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What is Social Proof? Why is it important in the hospitality industry?

Social Proof is one of the effective marketing tools to increase conversion rates and customer trust, especially in the hotel industry. So “What is Social Proof? Why is it important in the hospitality industry?” Follow along through Hanami Hotel Danang‘s article below to get more information!

What is Social Proof?

The definition of social proof is “a psychological phenomenon in which people believe that the actions of others reflect incorrect behavior.” This is called human nature. When we step into things, we tend to look at others to act accordingly.

Social Proof là gì?

Social Proof is driven by the assumption that others have a deeper understanding than you. In the most basic sense, if the majority of people like something, the probability that you will like it is very high as well.

This also explains why, when you see a fan page with thousands of fans, you instinctively think this is a reputable site with a lot of interesting content. if you encounter a page with only a few dozen likes, you can very quickly ignore it.

Why is Social Proof important?

Social proof is a vital factor in the hotel business since it is the quickest way to spread hotel marketing efforts. Consumers nowadays frequently use Google to investigate products and services before deciding whether or not to purchase them.

We can completely search for information about products and services ourselves, as well as read reviews and comments from others who have used them before.


Making use of Social Proof in the hospitality business

How can the hotel fully utilize the advantages that Social Proof brings to the hotel? The answer is to be proactive.

Customer feedback and comments are very important, not only for the hotel but also for potential customers who are learning about the hotel. The more positive feedback there is, the more confident customers are in their decision and the simpler it is for the hotel to sell rooms.

Social Proof là gì?

Therefore, when customers are satisfied with the services they received, encourage them to leave reviews on the hotel’s website, fan page, or OTA channels. Next, post this positive feedback on the hotel’s website. Customers will feel more secure making reservations at the hotel as a result, which will increase hotel bookings.

What happens if you encounter negative Social Proof?

Anyone who works in the hotel industry knows how effective word-of-mouth advertising can be. If you make your consumers pleased, they will tell their friends and family, and vice versa. And 10 people who say negative things about your hotel are still social proof. It will have an impact on your future customers, but probably not in the way you expect.

Social Proof là gì?

As a result, if your hotel is having problems related to negative reviews, don’t ignore them. In this case, ignoring can make things worse. You must be able to solve problems. Contact the customer and inquire as to what happened. Then you can fix it.

Social proof is extremely powerful. It can be the fastest way to build a hotel’s credibility.  It could possibly be the reason you were unable to secure your reservation. When planning your hotel marketing strategy, make sure to set up a system to help you to collect feedback. Then, use the hotel’s social media channels to spread the word. There is nothing better than having your customers self-promote your hotel.

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Social Proof is very important. It can decide the survival of a hotel. So, learn and research carefully before applying to your hotel business. Hanami Hotel Danang hopes the information from the article “What is Social Proof? Why is it important in the hospitality industry?” has provided you with useful information about Social Proof. See you in the next post!

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