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What is Bungalow? What experience is required to run an effective Bungalow business?

Along with the rapid development of tourism, new accommodation service models have constantly emerged and received a lot of attention, causing travelers to be curious and attentive. Although it has only appeared for 10 years in Vietnam, Bungalow has grown continuously. The bungalow is known that it is the new model of accommodation service. It has captured the attention of travel fans who are passionate about finding out, exploring, and discovering more and more.

So ‘What is Bungalow? What experience is required to run an effective Bungalow business?’ Follow the following article of Hanami Hotel Danang to find out the answer!

What is Bungalow?

Bungalows are a style of house that originated in India in the 17th century. This is a simple house form with only one floor and wide eaves that were designed separately in one location. Although the bungalow is quite small, the inside space is completely furnished and equipped with amenities and furniture.

Classification of current bungalows

Budget and simple bungalows

Budget bungalows have a tiny footprint, typically ranging from 15m2 to 30m2, and are frequently designed and built in a simple and typical characteristic of the countryside. Tourists may enjoy, get close to, and mingle with nature here.

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Budget and simple bungalows

This type of bungalow is provided and fully equipped with functions such as a bathroom, a kitchen, and a bedroom.

Luxury Bungalows at the Resort

The high-class Bungalows at the Resort which is also known as Deluxe Bungalow. These are apartments with a large area of 40m2 or more that are constructed in resorts near the sea.

The high-class Bungalows at the Resort

This type of bungalow is known for its superior interior design and space, which make it completely different from other types of the usual bungalows. Such as a king-size bed, a sea view, a shower, a sauna, and so on.

Each bungalow in the luxury resorts will have 3-5 employees who serve the needs of the customers.

What makes the bungalow so special?

It often concentrates on tourism regions

Although it has only appeared in Vietnam for the past 10 years, Bungalow has been favored and built a lot in high-class 4-5 star resorts with full amenities. The bungalow is simple to implement, has fast construction, unique and novel space, high business efficiency, and so on.


As a result, this can be considered the type of business that allows investors to recover the fastest profits and is the first choice of businesses.

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What makes the bungalow so special?

It is used “natural” materials

The majority of bungalows are constructed of traditional and simple materials that are easy to find such as bamboo, palm leaves, wood, and so on. They are frequently materials that are familiar, environmentally beneficial, and provide tourists with a sense of relaxation during their stay and use of services here.

One of the most outstanding features of the Bungalow is that the eaves are frequently designed to open wide to help customers relax with the surrounding nature and generate a sense of coolness and calm.

For the most part, the area of ​​the bungalow will depend on the number of people staying, however, it should not exceed 150m2.

It is simple but full of amenities

Nowadays, at many high-end resorts, Bungalows are not only built as small, beautiful, and comfortable houses, bringing comfort and closeness to customers but also providing full facilities and modernity. The bungalows are always designed with basic amenities that always ensure to fully provide customers with convenient services.

The majority of the current bungalows in Vietnam are created with traditional Vietnamese features, rustic but still highly aesthetic. The bungalows are currently fully furnished with modern and luxurious interior equipment, always assuring customer convenience.

5 experience in the Bungalow business model

The location for building Bungalow

Along with the continuous development of accommodation services, Bungalow was born as a new type of accommodation, with a simple and unique design at a reasonable price. Today, bungalows are primarily constructed in resorts. In addition to high-class bungalows, people also exploit ad invest in budget bungalows.

In Vietnam, Bungalows are typically built in the seaside resorts of Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, and so on, which are famous tourist destinations and have enormous potential. As a result, the Bungalow business in this area will thrive and bring great potential for tourists.

In addition, bungalows should only be built in large and open spaces. Because this type of model is not suitable for building in large urban areas.

Define the group of potential customers clearly

Identifying clearly the group of potential customers is one of the important aspects of the accommodation business in general and of the bungalow business in particular. It is necessary to pay attention to some issues such as age, personality, ability to pay, and so on in order to determine the appropriate layout, utilities, and decoration.

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The design is simple but still guaranteed.

There is no need to design too rigidly for bungalows, but there must still be comfort and close space for clients. An ordinary bungalow will be created with ventilation to provide maximum comfort and friendliness to users in areas such as the living room, bedroom, workplace, toilet, and so on. To meet the relaxation demands of clients, hotels with three, four, or five stars or above will be designed with a private swimming pool and sauna room.

From bungalows to hotels, bungalow resorts must be fully furnished and mainly use natural raw materials to bring closeness. Each room must be completely equipped with all necessary equipment and utensils, such as a sound system, a high-quality television, an air-conditioner, a telephone, internet, and so on.

Bungalow rental price

Bungalows are always a place to meet full facilities, with adequate and airy space, and reasonable prices are the reasons that bungalows are always the preferred choice of many customers.

Depending on where the Bungalow is built at high-end resorts or a more common location, the price will be different. Therefore, you should choose affordable places to relax and enjoy.

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Invest in advertising and media

Media advertising is a simple approach to letting clients know about your bungalows and attracting new customers. As a result, if you want to attract clients, you should use social networking sites like Facebook, Zalo, OTA channels, and so on to introduce your bungalows to those who need them.

In addition to using social networks, you should set up a website and post beautiful photos to attract customers to your bungalow. Thereby, you will build professionalism, build a reputable brand.

The development potential of Bungalows in Vietnam

Bungalows are now a novel type of accommodation that has the potential to grow throughout Vietnam. There are currently several tourist resorts that have gradually implemented this type of concept and seen remarkable success. This helps to renew and enrich the country’s tourism industry. With the above difference and novelty, Bungalow in Vietnam has the potential to develop further to become a typical accommodation concept in Vietnam in the near future.

Bungalows are the type of accommodation with the potential for future growth. Hanami Hotel Danang hopes the article ‘What is Bungalow? What experience is required to run an effective Bungalow business?‘ that helps you gain more insights and useful information about this new type of accommodation. 

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