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Don’t miss out of the place if you are a flower lover, especially the ones with tiny petals. Let us – the Hanami Hotel Da Nang guide you the way!


Where is the daisy garden in Da Nang?

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Winter has come to Da Nang. However, it can’t freeze the city’s beauty. The white reed field and gardens of sunflowers and daisy still boast its bright beauty and warmly welcome all the tourists. 

 Be hurry and book a room at the Hanami beach hotel, where is very near the daisy garden and the Danang Biotechnology Center. And the way there is effortless, too. No worries!


The first daisy garden in Da Nang ever

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Speaking of daisy, people often think of Hanoi’s winter. But the thing is that this species of flowers only bloom within just a month (from November to December). That’s why they have to rush to each daisy garden to take a photoshoot or Instagram feeds. 

 Representing a long-lasting and pure love, daisy is also a symbol of flimsy fineness and children’s breath. Therefore, if you are finding flowers to decorate your wedding, why don’t you consider daisy? Besides, you will be served breakfast, coffee, and room decoration for free when staying at the Hanami Hotel Danang. For more hotspots for snapshots, ask the hotel’s receptionists who are always willing to give you the right answers. 


The good news is that the garden is free to enter. However, to take the best photographs, you should come from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. or from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. It’s when the flowers show off its raw pristine and pure white beauty. 

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 Remember not to pluck the flowers or else you will damage the garden’s beauty. Contact the manager to get beautiful bunches of flowers for your selfies, which are very affordable. It’s sure to be cheaper than flower shops yet much fresher. 




After exploring the daisy garden, take your time to visit other Danang tourist attractions such as Hoi An, Ba Na Hills, Yen Retreat, and many more. Or even return to the city for enjoying its local foods like Quang-style noodles, Vietnamese pancakes, fish ball vermicelli, and freshly caught seafood. 


Here is the list of entertainment activities and exciting destinations in Da Nang made by the Hanami Hotel. Check it out and have a nice trip!


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