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What is Suite Room? What are the characteristics and classifications of a Suite Room?

The term “Suite Room” is common and well-known in hotels, particularly 4-5 star hotels. What is Suite Room? What are the characteristics and classifications of a suite room? Hanami Hotel Danang will provide you with useful information about this type of room. 

What is Suite Room?

suite room

Suite rooms, abbreviated as SUT, are the most advanced room type and are typically found in luxury hotels and resorts with 4-5 stars or more. Suite rooms are designed and built on the top floors with the largest area with fully equipped and modern equipment, the highest furniture, appliances, and extremely luxurious amenities. 

The Suite rooms are incredibly expensive, therefore they are really suitable for business people, politicians, and people with high needs for rest and relaxation to use the Suite room.

Some outstanding features of the Suite room

Location: This is the room that is normally on the top floor and has a nice view. Suite rooms are frequently built in picturesque locations in 4-5 star hotels and premium resorts.

Area: A Suite room usually has an area of 60 – 120 square meters, depending on the size, area, and design style of the hotel. As a result, the area is the dominant factor in the structure and space design of the Suite room. A Suite typically consists of a living room and 1 bedroom. In addition, some high-end, large-scale hotels also have kitchen balconies, dining rooms, and spacious balcony spaces.

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suite room

Design: Most of the space of the Suite rooms in the hotel is meticulously designed to every detail. Every item is guaranteed to have the highest aesthetic and sharpness, with its own characteristics but still in harmony with the hotel’s overall common space and design style. With a modern and luxurious space, it also gives customers the coziest and most relaxing feeling. 

Classifications of Suite rooms

In order to increase the degree of VIP, attract customers with dedication and affirm the class, Suite rooms are separated into many various categories, which can be mentioned: 

Family Suite

family suite

This is a large room with 2 large beds that is extremely spacious and comfortable, making it ideal for families and groups of close friends.

Senior Suite

Senior Suite

Senior Suite (also known as King Suite) is a sort of Suite room in which the bedroom and living room are slightly separated from each another. This room type is at the top of the room with the most expensive in hotels and resorts.

Executive Suite

Executive Suite

The most luxurious and opulent room type in the hotel. Typically, each hotel has only one of these rooms. This is the room with the largest area, the greatest view, and the best special services. This type of room is usually for business people, politicians, and famous artists.

Junior Suitejunior suite

This type of room has a higher standard and quality of service than the Deluxe room and is typically reserved for newlyweds or small families. Royal Suite, Luxury Suite, Executive Suite…

What features does a 5-star Suite room have?

Living room

The living room area of the suite room will give guests the best view of the surrounding landscape. The room is equipped with a sofa, a television, speakers, a minibar, a desk with full table lamps, papers, pens, etc. And perhaps even a piano.



With the aim of giving guests the best experience and the most relaxing rest, all fabrics such as blankets, sheets, pillows, and cushions in the Suite room are made of high-quality materials. Beds have huge sizes, mainly King size (1.8m x 2m) or Super King size (2m x 2.2m).Bedroom


Most bathrooms in suite rooms are designed with both a bathtub and a standing shower. The bathroom also has a very nice view. The bathroom floor is paved with high-quality anti-slip stone, and the area beneath the standing shower is paved with small stones or pebbles to massage the feet, providing visitors with the most comfortable relaxing moments. In particular, some suites in large hotels and resorts will be equipped with 2 additional toilets. All bathroom linens such as face towels, bath towels, foot mats, and so on are made of the highest quality materials.

Furthermore, the bathroom is equipped with high-end amenities of the highest quality, and fresh flowers are changed every day. In addition to high-quality room service, depending on the service standards of each hotel. Guests using SUT room service will be served additional amenities such as a 24-hour butler, airport shuttle, priority check-in, or VIP privileges…

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