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How to promote the Hotel to Foreign Tourists?

Foreign tourists are frequently the target of hotels because they have the ability to spend a lot of money and bring a large income to the hotel. However, many hotels still lack a strategy for promoting their hotel to foreign tourists. So how to promote the hotel to foreign tourists? Follow Hanami Hotel Danang‘s post to find the answer!

Define the target customers of the hotel

To attract foreign tourists, the first thing you need to know is the nationality of the guests who frequent your hotel area. Try to consider the audience, their age, and nationality, the length of their stay, the places they visit, and so on.

Once you have a good understanding of your target customer, you can easily plan your search and create hotel marketing strategies to attract them.

Brand building strategy

A good branding strategy will help customers identify the hotel’s brand, which supports a lot in advertising for the hotel. The most important thing is that a consistent brand will assist customers in distinguishing your hotel from other competitors.

Let’s build your own brand. Consider and respond to questions such as how to better serve foreign guests, and what makes this hotel unique in comparison to some other hotels. To put it another way, offer customers a reason to stay at your hotel.

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If at all possible, provide foreign tourists with a virtual tour using virtual reality (VR) technology. They are more likely to book a hotel room if they can see and experience the services and facilities.

Làm thế nào để quảng bá khách sạn tới du khách nước ngoài?

Promote the hotel online

To be able to promote your hotel online, run advertising programs and campaigns with different locations and geographical areas to attract more traffic to your website.

PPC advertising

Use the appropriate keywords to run PPC ads in Germany and France. (some terms German and French travelers often use when searching for hotels in Hanoi).

Advertise your hotel with positive customer reviews

Reviews from past customers can influence the booking decisions of potential customers. If foreign guests are satisfied with the service quality of your hotel, ask them to write positive reviews on the hotel’s website.

Be thoughtful and careful when responding to customer reviews in both positive and negative. Make sure to promote your hotel with positive reviews on as many platforms as possible.

Làm thế nào để quảng bá khách sạn tới du khách nước ngoài?

Promote the hotel at local events

It could be any special event in your community, such as a festival, a film festival, or even a fair that attracts foreign visitors… Sponsoring these events is an effective way of promoting your hotel.

You can then run PPC ads in specific geographic locations, stating that your hotel is the exclusive sponsor of these events. To encourage visitors to book your hotel, you can offer a discount or free tickets to these events.

Advertise hotels on OTA channels

One of the most effective hotel marketing strategies is to identify the popular OTA channels that your target customers are most likely to use. List your hotel in the appropriate categories, this will help increase your hotel’s online visibility in targeted areas.
However, make sure that your hotel uses administration software that integrates the channel management system. This system allows you to update room rates and availability on all OTA channels at the same time. As a result, your hotel can avoid problems related to overbooking.


Làm thế nào để quảng bá khách sạn tới du khách nước ngoài?

Make sure all hotel guests have a great experience

Word-of-mouth advertising and the customer experience are quite effective. All guests staying at your hotel can tell their friends and family, post on social media, or leave feedback on your hotel website. You must ensure that all input is positive. When you ensure a great experience, you earn customer loyalty.

Finally, Hanami Hotel Danang hopes that the article can assist you in answering the question “How to promote the Hotel to Foreign Tourists?”. See you in the next post! 

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