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Hanami – The must come affordable hotel in Da Nang

Hanami – For the amorousness

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You are pondering over which hotel should be suitable for your vacation in Da Nang? Let’s turn Hanami hotel into your choice and have a fantastic holiday there.

With the desire to bring our dear customers the most comfortable moments, Hanami hotel always tries to perfect, improve our facilities and quality of services to become your companion during the exploration of Da Nang.

Hanami – A well-situated hotel

Hanami is well-situated at no. 61-62 Hoang Ke Viem Street, Da nang City, near the tourism destinations and famous street food sites. Hanami hotel’s facilities are all well-invested with full of electronic devices, high-speed internet connection, exquisite and harmonious interior design.

Hanami – Friendly staff

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Moreover, Hanami staffs are amicable. They always listen and do all they can to help the customers solve the problems as well as try their best to meet all their needs. Hanami hotel is proud of being one of the favourite sites for newly married couples to enjoy their honeymoon in Da Nang. One more special thing, apart from the dishes for breakfast, customers can savour cups of high-quality coffee or any other drinks in Hanami coffee’s diverse menu.

Hanami Rooftop Garden

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It doesn’t stop there. Rooftop Garden is also one of the proud of Hanami hotel. With green, airy space, there is nothing better than a gathering of friends, beloveds after a night trip around this romantic city. Hanami Rooftop Garden is a promising place for the customers to get the best relaxation when touring in Da Nang.

A cosy and quiet space

With an exquisite, modern design covered by gold and black as the two primary colours and full of facilities, wooden floors, Hanami’s space can bring you the same feeling of closeness, cosiness, and tranquillity as your own house. Besides, Hanami invested in high-grade and modern equipment to satisfy the customers’ demands.

Free internet leased-line

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From the plugs, lights, etc. meet the European standard to the internet leased-line, a high-speed and stable internet access service. Your work will never be interrupted.
To make the customers’ vacation more memorable

What are you waiting? Just pick up the phone and call Hanami hotel right away to book a satisfying room for yourself along with many great discounts.

Hanami Hotel Danang

61-63 Hoang Ke Viem, Da Nang ( Hotel in An Thuong Area )

Phone : 02363952992

Email : contact@hanamihotel.com

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