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Welcome coffee is terrific for those who love coffee when coming to Hanami Hotel Danang. Hanami’s coffee is top-quality, the coffee makers imported from Italy and the 100% pure roast coffee will never let you down.

Coffee is one of the outstanding features of Hanami hotel Danang. Come to Hanami, apart from staying at high-quality accommodation; you can enjoy delicious coffee with a diversified menu. Hanami always tries the best and dedicates to whatever it does, whether serving the customers or brewing coffee and making other drinks. Other drinks here is also fitting to any age; Hanami hotel Danang makes every effort to meet your need for pure roast coffee or healthy drinks.

Benefits of Vietnamese Coffee

Coffee has many benefits that a few people know about it. However, the top priority is the COFFEE HAS TO BE 100% CLEAN AND PURELY ROASTED. Vietnamese people have been used to mixed coffee for a long time so that pure coffee’s benefits overlooked. Honestly, many cups of brewed coffee do not contain any real coffee. That matter caused a great sensation to society through newspaper and social media. This is the consequence of a long-term transformation in the Vietnamese coffee market, leading to the difficulties in finding a cup of authentic, pure coffee.

100% pure coffee beans


Being informed of the reality of the Vietnamese coffee market. Hanami hotel has invested in a coffee-making system using 100% pure coffee beans. Coffee can dispel fatigue, improve concentration and mind, giving customers the most energetic day.
Let’s enjoy the best moments during your vacation with Hanami!
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