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Increase Hotel Revenue With Google Free Tools

Google is one of the biggest platforms on earth for information communication and connectivity. Millions of people use Google every day to search for information and relevant news. Thus, hotels must increase their online presence to tap into the growing digital population.

Google is more than a search engine; there are a slew of Google tools for hotels that enable them to gain online prominence. These tools provided by Google for hotels increase productivity and attract more travelers to hotels. And on top of that, all of them are free. Follow Hanami‘s article, “Increase Hotel Revenue With Google Free Tools,” to find out!

Google Hotel Ads

Google hotel ads was launched in 2011 and quickly gained popularity among hotels. It is a meta-search platform that is regarded as a super-fast search engine. When you use this tool, the room rates of your hotel are displayed comparing them to other booking engines or OTAs. It helps hoteliers display their hotel to travelers across devices, making it easy for them to choose where to book rooms.

Increase Hotel Revenue With Google Free Tools
Google Hotel Ads

If a hotelier submits up-to-date information in Google such as room rates, availability, and room types, it shows relevant ads to future guests looking for hotels in Google search or Google Maps. However, this is a paid service wherein the advertiser needs to make payment only if the ad is clicked upon and the booking process is accomplished. Also, the ad will appear only when the description of your property matches the search criteria of the traveler.

Google Search Console

Search Console provides hotels with crucial insights. With the help of Google Search Console, you can find out how your hotel’s website is performing. Search Console gives Google access to your content so that it can be monitored well. It also helps you submit fresh content so that Google can crawl it and reflect the changes while removing the old.

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Increase Hotel Revenue With Google Free Tools

Key Benefits: 

  • You can measure your search traffic and performance, fix the bugs, to make your site stand out from the rest
  • It helps you analyze your site’s impressions, clicks, and position on Google search
  • You may submit sitemaps and individual URLs for crawling for travelers to discover the new content

At regular intervals, upgrade your site’s content to generate higher rankings. Work on content as per the customer demand to gain more traction

Google Analytics

Google Analytics for hotels is such an effective tool that helps businesses track and analyze web traffic. It helps you find the acquisition metrics, conversion metrics, or behavioral metrics. For example, Google Analytics helps to find out who visited your website, how much time they spent, and the kind of search terms that they used.

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 9 Công cụ Google miễn phí cần biết để giúp tăng doanh thu khách sạn
Google Analytics has numerous advantages

Key Benefits:

  • It helps you find out which channels bring more travelers to your website
  • Enables you to gauge your visitors better and offer an awesome user experience
  • Let’s you build a result-driven website with data optimization.

Google Free Hotel Booking Links

Recently, Google has launched a Free Hotel Booking Links program for hotels to display their direct booking rates and availability on Google Hotel (Meta) Search and Google Maps.

The free booking links display similar information to the paid ads, but the only difference is that it is free. So you have the opportunity to connect with more potential travelers without shelling out a penny.

 9 Công cụ Google miễn phí cần biết để giúp tăng doanh thu khách sạn
Google Free Booking Links is a free tool

If you are an existing Hotel Center Partner and already participating in Hotel Ads or listed in Google My Business, you become eligible to show free booking links. You need not pay any amount for clicks on the free booking links and the minimum bid is only to indicate eligibility. At the same time, bids won’t have any impact on the ranks of free booking links.

Key Benefits:

  • Can connect with more travelers
  • Drive more bookings at no cost
  • The hotel’s website link page can appear across Google when people are looking for hotels

Google Trends – Google Free Tool

Don’t you think unless you figure out the requirements of your guests, you can’t cater to it? This is exactly what Google Trends does. This free tool helps you determine the kind of marketing copy for your website to ensure higher conversions. Once you start using the tool, you can plug-in various search terms, compare them, and get maximum insights as per specific geographic locations.

 9 Công cụ Google miễn phí cần biết để giúp tăng doanh thu khách sạn
Effective Tool

Key Benefits:

  • You can get specific insights based on each of the search terms.
  • It helps you make informed decisions about your content or the marketing copy based on the search term that has a wider interest. 

Test My Site

Are you thinking about how to retain your potential customers? The answer is simple. Build sites that are mobile-friendly. In case your site isn’t mobile-friendly and takes time to load, there is a high chance that you will lose half of your visitors.

 9 Công cụ Google miễn phí cần biết để giúp tăng doanh thu khách sạn
Test my site brings good experience

Google’s Test My Site is a free tool that allows you to gauge whether your site is compatible with mobile devices. It is an excellent developer tool that gives hoteliers crucial insights.

 Key Benefits:

  • Understand the potential loss of visitors due to slow load time. 
  • Have access to a detailed report about ways to increase the speed of your website and attract more visitors.
  • Check the loading time of your peers to have an idea of where you stand in the competition
  • Gives a list of instant fixes such as AMP, cache optimization, or image

Travel Insights with Google

Travel Insights with Google is a newly launched tool that is like a magic wand for those involved in the hospitality industry. Decision-makers in the hospitality industry can gain insights about travelers at every stage, right from planning to booking flights or hotels or exploring the local businesses.

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The tool will show the trends in the travel industry. Specifically, it will cater to two types of data, namely the Destination Insights and the Hotel Insights.

 9 Công cụ Google miễn phí cần biết để giúp tăng doanh thu khách sạn
Effective tool

With the help of the Destination Insights tool, people involved in the hospitality industry can gauge the top sources of demand of a destination and the top destinations about which travelers are more interested.

Similarly, with the Hotel Insights Tool, it is possible to understand where the travel demand within the region comes from. The hoteliers can use this information to make their hotel business stand out.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps the tourism industry make the right decision at the right time
  • Help the industry emerge stronger during the recovery phase
  • Understand the real-time evolving travel trends
  • Provides valuable insights into people’s travel aspirations
  • Create more modern, sustainable, and inclusive tourism


YouTube is the most popular video hosting platform in the world and 70% of the YouTube audience comes from mobile devices. Hence, YouTube is considered to be the golden goose for hoteliers. And one of the most effective Google tools for hotels is promoting video content and attracting potential guests. You can post catchy videos showcasing your property and lure more visitors to your property.

 9 Công cụ Google miễn phí cần biết để giúp tăng doanh thu khách sạn
YouTube is the golden key

Key Benefits:

  • Posting interesting videos on YouTube can help your brand reach the target group
  • Distributing video on YouTube offers direct results on Google’s Search Engine results page
  • With videos that connect, hotels get an opportunity to further engage with the potential guests

Think with Google

In the hospitality industry staying ahead of the curve isn’t just desirable, it is essential. This tool from Google can be used by hoteliers to gain valuable insights about their potential customers.

 9 Công cụ Google miễn phí cần biết để giúp tăng doanh thu khách sạn
Think with Google helps reach the target

When you have the latest data and information about your target audience, it becomes easier to strategize your marketing plan. Unless you have a robust marketing plan in place you can’t meet success but using Think With Google you can almost read the mind of consumers.

Key Benefits:

  • High-quality understanding of industry trends, consumer behavior, marketing insights, and so on
  • Ensures high-level insights that are powered by Google research and search engines

Google is an excellent tool for hotels to increase their revenue and brand awareness. Hopefully, Hanami’s article “Increase Hotel Revenue With Google Free Tools” has provided readers with relevant Google Free Tools information. Stay tuned for more updates.


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