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What is the Hospitality Industry? 3 interesting things about the Hospitality Industry

Nowadays, the hospitality industry is a “hot” and extremely attractive industry for young people. This is also a very familiar term for those who work in the service industry. So, do you know “What is the Hospitality Industry? 3 interesting things about the Industry”. Let’s find out through Hanami Hotel Danang‘s article below!

What is the Hospitality Industry?

In Vietnam, the hospitality industry is defined as the Hotel – Restaurant – Tourism service industry, also known as the “smokeless industry”. It consists of many different business types such as hotels – resorts, restaurants, motels, yachts, casinos, spas, travel agencies, and so on. The main and most important role of the hospitality industry is to organize events to welcome guests, provide services that guests require, and make guests get the highest satisfaction.

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With the orientation of making tourism a vital economic sector, Hospitality Industry plays a key role in promoting the national image and attracting more and more an increasing number of international visitors to Vietnam.

3 interesting things about Hospitality Industry

Job opportunities in Hospitality Industry

With the available potential combined with the current growth rate, the Hospitality Industry is in desperate need of huge human resources in both quantity and quality. According to calculations by specialized agencies, our country now needs 25,000 new workers every year, so students majoring in the Hotel – Restaurant – Tourism industry will certainly have a lot of job opportunities after graduating.

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The potential of Vietnam’s Hospitality Industry

Vietnam currently possesses a lot of potential for tourism development with a series of attractive destinations such as Ninh Binh, Ha Long, Quang Binh, Hue, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Phu Quoc, and so on. Our country also is one of the few countries with many heritage sites and biosphere reserves recognized by UNESCO which attract many international tourists to visit and explore.

If water tourism dominates in the summer, the Northwest-Central Highlands is a “magnet” to attract tourists in autumn – winter or spring with Ha Giang in the buckwheat blossom season, the Northwest in the ripe rice season, Da Lat with pink grass hill in early winter or the wild sunflower season, Gia Lai with the bright yellow cassava flower season and other tourist attractions.

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Not only that, the culinary culture of our country is also extremely appealing. Vietnam is one of the top ten countries in the world for the most attractive street food. Many Vietnamese dishes are loved by international diners such as Pho, bread, bun cha, and so on.

Along with that, the tourism infrastructure system for tourism is also growing day by day. Our country currently has over 25,000 lodging places, in which, the number of international 5-star and 6-star standard hotels appears more and more. These factors have the potential to promote the growth of Vietnam’s Hotel – Restaurant – Tourism industry.

What new skills do workers in the hospitality industry need?

To succeed and get promoted in the Hospitality Industry, you need to understand the professional knowledge from basic to advanced in the Hospitality – Restaurant – industries. Especially, you must have practical experience. In addition to communication skills, foreign language abilities, problem-solving skills, and so on, the labor force in the hospitality industry needs to equip themselves with new skills:

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  • Proficient use of new technologies: having deep knowledge and understanding of new technologies is an important advantage in the development context of the 4.0 revolution. Check-in by phone, special discount application, digital assistance system, social media connection, and so on with the aim of providing customers with new and convenient experiences.
  • Collecting data to improve and enhance customer experience: hotels, restaurants, and other accommodation services, must constantly surprise their guests and please them with interesting and unexpected experiences.

Hanami Hotel Danang hopes that the article “What is the Hospitality Industry? 3 interesting things about the Hospitality Industry” will help you gain more knowledge related to this industry. See you in the next post!

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