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Latest Update 2023: Special festivals in Da Nang this summer

Summer is the ideal season to begin traveling with friends and family. Coming to Da Nang,  a dynamic and bustling tourist city, will provide travelers with new and appealing experiences. Let’s update the upcoming festivals in Da Nang in the near future.

Special festivals in Da Nang this summer

Summer is the busiest season for tourists in Da Nang. Other guests will have an interesting summer with fantastic festivals and impressive activities such as swimming, gastronomic exploration, and so on. Beach check-in activities including outdoor events, traditional games, and community events to go along with them are also meticulously prepared.

lễ hội tại Đà Nẵng

The opening event of the Sea tourism season 2023

When it comes to the celebrations that are ready to explode over the holidays in Da Nang, this program cannot be missed. The Da Nang City People’s Committee has granted permission for the Son Tra Peninsula and Beach Management Board to arrange this event. The program has evolved over time into an amazing cultural, sports, and tourist event in which many people love participating.

There are also activities such as marine environmental protection, exhibitions and exhibitions such as the program to launch the environment day with the theme “Da Nang sea is forever green”, Green Son Tra location to check-in, an environmental program called “Clean up Son Tra – For a Green Son Tra”, as well as many sports activities and art enjoyment.

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sự kiện mùa du lịch biển
Special festivals in Da Nang this summer
  • Time: From April 28, 2022 (Friday) – May 3, 2022 (Thursday)
  • Location: East Sea Park, Son Tra Peninsula, My An Beach, My Khe, T18, Nguyen Tat Thanh

Da Nang Color Festival 2023

The program is designed to promote sports movements in Da Nang in general and marine sports in particular. The festival, which combines arts and sports, is likely to provide an entertaining experience for anyone looking to explore and adventure on the beach. Not only participating in the race but participating athletes will also be immersed in the cool, clear blue water, exercise and have fun on the white sand beach and immerse themselves in the bustling atmosphere.

Lễ hội thể thao biển Đà Nẵng

  • Time: April 27-29, 2023
  • Location: At Man Thai Beach, Hoang Sa Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang City
  • Participants: over 18 years old

Impressive cultural programs

các lễ hội sắp bùng nổ dịp lễ Tại Đà Nẵng

Hoa Bac Tourism Week

This is considered a very special cultural event that many tourists expect when coming to Da Nang. The program will bring visitors unforgettable experiences with culture, typical architecture, and interesting culinary activities. In addition, you will be able to take part in traditional events such as boat racing, fairs, folk dance festivals, and other intriguing art displays.

  • Time: April 27 – May 1, 2023
  • Location: Hoa Bac

Other events and festivals

Songkran Festival – Sun World Ba Na Hills

The festival of Ba Na Hills will faithfully recreate Thailand’s joyous atmosphere and colorful streets. A special feature of this event is the splashes of water from above to form a lively, cool, and refreshing water strip. The organizers also plan water splashes, water gun battles, and traditional games like tug of war, soccer, and rope skipping. This festival provides tourists with the opportunity to explore the uniqueness of Vietnamese and Thailand culture.

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festivals in Da Nang

  • Time: April 10 – May 4, 2023
  • Location: Sun Word Ba Na Hills

Helio Night Market

The Helio night market area is popular not just with locals but also with many international tourists. Helio has announced a number of programs to welcome guests to Da Nang’s upcoming festivals, including product presentations, contemporary dance, discovering local food, and participating in thrilling games.

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khách sạn hanami

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With the above important information, you should have a good understanding of the future festivals in Da Nang and be able to plan an entertaining holiday. I wish you a very interesting and beneficial journey to discover Da Nang.

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