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How to build a brand image for the hotel

It can be said that brand image is an extremely important factor, acting as a bridge between customers and the hotel, allowing the hotel to develop quickly, optimize revenue, and have a specific market position, outpacing the competition. So, how to build a brand image for the hotel? Let’s find out with Hanami in the following article!

What is hotel branding in the hospitality industry?

Brand image is the perception of a brand in the subconscious mind of customers. In simpler terms, brand image is the way customers think about a brand.

How to build a brand image for the hotel
Every brand values its brand image

Brand images frequently evolve over time. Customers will form a brand image based on their interactions and experiences with the brand. These interactions may or may not include the customer purchasing and using the service.

Each customer will frequently have a unique perception of the brand. As a result, brand image consistency is critical for any brand.

Why is hotel branding important?

The GenY and GenZ generations are important consumers in the 4.0 era. They frequently do not buy products simply because they are attractive and high-quality, but because they care about the brands that make those products.

It is critical for a brand to build trust and become close to its customer base. To raise brand awareness, brands must interact with customers on a regular basis. Most importantly, the quality of interactions should take precedence over the quantity.

Hình ảnh thương hiệu (Brand Image) cho khách sạn xây dựng như thế nào?
Brand image is a valuable asset

These are the things that will make customers impressed with your brand and leave a beautiful image in their minds for a longer period of time.

A strong, influential, and consistent brand image will provide the following advantages:

  • Increase brand revenue while building customer trust.
  • Make the relationship between customers and businesses more cohesive.
  • New products can be easily marketed.
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Furthermore, if the brand image in the eyes of customers is poor, it will create many disadvantages for business activities, as well as a high cost to improve the brand. It is especially important whether it is a singer, businessman, business, hotel…

In today’s digital age, hundreds of thousands of creative ideas are cherished and released every day; successfully optimizing the brand image will be a long-term asset.

How to build a brand image for the hotel

Hotels need to achieve the following things in order to establish a foothold in the market and win the hearts of potential customers:

Brand Positioning Statement

A Brand Positioning Statement is a statement that communicates the value of a distinct brand to customers. This statement distinguishes your hotel from the competition.

This also informs customers about how the hotel is performing and meeting the needs of its target and potential audiences.

For this claim to be credible, the hotel must conduct research on its competitors as well as understand its own strengths.  Furthermore, make your hotel stand out by developing maxims that convey the values that the brand wishes to convey to its customers.

Hình ảnh thương hiệu (Brand Image) cho khách sạn xây dựng như thế nào?

Define your mission, vision, and values

The hotel’s determination is based on the three following factors: The hotel’s mission, vision, and values help to unify promotional activities as well as hotel management. This is also the first step in unifying internal activities at the hotel.

If there is no consistent value, the brand’s image will be severely harmed. As a result, whenever you want to implement a strategy related to the hotel’s brand image, you should define a clear purpose.

Create a unique brand identity for the hotel

The people who build a brand create its personality. A hotel must have a distinct voice and identity. To be able to build a brand’s personality, it is necessary to understand the attributes of the hotel and select the necessary characteristics.

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A clear definition will bring consistency to the hotel’s brand marketing image.

Define your target audience

To accurately develop a brand image, the hotel needs to have a thorough understanding of the customers it wishes to attract.  Researching the target market and audience is the initial step, followed by gathering consumer demographic and psychographic information.

Successfully capturing the customer’s mind is critical to projecting the right image for the brand.

Create a unique brand image for the hotel

It is clear that the logos we regularly encounter leave an impression on consumers that makes brands easier for them to recall and recognize.

Hình ảnh thương hiệu (Brand Image) cho khách sạn xây dựng như thế nào?
Some well-known brands

Example: Starbucks‘ logo depicts a young woman with beautiful hair. KFC’s is an elderly gentleman with a friendly smile.

A logo is created by combining color elements, images, and words. And this is the symbol that can quickly help any hotel or brand. This is why, even today, we can still recognize Highland among hundreds of thousands of cafes.

Incorporating a logo into a hotel’s communication strategies can help position the brand and make an impression on customers.

How to measure brand image?

After the hotel has created the brand image, measure the customer’s perception.

To conduct brand awareness surveys, conduct an online or in-person survey of your employees, customers, and partners. The survey results will provide the hotel with an important source of data to measure the brand’s perception in the subconscious minds of customers.

Hanami hopes that these implementations will assist hotel businesses in developing effective brand images and strengthening their position. Hopefully, the article “How to build a brand image for the hotel?” will satisfy your curiosity. Have a nice day!

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