Top 10 Must-visit Destinations On Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang

Top 10 must-visit destinations on Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang

In recent years, Da Nang has become a magnet for both domestic and international tourists, even celebrities. In which, Son Tra Peninsula is now one of the most concerned tourism destinations in Da Nang

Where is Son Tra Peninsula?

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8km away to the east of downtown Da Nang, Son Tra Peninsula is not only the green lung of the city but also “the finest pearl” among local tourist attractions. The Peninsula is a primaeval forest, home to diversified fauna and flora where lie the winding roads with the majestic sceneries on sides. This beautiful Peninsula always welcomes you with fresh and comfortable weather. 

Son Tra Peninsula is located in Son Tra District with a total area of ​​4,439 hectares. It’s not too large for a motorbike tour. So why don’t you refuel your warhorse then jump on the saddles for a two-wheeled trip around to deeply feel the life and landscapes here? A small note for you: the period from March to September is the best time to travel there when the climate is the best, and the weather is dry and gorgeously sunny. And the storms hardly comes at that time. If you get here in winter, stay healthy and safe because it will be foggy, making it hard to zip around. 

top 10 must-visit locations at Son Tra Peninsula

Here are the top 10 must-visit locations that give you the most exciting experiences:

1.Linh Ung – Bai But Pagoda

ch%C3%B9a linh %E1%BB%A9ng b%C3%A3i b%E1%BB%A5t %C4%91%C3%A0 n%E1%BA%B5ng

If you depart from Hoang Sa street – a coastal road stretching around the southern coast of the Peninsula, then Linh Ung – Bai But Pagoda is the first spot that tourists can set their foot on. The pagoda is famous for its massive architecture along with the harmonious and exquisite combination between modernity and spirituality – the pagoda’s soul. 

Linh Ung – Bai But is a large complex of many zones including the main hall, the library, the ancestor’s house, the lecture hall, and more. The 17-floor statue of Quan The Am Bodhisattva is the complex’ most well-known feature, which stands against the mountain, overlooking the sea. It bears an implication of the peacefulness and a prayer for the restless and calm sea to help the villagers get economic stability and happiness. These all are monumental constructions with the architecture as a great mix of traditional features and modern style that radiates the solemnity and magnificence. 

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From the pagoda, you can see the fantastic yet serene spectacle, the immense sea, and the vast sky that stretches as far as the eye can see. And Da Nang city with rows of colourful, tightly spaced houses and dreamy Cu Lao Cham (Cham Island) in the distance. 

2.Ban Co Peak

%C4%91%E1%BB%89nh b%C3%A0n c%E1%BB%9D n%C3%BAi s%C6%A1n tr%C3%A0 %C4%91%C3%A0 n%E1%BA%B5ng

The Ban Co Peak or Chessboard Peak draws tourists to come with the statues of two deities sitting and playing chess. 

If you want to experience a wild Son Tra Peninsula, do not pass by this impressive peak. To hit the spot, you have got to cross winding mountain roads and do not stop as what you will be very incredible. 

Aside from the impressive natural settings, the fairytale-like space is also a gift for those who persevere. At an elevation of 700m, you can get the most fabulous aerial view over Da Nang at many angles. 

On the condition that you come here when it’s foggy, don’t be sad since it’s a chance for you to view layers of clouds at the heart of the city. Or else, you can see have a panoramic view of the city and breathe fresh air when it’s sunny. 

3.The Eye of Indochina – Radar Station 29

tr%E1%BA%A1m radar %C4%91%C3%A0 n%E1%BA%B5ng m%E1%BA%AFt th%E1%BA%A7n %C4%91%C3%B4ng d%C6%B0%C6%A1ng

Radar Station 29 on Son Tra Mountain is dubbed as the Eye of Indochina, which provides air traffic control in warning service. It was built by the US to serve the military, but now Vietnam Military Affairs has taken over. 

Lies at an elevation of 621m, the station has a radar coverage of the whole Gulf of Tokin, airspace of Laos and Cambodia and a radius of observation spreads up to thousands of km. 

Standing from the radar observation room, you can enjoy the stunning view of the East Sea and observe the high image of the Vietnamese army on duty. Though no visitor is allowed to enter the military zone, they still have an exciting experience on the fantastic roads. 

4.Thousand-year-old banyan tree

c%C3%A2y %C4%91a ng%C3%A0n n%C4%83m %C4%91%C3%A0 n%E1%BA%B5ng

On the way to Ban Co Peak, there stands a thousand-year-old banyan tree. It is the tree’s mystery that holds visitors back to learn more about it. A typical example is the banyan tree at the eastern edge of Son Tra with a diameter of 10 meters and 26 groomsmen. 

This banyan tree was found in 1771, and until the year 2014, scientists claimed it aged 800. Out-spreading the foliage largely, it shades part of a mountain, creating a shelter for travellers to run from rain and sunlight. 

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More than a perfect stop and the one-and-only tourist attraction in Da Nang, the site is also a photogenic backdrop for Instagrammers. 

5.The Heliport

s%C3%A2n bay tr%E1%BB%B1c th%C4%83ng tr%C3%AAn n%C3%BAi s%C6%A1n tr%C3%A0 %C4%91%C3%A0 n%E1%BA%B5ng

The heliport was built in 1965 by the US Army for 16 aircraft and Incus to land. This is the remnant of war on Son Tra peninsula.

That’s why visitors can both visit and discover the hallmarks of the war left on the concrete.

6.Tien Sa Port

b%C3%A3i t%E1%BA%AFm c%E1%BA%A3ng ti%C3%AAn sa %C4%91%C3%A0 n%E1%BA%B5ng

The port is the gateway to the East Sea and also a port with a critical position in the port system of Da Nang. Of course, it’s an exciting site in Da Nang, too. 

Along with the development and improvement of the facilities, this place is really a suitable background for historical and cinematic photographs. There are also many intriguing services and activities available.

7.Mui Nghe

m%C5%A9i ngh%C3%AA %C4%91%C3%A0 n%E1%BA%B5ng 1

Located in the southeast of Son Tra Peninsula, Mui Nghe is the first place to welcome the sunrise. 

As an untaped spot, Mui Nghe remains its untouched and raw beauty. Recently, Mui Nghe offers diving services to feast visitors’ eyes with 42 rare species of coral. 

8.Da Den beach

b%C3%A3i %C4%91%C3%A1 %C4%91en s%C6%A1n tr%C3%A0 %C4%91%C3%A0 n%E1%BA%B5ng

Da Den beach nestled on the north bank of Son Tra Peninsula, over 1 hour away by train from downtown Da Nang. 

The beach has plenty of huge black stones stacking or alternating over each other. Thanks to the reef’s defence, the waves touch the shore gently. How perfect to go for a swim!

9.The South beach

b%C3%A3i nam s%C6%A1n tr%C3%A0 %C4%91%C3%A0 n%E1%BA%B5ng

The South beach whose names explain their position on the Peninsula attracts visitors to come in drove. 

Around the beach stay lots of 4-star resorts with high-quality service that always willing to please all the visitors. Apart from sightseeing the marvellous coral reef, travellers can also join professional diving services. 

10.The North beach

b%C3%A3i b%E1%BA%AFc s%C6%A1n tr%C3%A0 %C4%91%C3%A0 n%E1%BA%B5ng

Same as the South beach, the North one also named after their position on the Peninsula. 

With the area of prominent green seaweed on the rocks to the east and the west, the beach is such a charming place that worths your visit. 

The above are the top 10 must-visit places on Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang summed up by the budget Hanami beach hotel. I hope this guide will help you get a perfect holiday. 

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