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What is Commercial Hotel? What are the 4 characteristics of a Commercial Hotel?

Commercial Hotel is a familiar name and discussed a lot in the hotel business. Do you know any information about it? What is Commercial Hotel? What are the 4 characteristics of a Commercial Hotel? In this article, Hanami Hotel Danang would like to provide with you more useful information about this interesting type of hotel!

What is Commercial Hotel? 

Commercial Hotel is a type of commercial hotel classified according to target market criteria, usually concentrated in the center of cities with medium and large scale.

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Commercial Hotel

 This type of hotel is popular around the world for mainly business travelers on business trips or short-term tourists.

4 characteristics of a Commercial Hotel

Target customers

The main customers of the Commercial Hotel type are mainly state employees, and business people on business trips participating in seminars, conferences, and training courses and so on.

Besides, Commercial Hotel welcomes tourists, vacationers, and large groups of guests, etc.


Most of these hotels are located in the city center, near the center of events, and routes leading to international airports, and so on. In order to assist the service of the group of staying customers.

Commercial Hotel

Service and Amenities at Commercial Hotel

In addition to the basic furniture found in every hotel room, the most important piece of furniture in commercial hotels is a desk. Most of the lobby areas in the Commercial Hotel are arranged with a lot of sofa tables where guests can sit to meet guests, discuss work, etc.

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Commercial hotels provide a wide range of services that are properly diverse and attentive. Some of the services available include a conference room, banquet hall, gym, yoga, swimming pool, laundry service, souvenir shop, printing service, and so on.

Duration of stay

Commercial hotels were established primarily to accommodate business guests, business people, and civil servants. Therefore their duration of stay is usually short and transitory (hourly rental, etc)

Development trend of Commercial Hotel

When the hotel service and tourism industry develops strongly, as it is today. In order to find a firm foothold for themselves, the investors are constantly renewing and improving their hotels. Therefore, whether it is a commercial hotel, a resort hotel, or a casino hotel, it must be fully equipped with amenities and services. 

The line between hotels based on target market segmentation is becoming increasingly blurred. There are multi-purpose hotels that may serve a wide range of customers instead.

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Furthermore, when life improves, business customers always tend to choose a multi-purpose hotel instead of a hotel that primarily serves commercial purposes. So they will be able to rest more comfortably here on their business trip. At the same time, a business trip can be considered a dual activity that includes both work and relaxation.

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