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5 ways to help hotels improve visitors’ travel experiences

The need for leisure, entertainment, and relaxation has increased dramatically in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. When the demand increases but the supply has not kept up, causing a serious shortage of human resources in the tourism industry. This makes it challenging for travel agents to find and provide customers with the best services.

Hanami Hotel Danang will provide you with 5 solutions to help hotels improve visitors’ travel experiences.

Upgrade smart hotel rooms to provide customers with a new experience

With the advent of automation, a crisis caused by a lack of staff may be resolved, which would increase client demand for reservations. Due to the accessibility of Internet-connected gadgets and reliable wireless network devices that assist in providing certain basic services in hotels, the trend of smart booking is quickly gaining popularity.

5 ways to help hotels improve visitors' travel experiences

Smart hotel room is a new experience

Customers who book smart hotels can use smartphones to manage many additional functions of the room, including the lighting and temperature. Also, by giving guests tablets that are already pre-installed with the program and left in the room, certain boutique hotels may easily enhance the amenities at their establishments.

Consumers can independently purchase tour tickets, check the weather, and look up vacation and sightseeing tours with a single click of a button. Customers will be able to watch more content on connected devices like tablets and phones for free.

Employee training via eLearning

When customers visit a hotel, one of the most important factors is the attitude of the staff. However, many hotels struggle to retain employees.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top reasons for hotel workers leaving their current jobs and seeking out new opportunities are a lack of expertise and limited career opportunities.

5 cách giúp khách sạn cải thiện trải nghiệm du lịch cho khách hàng

Savings from remote employee training

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The hotel business has a variety of industries and a great potential for perfection if you keep pursuing a profession, even though development chances are still challenging. Hence, the best method to advance in this field is to invest in your personal growth by enrolling in professional development courses.

eLearning is currently being considered as a solution for making internal training more intuitive and easier. When directing employees to the eLearning portal containing virtual programs, virtual courses are also offered at different levels.

Hotel and restaurant management programs, remote professional training courses, occupational health and safety courses, and so on are examples of programs. eLearning is suitable for multinational and multi-branch hotels to train employees and shorten training time.

A variety of training programs have the potential to assist hotels in retaining dedicated employees who are enthusiastic about customer service and want to contribute to the hotel.

Safe booking process

An unsafe booking process can lead to various risks such as a third party trying to access the hotel’s website and exploiting the customer’s information.

5 cách giúp khách sạn cải thiện trải nghiệm du lịch cho khách hàng

Customer information security process

Insecure booking procedures can result in numerous forms of piracy, including major breaches of client privacy, information theft, credit card fraud, etc to sell network data.

A secure booking process is integrated into the hotel’s booking section and uses encryption to keep information safe and secure during the booking process.

SMS Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, SMS marketing is one of the strategies used by companies to successfully reach potential clients. In the hospitality industry, where every engagement is time-sensitive, having the ability to reach customers directly is vital.

SMS booking reminders can be automated, personalized, or registrable. SMS is also used to communicate between services such as housekeeping and customer service, which improves the hotel’s service delivery.

5 cách giúp khách sạn cải thiện trải nghiệm du lịch cho khách hàng

SMS marketing has numerous advantages

SMS can be used by hotels that want to engage with clients by sending out notifications about new goods and services or asking them to rate the quality of the hotel.

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SMS additionally uses two-factor authentication to safeguard the registration and payment procedures (SMS OTP). Every transaction is made safer and more secure by sending an SMS with a verification code to the hotel’s phone when logging into the booking page.

Automation through mobile devices

Nowadays, technology has advanced to allow clients to easily and quickly reserve a room by clicking. This helps hotels and travel companies save on labor costs and expedite booking processes.

To help lessen overcrowding and save on staff, some major hotel chains have also started employing “automated” check-in counters.

5 ways to help hotels improve visitors' travel experiences


Some hotels use hotel management software to provide the best possible service to their customers. Bookings can also be completed with a single click of a button on the mobile app, making it easier to upgrade and bundle services.

When hotels use technology to allow guests to interact more with the hotel’s services, conflicts are reduced and the hotel benefits more.

Customer experience is one of the most crucial and fundamental elements for maintaining operations in the service industry, particularly in the hotel and restaurant sectors. To ensure that guests enjoy the greatest possible experience, the hotel must continuously modernize and enhance the quality of its services.

Hanami Hotel Danang hopes the post on 5 ways to help hotels improve visitors’ travel experiences has assisted you in finding the appropriate solution. Stay tuned for more updates!


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