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Top 4 ways how to go to Da Nang from Ha Noi

Greetings from the heart of Da Nang, where the azure waves embrace the golden shores, and every sunrise paints the skies with hues of warmth! Today, I am thrilled to share with you the captivating journey from Ha Noi to Da Nang and how to go to Da Nang from Ha Noi, a tale that unfolds not just on the map but in the very soul of Vietnam’s scenic beauty.

As I sit in the cozy embrace of Hanami Hotel Danang, the vibrant energy of this coastal city inspires me to narrate the emotions and personal experiences that come alive during this epic voyage. Picture this – the anticipation in Ha Noi, the flutter of excitement as the journey unfolds, and the sheer marvel as Da Nang’s beauty reveals itself at every turn.

how to go to da nang from ha noi
Da Nang city

Distance from Ha Noi to Da Nang

Da Nang city has long become an extremely attractive destination for tourists from near and far. To explore Da Nang, visitors have many transportation options.

Travel by road

The distance from Ha Noi to Da Nang is 767 km along National Highway 1A. It will take visitors about 14 – 16 hours to travel if traveling by road means of transport such as bus, motorbike, or car.

Travel by plane

Going from Ha Noi to Da Nang by plane will save you more time when it only takes about 1 hour and 25 minutes. That’s why many people choose this method of transportation.

Travel by train

The distance from Ha Noi to Da Nang by train is 800km, traveling by Thong Nhat train departing from Ha Noi station to Da Nang station. This form of travel takes 16 – 17 hours

how to go to da nang from ha noi
According to Google Maps, the distance from Ha noi to Da Nang is 764km

When needing to travel or work from the capital Ha noi to Da Nang, tourists need to carefully study the route to have the smoothest and most convenient trip. Depending on your preferences, time and financial conditions, you can choose a suitable means of transportation.

How to go to Da Nang from Ha noi

Travel by motorbike or personal car

There are currently 2 routes by road from Ha noi to Da Nang. If you travel by road from Ha noi to Da Nang along Highway 1A, from the inner city, you will start at Phap Van and then go straight to Phap Van – Cau Gie and Cau Gie – Ninh Binh highways.

After completing the highway, turn right onto Highway 10. When you arrive at Ninh Binh city, go straight along Highway 1A along the Central provinces to Da Nang city.

Remember to bring all your luggage and personal items to use during your trip to explore Da Nang by motorbike because the road is quite far. If you do not bring enough necessary items, it will cause problems throughout the journey.

how to go to da nang from ha noi
There are currently 2 routes by road from Ha noi to Da Nang

The second route to Da Nang is longer, from the inner city, visitors will go straight along Lang – Hoa Lac street. Next, turn left onto Road 21B, go to Xuan Mai intersection, then turn right onto Highway 6A.

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After that, you can go straight along Ho Chi Minh Road – 1 of 4 arterial roads running from North to South. From here the road will be very clear and there will be many beautiful scenes for you to admire.

You should prepare yourself in good health to prepare for the arduous and strenuous long-distance driving journey ahead. Don’t forget to bring food, drinks and clothes to change into when driving to help you feel comfortable and stay alert throughout the journey.

how to go to da nang from ha noi
Travel by car

Travel by bus

The distance from Ha Noi to Da nang is quite far so you have to consider traveling by bus because it is quite tiring and takes a long time, especially for those who suffer from motion sickness. Buses to Da Nang will depart from Nuoc Ngam bus station, Giap Bat bus station or offices of bus companies in Ha Noi.

Tourists should consider when choosing a bus because the road is quite busy, sitting in the car is quite tiring and prone to motion sickness. Passenger bus ticket prices range from 350,000 – 500,000 VND/trip.

how to go to da nang from ha noi
Consider when choosing a passenger car because the road is quite busy, sitting in the car is quite tiring and easy to get motion sickness

Travel by air

According to experience traveling to Da Nang on your own, choosing to travel by air will save a lot of travel time for passengers. Furthermore, there are currently many airlines operating flights from Ha noi to Da Nang, you will have more choices in terms of flight time frames and ticket prices.

Flight tickets to Ha noi and Da Nang currently have 3 domestic airlines: Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airways and Vietnam Airlines operating with a frequency of about 18 flights per day.

how to go to da nang from ha noi
Traveling from Ha noi to Da Nang by air will save a lot of time

Flying is the fastest and most expensive way to get to Da Nang. You will depart at Noi Bai International Airport and get off at Da Nang Airport.

Travel by rail

When booking train tickets, visitors can choose hard seats, air-conditioned hard seats, air-conditioned soft seats, hard sleepers, air-conditioned soft sleepers or choose sleeper beds to experience a more wonderful trip. You have two options for buying tickets: buying tickets online at online websites or going directly to Ha noi train station to book tickets.

When traveling by train, visitors will have the opportunity to see extremely beautiful scenery on both sides of the road while sitting on the train. Enjoy some snacks here and be ready to take photos to save many memories on the train with ancient beauty.

how to go to da nang from ha noi
Traveling by train is also a popular choice for many tourists

Some trains Ha noi – Da Nang:

  • SE1: 7:30PM – 11:26AM, total travel time: 16 hours
  • SE3: 22:00PM – 13:00PM, total travel time: 15 hours
  • SE5: 09:00AM – 01:28AM, total travel time: 16 hours
  • SE7: 06:00AM – 22:31PM, total travel time: 16 hours 31 minutes

When should you go to Da Nang?

Danang’s climate is divided into two seasons: the dry season (April – September) and the rainy season (October – March of the following year). In the dry season, the weather is sunny, clear sky, cool blue sea, very suitable for swimming or excursions to islands and famous attractions (Hoi An, Ba Na Hills…).

The rainy season in Da Nang has a lot of rain and cold air, making it difficult to visit places and swim in the sea. However, this is a time when there are not too many tourists, so airfare and hotel prices are very low, saving money when traveling.

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So the question of how to move from Ha noi to Da Nang has been answered. With a route of nearly 900 km, the distance from Ha noi to the beautiful city is arduous. Therefore, to get the best trip experience, you should consider choosing the appropriate route and means of transportation

Means of transportation within Da Nang city

Once you arrive in Da Nang, you can choose several forms of transportation such as:

Cyclo: The experience of exploring Da Thanh by cycle is also worth a try! This type of conversion, although quite slow, is very beneficial for the environment and ensures your highest safety.

how to go to da nang from ha noi
Travel by cyclo to visit around Da nang

Traveling by motorbike: This is a favorite form of transportation for many tourists. Machine rental price is very cheap. Moreover, the roads are not too difficult for you to conquer.

Therefore, in the list of things to note when traveling to Da Nang, we would like to remind you to bring your ID card and related documents to rent a car!

Taxi: If you don’t know how to ride a motorbike or want to explore Da Thanh in your own way, choose a taxi. The advantage of this type of vehicle is that you don’t need to worry about the path. On the bus, the taxi driver will help you better understand Da Thanh tourist attractions and give detailed tips on delicious dishes you should try.

Taxi service in Da Thanh is increasingly developing, the price of the trip will always be publicly displayed. Therefore, you can be more mindful about calling a taxi.

Bus: This public transport is extremely cheap. Furthermore, the bus passes through many famous tourist destinations. Choosing to travel by bus, you simply need a map.

how to go to da nang from ha noi
Travel in Da Nang with many beautiful places

As we draw the curtains on this vibrant journey from Ha noi to Da Nang, let’s take a moment to reflect on the tapestry of experiences woven through diverse landscapes and cultural nuances. From the bustling streets of Ha noi to the serene coastal charm of Da Nang, every step echoes the heartbeat of Vietnam.

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