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What Are Millennials? 5 criteria when the Millennials choose the hotel

Nowadays, hotels and travel agencies always try to draw in and target Millennial customers. So, why is this target group extremely sought after and respected? Let’s find out with Hanami Hotel Danang through the article ‘What Are Millennials? 5 criteria for choosing hotels of the millennials.

What Are Millennials?

Millennials là gì?

Millennials, commonly referred to as the GenY generation, are a group of people who were born between the 1980s and the mid-1990s, or the early 2000s. Gen Y is a group of people with early access to social media and great creative thinking ability. Millennials currently make up between 35% and 40% of the population in Vietnam today. This is also the target group with the main customer segments that service industries pay attention to and target.

What is the role of Millennials in the development of the hospitality and tourism industry?

Millennials là gì?
Millennials play an important role in the development of the hospitality and tourism industry

As you know, Gen Y accounts for 35% – 40% of the current population of Vietnam and ranges in age from 22 to 40. This is not only the main labor force in today’s society, but it is also a special group. They are always interested in and targeted by service businesses, especially in the hospitality and tourism industries.

Why are the Millennials so appealing to the hotel and tourist industries? The main answer is that this group of people is always interested in tourism, considering tourism as a “drug addiction”.

Gen Y is always eager to experience new things, travel to new places, and discover new and exciting things. This has been proven in the report “The Power of Youth Tourism” by the International Tourism Organization (UNWTO) most recently published, which states that millennials represent the “golden generation” of the tourism industry in Vietnam, both now and in the future.

According to FutureCast research, Gen Y spends a lot of money on their travel. This demonstrates that the primary customer for tourism services is none other than Generation Y. This is also the reason why many service businesses rely on the characteristics and preferences of this generation to develop their own business strategy.

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It can be seen that Millennials have a great influence on the development of the service industry. In the near future, generation Y will make up 50% of the global workforce. This group will become an object of special attention and widely sought after.

5 criteria when the Millennials choose the hotel

The Positive Characteristics of Millennials

Gen Y is a generation that loves experimentation and discovery. This is also a group of people who are passionate about exploring and learning, so they will have the habit of researching places before setting foot in. This feature will help business companies to develop marketing strategies to attract them.

Millennials là gì?

Share valuable and interesting content that will hold their attention. Tourist locations that contribute to the attractiveness of the area in which the hotel is located, such as amusement parks, exceptional landscapes, historical monuments, and so on, should be specifically emphasized.

If gen Y has the intention to travel, they will book a room in a reputable place that they can trust. With the power of current social networks, attraction marketing will definitely draw a large number of Gen Y customers to visit.

A hotel is not just a place to stay

For Millennials, choosing a hotel is not simply a place to rest during their travels, it is also a place to relax and relieve fatigue. Most of them require facilities in the hotel such as a spa, restaurant, golf, etc, and especially the gym.

This is a key feature. If hotels want to attract the attention of this target group, they should fully meet the requirements and desires of this target group. This will greatly aid the development of the hotel industry in the future. 

Passion for hands-on experiences

Traveling is not just for relaxation for Millennials, but also for experiencing and discovering new things in life. As a result, many regards traveling as a habit and an indispensable necessity in modern life.

Millennials là gì?

For the most part, this generation does not value travel by experience, they prioritize experiences over enjoyment. This is something they crave to experience while traveling.

Once know this characteristic of Millennials, hotel businesses and establishments will have their own strategies to target this customer. Experiential, one-of-a-kind, and adventurous excursions will be especially appealing to Generation Y.

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To ensure success, hotels should implement their marketing strategies by sharing the posts of customers who have previously visited. This will serve as the foundation for attracting the attention of Generation Y customers.

Prioritize technology in life

Because they were born in a period of explosive technological development, Gen Y always considers technology as a crucial and essential part. Especially in the current 4.0 era. For them, one of the indispensable items when traveling is the means of communication such as phones, computers, iPads, and so on. This makes it convenient for them to entertain, explore and pay through this smart device.

Millennials là gì?

With this feature, hotels only need to share lovely images that have been shot and then shared on social networks. This will have a very strong attraction. Only beautiful photos and videos recording the experiences that previous customers have experienced will be the most vivid proof.

Pay attention to green lifestyle and environment

The living environment is always the first issue that Gen Y cares about when choosing a hotel. Currently, environmental issues are a hot topic and gen Y is not an exception. They are also interested in “hot” topics like this. They recognize the importance of nature to the living environment and become one of the typical “examples” of a green lifestyle. As a result, the majority of Millennials will choose hotels with environmental protection activities to stay in when traveling.

Millennials là gì?

This is also the major reason why gen Y subjects are willing to spend a large amount of money to choose a hotel. As long as the hotel is responsible for protecting the living environment, using natural energy to save fuel, and making living space becomes fresher.

In today’s society, millennials are the majority of the labor force. As a result, if the hotels know exactly what this target customer wants, the hotel business will be much easier to manage. Hanami Hotel Danang hopes that the article has given you a piece of useful information about   ‘What Are Millennials? 5 criteria when the Millennials choose the hotel‘.

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