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Top 10 Cafes in Da Nang to Beat the Summer Heat

A popular pastime among young people today is gathering in charming cafes in Da Nang to chat with friends or take pictures, in addition to walking around the city, shopping, watching movies, etc. Good drinks, an open space with a stunning view, and a reasonable price are required while selecting a coffee shop. Follow Hanami Hotel Danang‘s article: “Top 10 Cafes in Da Nang to Beat the Summer Heat” to review some of Da Nang’s stunning view cafés that can help you escape from the heat of summer or unwind after a hectic day!

Some features of cafes in Da Nang

Da Nang, one of the most well-known tourist destinations, offers countless attractions to draw tourists. Those who have visited before will notice that in addition to the gorgeous sites, charming beaches, and thriving hotel system, Da Nang is home to a huge number of cafés with incredibly adorable spaces.

Top 10 Cafes in Da Nang to Beat the Summer Heat
Da Nang has a plethora of cafés with incredibly adorable interiors

Because of the strength of tourism, the associated services as well as the restaurant and café systems in Da Nang are expanding. The stores are created and designed in a variety of styles, including air-conditioned room cafes, book cafes, and garden cafes. Visit stores that are decorated in a modern Western or vintage, rustic style.

Regardless of style, these coffee shops want to give their customers the best possible experience. There are still intriguing coffee shops, wonderful views, etc., to pick from in the city center, by the sea, or a little further away. 

Cafes are perfect places to enjoy a drink while unwinding and catching up with friends

In addition to savoring delicious drinks, a lot of people go to cafes to chill out, read a book, or simply to admire the scenery and take stunning photoshoots. And today, Da Nang is home to hundreds of stores that satisfy all these criteria.

Drinks in Da Nang cafes 

The shop’s menu includes a variety of appealing drinks in addition to coffee.

Coffee of all kinds and cocoa

Coffee is definitely a must-have drink, serving as the main course in all Da Nang cafes. At the same time, this is a popular choice for men over the age of 20.

ca phe 1
Coffee is definitely a must-have drink in menu

Coffees such as Vietnamese White Coffee, Black Coffee, Condensed Milk Coffee, Egg Coffee, and so on can be mixed by filter or machine (roasted form). Hot cocoa and iced cocoa are other popular drinks. This variety has a bitter taste comparable to that of coffee, so you can try it if you are used to the taste of coffee.

Juices and smoothies

nuoc ep 1
Smoothies and fruit juices are very good for your health

These are indispensable drinks in Da Nang cafes or refreshment shops. With the use of fresh fruits, combined with fresh milk, condensed milk, or sugar, tasty and healthy drinks can be created.

That is why many people, especially women, enjoy juices (apple, pineapple, guava, cup, watermelon, etc.) and smoothies (avocado, mango, custard apple, strawberry, etc.). Prices range from 25.000 VND to 45.000 VND/cup.

Milk tea and teas

tra ua 1
This is definitely a drink that young people are very “addicted”

Milk tea is an “addictive” drink for young people. Milk tea comes in a variety of flavors, including conventional milk tea, Thai green milk tea, Thai red milk tea, taro milk tea, chocolate, and a variety of toppings.

Aside from milk tea, other popular teas include red tea, peach tea, litchi tea, mango tea, and so on. Da Nang Café is steadily adding these drinks to their menu to serve customers.

Ice Blended Drinks

da xay 1
Ice Blended Drinks

The cold and sweet flavor of iced blended drinks has made them an integral drink of coffee shops nowadays. Iced blended with various fruits and syrups is typically served in glass cups.

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There are numerous options for a glass of iced blended, including matcha, coffee, vanilla, cookies, caramel, fruit, and so on.

Top 10 cafes to beat the summer heat

BreadSalt Café

  • Address: 84 Hoang Ke Viem
5 BreadSalt Cafe 1
BreadSalt Café

Different from regular cafes, BreadSalt Café also serves light snacks such as salads and sandwiches for you to enjoy. On hot summer days, coming with your loved ones to BreadSalt Café and enjoying a refreshing cup of coffee combined with some great healthy smoothies is such a perfect idea.

2 BreadSalt Cafe 1

BreadSalt Café’s customers are mostly foreigners; therefore, you can come here to converse and learn more foreign languages.

4 BreadSalt Cafe 1
BreadSalt Café

Although the restaurant’s view is not particularly stunning, the cuisine and drinks at BreadSalt Café are tastefully decorated and well regarded for their quality. BreadSalt Café is a good option if you need a place to stay during this nearly 40-degree weather.

The Hideout Cafe

  • Address: K72/24 Nguyen Van Thoai
1 The Hideout Cafe 1
The Hideout Cafe
3 The Hideout Cafe 1
The Hideout Cafe

The Hideout Cafe is a lovely coffee establishment tucked away in a narrow alley off Nguyen Van Thoai Street. Despite not having a gorgeous front like other coffee shops, The Hideout Cafe is well-known and frequently visited by many young people. The Hideout Cafe is furnished with several trees to provide a calm and fresh atmosphere. If you want to escape the heat by being immersed in nature, The Hideout Cafe is the place to be.

5 The Hideout Cafe 1
Fruit drinks have become the best-selling summer drinks

You can also select from a wide range of summer drinks on the menu. Fruit drinks are popular among young people and have become the best-selling summer drinks. The Hideout Cafe also serves fruit salads for the customers’ love of frugality.

Sweet Strawberry Cafe ‘N’ Souvenir

  • Address: 92 Duong Dinh Nghe
1 Dau Ngot Cafe ‘n souvenir 1
Sweet Strawberry Cafe ‘N’ Souvenir

Sweet Strawberry Cafe is also a cafe with a cool, peaceful view and natural plants. Sweet Strawberry Cafe is as sweet and romantic as its name. This is the ideal dating place for couples on hot summer days. Hidden beneath the wonderful shade of green trees are a few pink branches in full blossom, oozing a delicious smell.

5 Dau Ngot Cafe ‘n souvenir 1
Sweet Strawberry Cafe ‘N’ Souvenir

Sweet Strawberry Cafe is an open, airy space that is ideal for escaping the heat. With temperatures nearing 40 degrees, having some lovely, refreshing green apple tea from Sweet Strawberry Cafe must be fantastic. If you’re on a diet, there are other healthful nut milks for you to try. 

Sii Coffee

  • Address: 22 An Thuong 34
2 Sii Coffee 1
Sii Coffee

Sii Coffee, a well-known coffee chain in Hanoi, has opened a branch in Da Nang. Sii Coffee’s core style is unabashedly European with a touch of elegance. Sii Coffee will not let you down if you are a coffee enthusiast. To assure freshness, each cup of coffee is meticulously made from high-quality components.

5 Sii Coffee 1
The smooth and sweet waffle cake in particular is Sii Coffee House’s best seller
4 Sii Coffee 1
To assure freshness, each cup of coffee is meticulously made from high-quality components.

Sii Coffee also has snacks for you to enjoy with your coffee. The smooth and sweet waffle cake in particular is Sii Coffee House’s best seller. If you can’t find a good place to avoid the heat on a hot summer day, Sii Coffee is one of the best options for you!

P Coffee

  • Address: 53-55 Nguyen Van Linh

1 P Coffee 1

4 P Coffee 1
P Coffee

P Coffee, which is located on the main street of the beautiful coastal city, has always been popular among young people since its inception. P Coffee stands out and attracts anyone passing by due to its spacious space and impressive decor.

5 P Coffee 1

The combination of a creamy white tone with a dark interior makes P Coffee appear more mysterious and appealing. P Coffee is modern and opulent, aristocratic in every way. As a coffee shop, P Coffee still has private small corners for customers who want to focus on studying or working without being disturbed.

Boulevard Gelato & Coffee

  • Address: 77 Tran Quoc Toan
1 Boulevard Gelato Coffee 1
Many people love having a chilled ice cream in this hot weather

Many people love having a chilled ice cream in this hot weather. Come to Boulevard Gelato & Coffee for a taste of coffee and Gelato ice cream made using Italian ingredients.

2 Boulevard Gelato Coffee 1
Boulevard Gelato & Coffee
3 Boulevard Gelato Coffee 1
Boulevard Gelato & Coffee

The spacious, airy space of this place is ideal for escaping the heat. A cafe paired with ice cream, such as Boulevard Gelato & Coffee, is a great place for the whole family to gather on a hot summer day. Boulevard’s diversified menu appeals to a wide range of customers, making it a great summertime destination.

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Ibasho Coffee

  • Address: 124 Yen Khe 1

1 ibaso 1

3 ibaso 2
Ibasho Coffee

Ibasho Coffee is not located in the heart of the city, but rather on Yen Khe 1 Street. Many young people enjoy visiting Ibasho Coffee because of its Korean-themed design. On a hot summer day, the spacious and airy space, as well as the countless shooting views, make Ibasho Coffee an excellent destination. 

2 ibaso 2
Ibasho Coffee

The main white tone is speckled with cool green trees, making it easy for you to match the right clothes to create a beautiful shimmering image. Coming to Ibasho Coffee, you don’t have to worry about what to wear because any outfit will make you look outstanding.

Nia Coffee

  • Address: K3/14 Phan Thanh Tai, Hai Chau, Da Nang
Nia coffee k3 14 phan thanh tai hai chau da nang tui di ca phe 1 1
Nia Coffee

Still at the old address of K3/14 Phan Thanh Tai, Nia Coffee has been drastically changed, making it more spacious, elegant, and in keeping with the current trend of having coffee in an open space: wooden tables and chairs. It is an ideal place to go for a coffee with friends, with open space, numerous green trees, and a Koi pond area for weekend family gatherings.

The staff is quite friendly, and the drink menu includes tea and coffee for a price range of 26.000 VND – 55.000 VND. On a sunny day or a chill rainy day, you can come and experience it.

La Vie En Rose – Bakery & Tearoom

  • Address: 67 Hung Vuong, Hai Chau, Da Nang
lavieenrose 1
La Vie En Rose – Bakery & Tearoom

On Hung Vuong Street, in the midst of stores offering popular ornamental things, La Vie En Rose – Bakery & Tearoom stands out prominently and neatly with a gorgeous pastel pink exterior.

La Vie En Rose – Bakery & Tearoom is skillfully and tastefully arranged, with a beautiful mix of dark and light pink colors.

Tea, cake, and coffee are on the menu, with prices ranging from 19.000 VND to 45.000 VND. The Tea Room counter has gorgeous, modern teapots and a tea menu with over 17 different varieties of tea, as well as wonderfully designed cakes that are pretty intriguing, such as the coffee-mate couple.

LÀ GIẤY Local art – coffee – handmade

  • Address: 82 Binh Hoa 15, Cam Le, Da Nang
la giay 1
If you are passionate and love crafts, handmade items, and art, then La Giay is the place for you

Space: In recent new cafes, La Giay is designed to make you feel comfortable when sitting, indoor or outdoor space in poetic style, close to nature. The shop has a space for you to freely paint, and there is a display area for handmade clay products and paintings by art students.

About drinks, the menu includes tea and coffee; soft drink prices range from 18.000 VND – 40.000 VND.

The staff is quick, friendly, and gentle.

An inconvenience of the shop is that it is quite far from the center, located right at the foot of the Nguyen Tri Phuong bridge, but if you want to find a coffee place to work alone or talk to friends, then LÀ GIẤY is an ideal destination for you. Don’t be afraid to go far, because the coffee shop will give you the best experience. 

Da Nang tourism is famous not just for its blue sea, white sand, or high mountain passes, gorgeous tourist areas, but also for its incredibly hot, super pretty cafes with reasonable price. Da Nang cafes attract visitors by the creativity in the layout, menu, as well as the dedicated service style of the staff. If you visit Da Nang and are looking for a place to enjoy coffee with friends, relax with beautiful scenery, or have a passion for photography, don’t miss the hottest cafés in the city listed above. Everyone has their own preferences, and everyone enjoys coffee in their own way. Save the list of “Top 10 cafes in Da Nang to beat the summer heat” right away and plan a date with close friends to try it out.

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