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How to increase bookings from old customers

For any business including hotels, finding new customers will also take a lot of time compared to attracting old customers to come back and continue to support. Old customers are very important, so how to increase bookings from old customers? This question will be answered through the following article by Hanami Hotel Dang.

Why is it important to attract old customers to the hotel business?

First of all, attracting old customers is far easier than finding new ones. Because the previous customers have known your hotel, experienced the service as well as verified the quality. So, if your hotel makes a good first impression, they are more likely to come back.

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Why is it important to attract old customers to the hotel business?

Following that, the issue of cost is very important. When attracting new customers, the hotels need to spend a small amount of money on marketing and promoting the hotel on social networks and OTA channels. Meanwhile, reaching old customers saves much more cost (usually 0) because the hotels already have their contact information such as phone number, email, etc. The more the hotel save money, the more the hotel will have more business advantage

Make a good first impression on customers when staying at your hotel

One of the most important things in the hotel business is customer satisfaction. As a result, the hotel should create a positive first impression in the minds of its guests by providing high-quality accommodations that are worth their money, the excellent attitude and service of the staff, and the perfect service quality. Once they feel satisfied, there is a high chance that they will come back the next time.

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Collecting information on old customers

In any business, customer information is precious, and the hotel industry is no exception. When customers reserve a room at your hotel, quickly collect their contact and personal information TO provide them with the most recent information.

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Collecting information on old customers

Instead of calling them directly on the phone, you should contact them by email or SMS. On the other hand, when communicating with customers via email, you can send a large number of contacts automatically and still remain personal with email marketing software. This will save a lot of time and money.

Building the customer loyalty programs

Offer your guests incentives on their upcoming stay at the hotel. By offering incentives like these, you can make customers feel they are very special and show them the benefits of staying at your hotel.

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Building the customer loyalty programs

When there are any new programs, especially customer loyalty programs available inform them as soon as possible. This can help increase hotel revenue.

Interacting with old customers on a regular basis

In order for customers not to forget your hotel, you need to regularly remind them of your hotel. Please send customers useful information that they are interested in. Do not send spam and useless information. This inadvertently makes customers unhappy with the hotel and unlikely to come back again.

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Interacting with customers on a regular basis

In addition, on customers’ holidays or birthdays, you can send them a congratulatory email. This will create a more intimate feeling in the relationship between you and the customer, which will substantially benefit the hotel business.

The above are ways to help increase bookings from old customers. If the hotel effectively applies and implements it successfully, it will significantly increase the number of returning guests and help the hotel increase a large amount of revenue. Hanami Hotel hopes that the article “How to increase bookings from old customers” will help you in attracting more old customers. See you in the next posts.

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