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5 Tips for Hotels to Improve Your Ranking on Google Travel

Google is currently one of the most useful tools for supporting online advertising. Because of this, Google updates its algorithm often to provide users with the best experience, which is very advantageous for hotels. One of the functions that has grown to be quite significant in the hotel industry is Google Travel. Follow Hanami‘s article, “5 Tips for Hotels to Improve Your Ranking on Google Travel,” to find out!

Overview of Google Travel

Google Travel is a trip planner service developed by Google that was created using massive data warehouses. You can rapidly book hotels, flights, and vacation packages with the help of Google Hotel thanks to its intelligent settings. Besides, this tool also helps in the planning of your trip.

5 Tips for Hotels to Improve Your Ranking on Google Travel
Google Travel is a trip planner service developed by Google

With these new features, hotels will get a lot of attention and significantly improve the number of bookings if they have a convenient and prominent location on Google Travel.

Although Google Travel offers an extremely straightforward user interface, it does have the following requirements:

  • When users browse and make a reservation, use only the most important information.
  • Do not contain any offensive or irrelevant content.

In addition to using the slider to change the nightly rate, you may filter properties by the check-in or check-out date. The results can be further filtered using a number of other filters, including guest reviews, hotel class, deals, and a short list of amenities.

5 Tips for Hotels to Improve Your Ranking on Google Travel

To improve ranking on Google Travel, the hotel must optimize its profile on Google My Business by filling in all missing information and updating your hotel amenities to match some of the options listed in Google My Business.


Display detailed content and prices

Users can search for hotels in Google Travel by room rate as well as check-in and check-out dates. So, if the hotel website does not display the most recent and available rates, the hotel will not appear in the search results.

Therefore, hotels should use Travel Tripper, a tool with a rate matching function. As such, the hotel’s website will display the automatic time rate. This tool can also adjust prices more effectively than OTA channels. As a result, the room prices will be consistent.

Google Travel là gì? Cách để khách sạn hiển thị tốt nhất trên Google Travel
The hotel should display the details

Put your customers’ opinions at the heart of the online experience

Google created Google Travel to provide the most optimal user experiences based on users’ search intent and behavior. Hotels must offer the most detailed information that visitors are interested in in order to rank at the top with the most search frequency.

The most frequently asked travel questions:

  • How much does a hotel room cost?
  • Does the hotel serve free breakfast?
  • Does the hotel have vehicle rentals?
  • Does the hotel offer pick-up and drop-off services?
  • I’d like to see special offers at the hotel.

Not only that, but you can delve deeper into customer data to gain a more accurate understanding of their thoughts.

Answer intent-based questions throughout the hotel website.

Designing content based on search results can be done in a variety of ways. The homepage of the hotel’s website, the location page, and the booking page are a few examples of obvious locations. Also, you can post articles on websites, social media platforms, and other platforms with reader-friendly content.


Moreover, you can make a FAQ page to address some frequently asked concerns and issues. These posts’ content has to focus on the main keywords while still providing visitors with useful information.

Google Travel là gì? Cách để khách sạn hiển thị tốt nhất trên Google Travel
Respond to questions based on the customer’s intent

Focus on hotel website investment

The hotel should develop a website that provides customers with the most comfortable and convenient experience possible. To help customers plan their trip as efficiently as possible, the hotel website should respond to some of your customers’ initial queries and search engines. You should also focus on hotel SEO in order to achieve maximum visibility.

Constantly updating the necessary features

Google Travel displays all relevant information in an easy-to-read format to assist users in finding the hotel of their choice. Some details such as opening hours, public transportation around the hotel, and whether pets are permitted,… must be specific, clear, and precise.

To ensure the most complete and accurate visibility, take the Google Travel interface into consideration and find ways for your hotel to rank highly on potential customer searches. You should also pay attention to your hotel’s SEO, which is important to maximize visibility.

Google Travel is an excellent tool for hotels to increase their brand awareness and room sales. Hopefully, Hanami’s article “5 Tips for Hotels to Improve Your Ranking on Google Travel” has provided readers with relevant Google Travel information. Stay tuned for more updates.

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