japanese rules

  • Before entering the Onsen, take a shower

For the hygiene and safety of the visitors, it is a must before entering the onsen tub. You have to shower or scrub with soap before using the Osen tub. Bring your own towels, shampoo, and soap as possible.

  • You have to get rid of everything in your body

Most Osen hot springs do not allow swimsuits and force bathers to remove all clothing. These facilities will have separate restrooms for men and women. When on the shore, you can use a towel to cover your body. This is to maintain the water as clean as possible.

  • Photography is not allowed at the Onsen tub

To ensure privacy, photography is not permitted at the onsen baths. You must first check with the staff to determine whether taking photos around you is permitted.

  • ” Tattoo “

Most Osen baths in Japan are not open to people with tattoos because they believe that people with tattoos are gang members and dangerous people. Therefore, some mineral springs in Japan restrict the reception of guests with tattoos.

  • Stay away from alcohol

For hygiene and personal safety reasons, guests who come to the bath should drink bottled water. The most important thing is to avoid drinking alcohol before taking a bath because it can be harmful to health when soaking in hot water for too long will cause dangerous side effects.

With the amazing impact and tradition of the Osen bath, Hanami Hotel would like to send you the top 4 best Onsen bath locations in Da Nang for health. Please take a few minutes to read the article!

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Mikazuki Japanese Resorts

The integrated resort entertainment complex named Onsen Mikazuki Da Nang offers many attractive amenities such as Mikazuki 365 water park, indoor play area, and spa services.  This location, in particular, offers Onsen bathing services in Da Nang from a height of 22 floors above the ground. Decored with appealing style, and beautiful mossy leaves, coming to Mikazuki, you will be transported into the land of the rising sun in Japan, with its lightness, silence, and purity.

Tắm Onsen ở Đà Nẵng

You will experience the most authentic approach, providing visitors a feeling of rejuvenation, physical recovery, and healing assistance for all conditions such as stress, relaxing muscles, and healthy bones, treat diseases of the heart, skin, and rheumatism. Those who enjoy outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle should go at least once.

At Mikazuki Da Nang, there are also unique services, visitors will be served 2 types of service areas: a public hot mineral bath area and a private area for couples.

Coming to the common mineral bath area for all male and female tourists of various genders and ages, here you can wear a swimsuit like in a normal pool and bathe while admiring the natural surroundings. Besides that Japanese love the main color tone red and blue.

Tắm Onsen ở Đà Nẵng

The Mikazuki private bath is ideal if you want a secluded location with plenty of romance and peace in hot water, with ice, a bubbling system, or a massage. When you go into this place, the internal wood scent and the smell of artificial grass will transport you to a state of deep relaxation. A secluded place with bold Japanese-style architecture that can be seen through glass doors allows you to fully enjoy every second of this small Japanese-style house.

As a result, Mikazuki deserves to be an Onsen bathing destination in Da Nang that you should visit.

Price list for onsen bath service in Danang Mikazuki

  • Adults: 150,000 VND / ticket
  • Children (1m – 1m4): 100,000 VND/ticket
  • For visitors who want to book Combo (including an Onsen bath ticket + lunch/dinner), the cost ranges from 300,000 – 350,000 VND/person.

Contact Info:

  • Address: Nguyen Tat Thanh, Hoa Hiep Nam, Lien Chieu, Da Nang
  • Tel: 0236 3774 555.

Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park

Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park Danang is located on a mountain full of ornamental plants, bringing new colors and warmth to the mountains. The hot springs on Than Tai Mountain give visitors the feeling of being small in the middle of nature.

The source of Nui Than Tai Resort’s hot mineral springs starts at the top of Ba Na sacred mountain and gets pure essence from both sides of Thanh Long and Bach Ho mountains, as well as natural sceneries. Here, the temperature of the water and natural minerals are naturally heated and cooled to accommodate a wide range of skin types and guest requirements.

Tắm Onsen ở Đà Nẵng

Onsen Bath in Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park has 2 main types of services: hot mineral springs and mud baths.


For hot mineral springs: Water has moderate humidity and cold, 100% natural essence imported completely from Japan, with no preservatives, therefore, it is benign and suitable for all skin types.  Furthermore, this location attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. The clean and spacious terrain here is gently dotted with bathtubs. When we get away from the daily grind and head to the mountains for a hot bath, to spend time with our loved ones, or to reminisce about the past, life automatically finds its balance. What a peaceful moment!

For mud bath: bringing one of two new experience services is a mineral mud bath. Most girls will love smooth skin when they take a soak in nutritive and soft mud. After soaking in this mud nutrient, your skin will swiftly recover, chronic disorders of the bones and joints will gradually decrease, and your body will be refreshed and returned to a healthy state. In particular, the Nui Than Tai tourist area has a mud arena every weekend. At these events, men and young adults can showcase their racing prowess and then receive a voucher for a free Onsen bath within a month.

Tắm Onsen ở Đà Nẵng

Price list for onsen bath at Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park

  • Mud bath: 150,000VND/person
  • Lemongrass/green tea bath: 150,000VND/person
  • Coffee/milk bath: 250,000VND/person
  • Wine bath: 300,000VND//person
  • Luxury wine bath: 400,000VND/person
  • Vip mud bath: 400,000 VND / tub / 2 people.

In addition, there are many services such as Spa, massage, etc. 

Contact Info:

  • Address: Phu Tuc Hamlet, Hoa Phu Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City.
  • Tel: 0236 3729 999

Ebisu Onsen Resort Da Nang

This Ebisu resort is located in the Ebisu hot spring resort of Nui Than Tai, which is surrounded on all sides by wild and magnificent natural mountains. The system of hot mineral water flowing directly into the stone bath created by the “Non Nuoc” artisans of Ngu Hanh Son in Osen tubs is what makes the difference here. At Ebisu hot spring, you can relax and enjoy activities such as soaking in pure hot water, receiving a Japanese-style mineral water massage, and listening to soothing music…All will bring you into a dreamy natural forest.

Tắm Onsen ở Đà Nẵng

The spacious, airy space is mixed between classic and modern, giving the bathers both a sense of nostalgia and a sense of the modern era. At Ebisun Onsen Resort, tourists can pick from a variety of rooms with varying amenities and costs, such as Superior, Deluxe, Senior Deluxe, and Suite. If you are planning a trip and wish to stay somewhere with an onsen bath in Da Nang, Ebisu is a great option. Take time to come here to experience it!

Contact Info:

  • Address: Highway 14G, Hoa Phu, Hoa Vang
  • Tel: 0236 3729 999

Abogo Resort 

One of the famous resorts providing Onsen bathing service in Da Nang is Abogo Resort. Thanks to the main colors of white and yellow, the homestay exudes a luxurious and aristocratic look right from the moment you set foot in.  After a long journey, returning to Abogo Resort will allow you to relax and unwind by bathing in warm water and receiving a full body massage.

In addition, Abogo provides visitors with a variety of accommodations such as standard villas, 3-bedroom villas, sea-view villas, and so on.

Tắm Onsen ở Đà Nẵng

Contact Info:

  • Address: 107 Vo Nguyen Giap, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang
  • Tel: 0934541444

All of the hotels or resorts mentioned above provide Onsen bathing facilities to both foreign and domestic guests. For those who are visiting Da Nang and want to experience the Osen bath culture of the country of the rising sun – Japan, the article is listed Top 4 High-Quality Onsen Bath Places in Da Nang to help you find the ideal site. Hope you have a pleasant time enjoying excellent service, whether you choose to relax in warm mineral water or soft mud.

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